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  1. Everytime i see a up date in the kickstrater damn i'm getting really excited Still not finish gonna color in when i have free time
  2. That's why u gonna love German engineering
  3. ohhhhhhhh thanks dude i can change my fb cover with this
  4. I'm just playing with my phone Try goddess kiss, Panzer waltz and guns girl z
  5. Ok all i need is a Belle with same attitude like me A lazy one and my team is complete
  6. Ohhh nice kirov i really want a wacom to do some digital arts Can I ask for the discord chanel
  7. Nope i only use pencil for that 4H, 3B, 6B, 7B and color pencil
  8. I don't consider myself as an artist but a guy who loves to draw and a VGA student
  9. Any event or contest in the game???? Special fan art hahahahaha Just like a game that I'm playing in my phone we always have fan art when every character celebrate there birthday Contradict to your deatdate even
  10. dude do you want your nose or any body parts to get wreck I'm just gonna ask if there's a chance to obtain the art book in other way?? I love the characters design....
  11. Hahahaha i feel miss mahan I'm not good at party and drinks but if one of this belles invite me in to a party and have some fun and drinks why not
  12. one of my friend seid she look loli hahahahahahaha plus her design look younger
  13. Ohhhhh hey dude i don't have account for that Ps.. What a shitty app is this can use it properly
  14. just don't expect to me I'm a lazy shit but i will check my schedule Ps. College student
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