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  1. Note that if you wish to cheat in Academagia, never to save until you have finished your blatant misuse of reality warping powers because the addresses will change if you do!
  2. Jenny


    Hm, unless it's somehow an overflow error that rolls back to 1 or something (apologies to anyone in the team who takes offence to the suggestion), I suppose the mod tool glitched up somewhere along the publishing process and didn't apply the +CoS properly. A bit frustrated considering that my last run also glitched up somewhere with my save somehow not having saved any of my skills, effectively killing it. But I'll live, I suppose. Thanks to both of you for your answers! Appreciated, <3.
  3. Jenny


    Hello, I'd like to ask about how +CoS works! I recently tried giving my character +101% (just to make sure!) CoS through backgrounds but have been ending up still failing my rolls, which is a bit off from what one would expect with a literal more than 100% saving throw on everything! So, could someone please help to explain this phenomenon? The only answer that I could come up with was is my math skills being poorer than I had imagined them to be, but a quick re-check on the definition of 100% on google has proven me otherwise- unless my reading comprehension skills have also taken a hit somewhere while I haven't noticed! *gasp* Hope not, because that would rather suck. :c
  4. Does this apply for all mods or just ones that "add" content instead of simply modifying existing ones? I recall being able to load saves across different mods in Y1.
  5. Jenny


    Thanks for the replies everyone; really appreciated. While it is a bit of a pity that the modding process is a bit bothersome, hearing about what future developments will bring makes me rather excited. Here's to hoping that I will be able to enjoy it soon! (And if it's SoonTM instead, well, I can wait, :3)
  6. Jenny


    So as far as I've understood it, the modding process seems to be: 1) Create new mod file using either the AMO or the latest Mod Base as base- without actually opening them as the tool saves upon exit. 2) Make modifications, then close and reopen tool to save 3) Publish mod, a process that saves the modifications in a .mdm file. 4) Install new .mdm file in the \Mods directory. Is this the gist of it? By the way, am I correct in assuming that the latest version of the Mod Base is 3? Which file should I use as a base if I want to mod anything? The Mod Base or the AMO file? And it just me or does the publishing process take an extremely long time? As in more than a couple of hours.
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