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  1. Is it possible to run Adademagia in window mode, and if so what do I need to do?
  2. What are the mechanics for a wands power? Does the power come from the wand itself or does it simply serve as conduit to channel the power of the user? If the former is true, is the raw power of the wand a naturally occurring phenomenon, perhaps the result of some magical properties of the metal and wood used to fashion the wand. Or is the magic imbued into the wand by another magic user or through some sort of magical technique? If either of these are true, can the power of individual wands be increased by crafting them from much purer and or richer materials? Or can the power be increased by having a more powerful or indeed a league of several powerful magic users imbueing the wand. Is there a limit to how much power a wand can have, or it this dictated by what the wand is made out of and / or how powerful the control of those who are inbueing the wand with power? -------------------------------- If the power comes from the person and the wand serves merely as conduit, could the user potentially use a staff or a sword (magically crafted or otherwise) to draw phemes and cast spells? Can raw power exist as substance? For example: Can you forge item and / or weapons out of pure magic? If so, is the item permanently created or only temporarily? If temporarily, is the time frame estimated by the caster power and skill or does if have a pre-destined time limit, does size and shape (in the case of complicated desgins) have an effect on this time limit?
  3. Greetings, I was day dreaming about Academagia today, as I often do and why not? It is a fascinating world . So there I was "day dreaming" and my mind began to linger on the wands that the students use and then a thought struck me like lightning! Could a wizard wield two wands simultaneously? Something akin to Dual Wielding for Rougues in most RPG games. With enough skill and practice a wizard could draw two different phemes at the same time or cast a spell with the first wand and ready a pheme with the second. Obviously this would very difficult, requiring a highly skilled and disciplined mind, while carrying a greater chance of breaking concentration. However, is Dual Wielding viable within the Academagia Universe?
  4. Xientie

    Cheat Mod

    Hello, I recently installed your mod, and encountered a problem using the Familiar Subskills Cheat. It seems that it only increases the skills by a single point each, and then tells you that the skill has reached it's maximum level. Is there something that I'm doing wrong or has anyone else encountered this?
  5. This seems inaccurate. I've seen alot of members mix and match cliques with little or no regard to which College they hail from. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Legate of Mineta, thinking back to what you said about the effects of Negation reversing death, is it possible to make someone age prematurely? Also, in regards to Time Magic, I've been on a number of Adventures that featured various forms of Time Magic, but so far the basic principles that govern Time Magic remain a mystery, care to shed some light on the subject?
  6. Xientie


