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  1. Thanks Legate & Metis, really appreciate the advice!


    I do have one new question - when do the buffs my clique members give me appear? I have Neta Xemutre and Silke Niederstatter in my clique but don't see the +1 to charm or fitness. I currently have a relationship of 9 with both of them, do I need to pass some threshold (10, 15, 20?) to get the bonuses?

  2. Alright, I'm well and truly into it (having just begun Week 5 of my first year at Academagia) and have a bunch of questions! For background:

    • Stats: Charm/4, Intelligence/3, Luck/3, all else 1
    • Classes: Astrology, Dialectic, Glamour, Grammar, Revision, Rhetoric
    • School: Heidi

    Here are some questions, and I'm sure I'll have more soon!

    1. How do I explore? I've found some places just by going to class and I think by happenstance, but I don't see an Explore action.
    2. Tips on adventures? So far my adventures have been...less than successful. Its difficult to puzzle out what skills you'll need beforehand.
    3. Studying vs Skill level? If I'm understanding the note from last years student correctly my parent skill level (and studying to increase it via increasing sub-skills at the library) is not enough to get a good grade. How do I then check what my study level is, and do I just study at the library to increase it?
    4. Why do places keep disappearing? For example studying at the library (starts with a V?) keeps appearing then disappearing as an option.
    5. Skipping class? Should I just be blowing off class and casting spells (if that increases your skills) / training / studying on my own?
    6. How to solve the puzzle? It seems impossible, I've tried a bunch of times and gotten my Puzzle skill to 5 but no dice!

    Thanks all!


    It'll unlock at Noon, which is a pretty normal time for Steam to update. I was hoping for a Midnight release, but I guess I can just sleep like a normal person.


    Hah, that'll teach me to comment in class - I added two hours instead of subtracting. You're dead on, noon it is!

  4. Provided everything goes well, what time on the 20th will it become available? At midnight or when steam updates?


    I just checked the Steam page and it said it would unlock in 22 hours, which means depending on rounding anytime from 4:00 to 5:00 PM EST.


    I'm so excited! I found Academagia just after the turn of the new year, and shortly thereafter was blown away as I found these forums and saw the game had sixteen (!!) DLC's and seemed exactly the sort of magical adventure I was looking for. Now just a few short months later (quite a bit shorter than a lot of you waited!) I'm going to get to play the definitive version for the first time!

  6. Hello all! I've been about the forums the last week or so since finding out about the game and decided I might as well make an account and join the community. Amongst other genres I'm a fan of RPG's, Visual Novels, and Fantasy; as such finding a game that covered all three of those was a surprise and a delight. As a consummate Steam user I'll be waiting for the games release over there (concurrent with DLC 17 I suppose), but what I've seen so far has me excited to try it out.


    Besides Academagia if there's an off-topic sub forum somewhere you'll likely find me posting there from time to time on fantasy & sci-fi media, law, and tech. In any event, nice to make your acquaintance!

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