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  1. I wish in game i hear her voice singing hehehe
  2. Probably Bismark, Yamato and USS Midway
  3. actually it's morning in my country and I'm really in a good mood because of this hehehehehe All i can say is maraming salaman hahahahahah
  4. Sweet update sir one cup of coffee is not enough will i read it
  5. About android users it will be late a little bit right
  6. Only backers will beta test the game right?
  7. Any one here watch Re zero I just want to see a belle in a maid outfit hehehehe
  8. So it's Valentine's Day so any one get a chocolate form there love ones? Image your fav belles give you a one hehehehe A quick sketch of bon roeder
  9. I'm graphic arts student and my professor always ask this question why did you name your product like that?... So I'm gonna ask the same question why did you name it Victory belles? belle meaning is a popular and attractive girl or woman; especially : a girl or woman whose charm and beauty make her a favorite. Indeed your character design are beautiful and unique characteristics/attitude way u put history lesson in every interview plus gonna make every belles speak in there native language that's good game content u really want the fan's to experience unique gameplay
  10. Ohh they are not like KC seasonal CG right
  11. Imagine belles in there traditional dress
  12. Ahmmm so basically i love war things but i don't really read books and back in college me and friends take ROTC damn ask my self then dude why u join this hahahahaha after I graduate i enroll in to arts school to be a Graphic artist ..... Ps cute girl and mech are my thing and yeah drawing is one of my hobby. Thanks to YouTube recommendation i see this game
  13. yeah i like to see some belles in a kimono
  14. It's all the captain fault dude but damn going on a mission with 6 torpido
  15. I think I'm going for a German hehehehe
  16. I actually draw this for that guy i heard he really love I-8
  17. i need to read Nautilus mini interview to know what mahan want to say there hahaha
  18. How Many starting belles? And what type of belles they gonna give as? ... A light cruiser maybe hehehehe
  19. we can choose any country right How about choosing the first belle .....it will be random or we are the one who choose?
  20. And here's fun art for l-8 submarine and i need more practice
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