    Hello Everyone. I am in the Clique 'The Kids of Blazing Glory' or something along those lines. I never really wanted to be a member, I befriended one of the Cliques members thinking we could create out own Clique, but instead I ended up joining theirs. I've been trying to find a way to either Kick Members Out, Change The Name or simple Leave The Clique Altogether, but I don't seem to have access to any of these abilities, does anyone know what you have to do to unlock them?
  7. Hello again . I've been busying myself with Academagia, but I'm back and I have some more questions, if anyone would be so kind as to answer them for me I'd be most obliged. I've been doing a lot of adventures lately and in particular I've noticed that so of the later stages almost always have actions in blue, despite my high skill levels of 9-10 and my Glory cache which is about 10. This has got me thinking about the skill level of individual Magicians, in particular those with maxed out skills, namely the magic orinated ones. Just how powerful a spell can a Mage cast at 10-20 Magicial Skill rating (I managed to get some skills to a 'temporary' max of 20 through random encounters and Research/Spells). Can they ascend the mortal coil and become living Gods in terms of both power and might? Can they become so powerful to transcend even death it's self? Whose power is so strong, that when they tap into it the raw energy is enough to destroy everything around them, tearing holes in the very fabric of space and time? If not, then could you please post some short examples of what some of the most powerful Magicians in the world of Academagia can accomplish using their Magic?
  8. What is the scale of the Faux Dragon, purely from an imaginative perspective. Does it fit in your pocket, sit on your shoulder, does it walk by your side, can you ride it ? Okay that last one was a joke, but you get my point. Academagia seems to have an afterlife in which spirts can be called upon, yes? Does this mean that there are other dimensions, planes or inbetween worlds that sit parallel to Academagia's own dimention? The Lands throughout Academagia are broken up into different Kingdoms, Nations, States ect. What is the political situation? Are tensions high, will there be war? Or are things more stable, peace orinated? Technologically speaking what is the technological state of Academagia or rather in which era in relation to Earth is Academagia based around? Gate magic involes opening up a gate and summoning a creature to the casters location, correct? Can this 'forbidden magic' be used to summon a known person to the casters postion? What is Academagia's stance on Teleportation magic, both of the inanimate and the living variety? Also, if it is allowed what area of magic would it fall under? Also, would it be considered Traveling or Transport Magic?
  9. Are Academagia's Golems sentient? If so, do they have rights within the world of Academagia or are always kept in a sub-servant role? If the latter, what are the general feelings of your average Golem facing an eternity of servitude? If it is possible to revive the dead is it also possible to reverse the effects of aging both asthetically and biologically? Tired of using expensive cosmetics? Then look no more! With the power of Negation's Wrinkles Begone you can look young and feel young forever (or at least indefinitely) so search out your local Negator anf unlock the child within! In regards to Negating Death, how far does it go before the difficult level cranks up. I mean, surely the power requirement needed to ressurect a wilted flower is no where near the level needed to say the resurrection of a Dragon or if that is impossible then, a Human? Also in regards to time altering. I know that you can Negate inanimate objects to send them back in time, but what about people? With a powerful enough spell, can the caster go back in time? While also retaining the memories and knowledge they gleamed from the present?
  10. What about the Alchemical art of Golem creation, living constructs i.e clay golem, stone golem, iron golem ect. Where the soul is neither summoned nor dead, but instead artificially created by the Alchemist (specialists are sometimes reffered to as Artificers) and bound within the golem. Depending on the source, such consturcts either move by full magicial means or use gogs and gears fueled by a magical source, ussually placed in the location where one would find a human heart. Also, are familiars able to have their own romances with the familiars of other players or even other animials in general? I also have a query about negation magic. Negation can be used to negate the effects of something that has happened and depending on how skilled the user is the more powerful the effects of his negation. So my question is, if one can negate an injury, could they take it a step further and negate death?
  11. Yes, Gate magic is a big no-no within the world of Academagia, but what about Necromancy that focuses on raising the spirts of the dead and binding them to a corpse to create an animated corpse. Where does Academagia draw line on these sort of practioners?
  12. I know romance isn't a big deal to first year students who are just settling into Academagia, but what about second year students and upwards, there are bound to be numerous romantic encounters, especially with greater frequency as you climb up through the academic years. So my question is. When it comes around, will same sex pairing be available i.e boy + boy, girl + girl?
  13. Thank you . You'll be seeing alot of me on the forums from this point onwards . I'm not done with Adademagia just yet, no this is only the beginning, I want to play the second year, create my own thought provoking mods for the game and possibly even add something to the Academagia Wiki. A bright future awaits within the halls of Academagia .
  14. Are Wizards, Enchanters, Elamentalists, Sorcerors, Magicians, Necromancers, Conjurers, Summoners ect ect, all semantics for the same thing or does each 'class' carry it's own unique significance in the world of Academagia?
  15. In the description for familiars it says that a familiars life expectancy is increased due to the magical nature of it's magician. Does this mean that a familiar is for life or just a few decades?
  16. I sent a browser bot to register me a little while ago, but didn't know about the CAPTCHA . I blame spam bot users for spoiling it for the rest of us botters . Anyways, hello everyone, my names Xientie and I'm a member of the good natured, animal loving, nature nurturing Morvidus. Been playing since the very first day of release (the 28th of January in The United Kingdom) and I love Academagia . Of course there was a time when I first played Academagia and my opinion closely followed Mike Rose's opinion of the game. To be fair it was my own fault, when I first played Academagia I skipped the manual and dived straight into the game and was immediately assaulted by a hundread different things. The vast ocean of content quickly overwhelmed me and dragged me off into the horizon. Even the Character creation was heavily daunting for a fresh fish like myself. Then there was the constant rush of random events with poor option choices and even poorer results, it was akin to an endless conga line of defeat and shame, resulting in an increase to both ingame stress and real life stress. However, not a man to let himself be so easily defeated, I kept playing and re-playing Academagia until I gradually began to pick it up. I read the manual, glanced through the official wiki and low and behold I turned that losing streak right around . I am certainly glad I decided to stick it out with Academagia, because as I previously said, I love this game . It might not be everyone's game, but it is mine. So a big thank you to the Developers for making an awesome game that forces the player to use their heads, instead of their brawn to win a game, it was most definatly a challenging and equally rewarding experiance.
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