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  1. So if I get this right: This particular choice voted here will apply to all players in the game (thereby meaning in the game we won't be prompted to choose like now) but there will still be other branches in the story that each player can decide for themselves?
  2. We can't choose the options ourselves in-game? Only one branch as voted here?
  3. Anyone have any idea what this means? (From update 72) "One last point: if somebody dredged up a big enough chunk of a sunken ship, and possessed the correct Vestures... ...well, some unsettling but potentially informative things could happen."
  4. I've read from the KS comments that the game has built-in support for Belle damaged art. The question is do we really need it? I won't lie that I often got turned on by damaged arts from Kancolle-like games but with VB whose focus is more on story I feel like watching Belles sustain clothing damage is kinda out of place. Of course you can always have option to turn it on/off I guess.
  5. Oh, I don't really meant them to be included in the upcoming update Legate. Just want to put my questions out there.
  6. What did you exactly mean by support for in-game decisions? Since it's mostly single player, are players able to have multiple playthroughs at the same time with the same account? Because usually for a VN you can just have multiple saves but since VB is online I don't know.
  7. So can we influence our Nation to pursue non-historical paths/alliances ala Paradox's Hearts of Iron series? Will a nation power in the WW2 influences the offered resources on the diplomatic channels? I can't imagine a losing nation still can afford to offer their best stuff to captains but I don't know.
  8. Pretty sure this has been answered before but each players has their own world instead of a single mmo-like world right? So what's the multiplayer interaction? PVP? Or are you guys treating VB more as a single-player visual novel?
  9. Fighting games are not my thing. Although Skullgirls got me obsessed with Parasoul for a while.
  10. I tried playing NA FGO on PC through Remix OS (ppl say it will work) but it just won't start. Oh well. Btw, Armor Blitz is undergoing a major overhaul and is going to come to Nutaku (there's a pre-reg going on). Nutaku and Android account will be separated. I got an old Android account but I stopped playing after the tutorial lol. Not sure it will be a good idea to play on Nutaku though as that platform has a bad reputation of mismanaging games and just pulling the plug when they are no longer profitable. For example, Idol Wars Z mentioned in this thread in January is already dead on Nutaku not even reaching one year I think.
  11. Sorry to necro this thread. But does anyone have any more games suggestions?
  12. I guess public launch this year is a bit reaching right now?
  13. Looks like Pola has a competition in terms of legs, booty, and backside pose.
  14. Maybe Legate should just make an official board? Maybe for the Hidden Belles you can just show their silhouette. We don't need drama over a voting board, cmon...
  15. I'm not sure what's the reason you don't allow skipping animation for battles that you've already "mastered"/"3-starred"/"S-ranked"/etc like in Panzer Waltz for example. But, I do hope in the end VB doesn't end up to be a chore to play.
  16. Almost every game has grinding aspect for sure but some games especially free-to-play games sometimes take it to a ridiculous level. I got plenty of (bad in retrospect) experience playing ftp games that demands so much of my time just to maintain decent progress that it felt like work/chore instead of a game. Which brings to mind: can you skip the battle animations in VB to save time? I hope you can at least for battles that's already easy for you.
  17. Boots felt really out of place to me but I guess it's still better than high heels flippers.
  18. So once you reached the end of WW2 the game is finished? As in, no more new contents?
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