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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh.... The last captain who command her is f*** up i think dude
  2. Hehehe i resize the art and try a different color hehehe YT artist are good at teaching
  3. And that art is not finish hahaha
  4. yeah so that's why I'm gonna redrew it hehehehe
  5. I will draw it again To make it nice
  6. I want to congratulate the teitoku who really Love's l-8 submarine The color fail i should color first the face before the hair >_< i need to practice more in using color pencil
  7. Nice.... I but i prepare to color my art work by myself.... Me: see a megane character... Pledge to Protect Yeah i like Uss Mahan
  8. Mahan: I'm not sure it's a good idea to be under her protection. Me: drink my coffee hahahahaha
  9. Pardon me I'm lazy iven my schedule are free my mahan kimono vers is till not finish But here's my sketch while I'm in school
  10. thanks dude.... I really need a character reference so i can draw more accurate
  11. Hey anyone here have a pic of a chibi Boise and HMS bulldog?
  12. so many torpedo tubes and they look modern
  13. do belles lvl up or u just upgrade there armament to have some better stats
  14. How about the captain do we have skill upgrade like gonna buff the fleet? Or all we gonna fo taping hahahaha Daily quest do the game have that?
  15. Ayyyyye I'm lazy to read some of the other topic So i will just post this here 1.I'm just curious if everyone here pledge to the kickstarter because me nope I'm a poor af I'm just waiting for free.... I really want to but.. Yeah all i can do is to draw fan art 2. If there's a raid event or something like expedition where you send your belles for certain amount hour ... Raid event is where owns u enter the event u need finish it to get some random awards? Raid stage consists of 3 or 5 or more stage like that 3. Do the timeline will expand so i can see some modern belles? 4. Do the game have guild system and ranking world wide? 5. PvP is available in the game right plzz hahahaha 6. If we can change the armament of belles so is the ammo like in Wot u can choose what type of ammo to bring or the plane for aircraft carrier
  16. Still designing a watch box and thinking of a good story board for my finals..... Next week i will start with my art hehehehehe Nice 3D art
  17. Ok thanks mate i will use navy blue, dark blue, white and maybe yellow or gold
  18. can't decided what color to use it Mahan's kimono Hahahahaha
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