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  1. Thanks, Mercy. Was going to ask you if you let the team know how much I adore Miss Gneisenau however I did not get around to it so thanks again. - Gneisenau in P.TO. IV and how i grew to like the ship: In the ps2 video game 'Pacific Theater of Operations IV' Germany was one of the 4 playable sides in 1939 that was made up not only of the Reichsmarine but also Regia Marina, since Bismarck-class was not built yet and Vittorio Vento-class not commissioned yet this made the battle cruisers Gneisenau and Scharnhorst as they where classified in-game the most powerful capitol ships for Germany/Italy in-game... I have fond memories Gneisenau as my flag-ship in P.T.O. IV and that where my fixation of that specific ship comes from.
  2. Oh dear i was not able to make a decision when this topic was created and even now I am indecisive Looks like this round will be Orion's time to shine, very well since to my knowledge there is no Leander-class ship girl at the time being in either Warship Girls or Kantai Collection. Still I hope to see ORP Błyskawica in future... would like to be able to picture her as a ship girl when playing the DD in WoWs. Is she a legitimate candidate? If so then I vote ORP Błyskawica!
  3. Most wonderful, my favorite interview that i have seen so far. I am getting a Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Bismarck feeling from her red jacket, black mid heel boots and gloves. "When one door closes, another opens but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us." I was distraught at having missed my chance to sail with Miss Nuremberg however the chance of sailing with Miss Gneisenau has appeared and I can feel in me that i have found my one and only true flagship among the Victory Belles! Thank you Black Chicken Studios for creating this character!
  4. Super (battleship)! I had no problem waiting for such grandiose customized signature... am very happy that I can now I can honor the full glory of the "Fleet of Fog"'s Anglo-German Scapa Flow squadron with my signature! Thank you so much Nel Celestine! Lastly I recall you preferring signatures to be centered here on the former... did i center the signature properly?
  5. I vote to get the communists out of here and leave only nationalists! Eh I mean I vote Moskva!
  6. Very complex Bella who has a schism in her personality it would appear... a love of expression and possible religious beliefs who is fully committed to an anti-intellectualism atheist collective that is USSR. I figure this is do to her being an former Imperial Russian as opposed to a born-and-bred communist. Also... power suit! Maybe she needs the help do to her advanced age? As far as nicknames go I personally use these ones: Emerald = Esmeraude [http://sailormoon.wikia.com/wiki/Esmeraude_(anime)] Belfast = Taco-bell (fast) [https://www.tacobell.com/] Neptune = Nep-Nep [http://hyperdimensionneptunia.wikia.com/wiki/Neptune] As for Profintern, she may not like it but I prefer addressing her as old name Svetlana as that is a much more noble and feminine name then Profintern, which sounds like a professional Finnish seabird!
  7. Hmm. We got: British-born Japanese BC with snazzy fashion, Kongo-san has appeared in Kantai Collection. Imperial Russian later Soviet CL. Profintern has not appeared in any game as a ship girl IIRC. French DD famous for detonating O_O, Maillé Brézé has not appeared in any game as a ship girl IIRC. National Socialist DD named after a ww1 Commodore Admiral, Z1 has appeared in Kantai Collection & Warship Girls. Soviet Russian Destroyer Leader, Moskva has not appeared in ship girl form in any other game IIRC. Is "Verdun" HMS [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Verdun_(L93)] or [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_destroyer_Verdun]? Since there are 2 that served Soviet Union I suppose I shall vote for the former imperial one, Profintern.
  8. I got to read an interview with a noblewoman thanks to democracy... how quaint! See? Noblewoman Also a brainy noblewoman at that! I only now realized that the Regina Marina when naming their ordnance includes the year made as part of their name . The highlighted part instantly reminded me of the nobleman Lord Lieu Bay... "BENEVOLENCE!!!" . Well my bias towards noblewomen has(temporarily at least) been satisfied.
  9. I remain loyal to D'Aosta... I believe she got 2nd most votes last time so I truly believe that now is her time to shine!
  10. This interview was something else! Black Chicken went all the way when they made this interview. Among other points I refrained from voting for Miss Nagato as I have already seen other incarnations of the big-7 dreadnought * Nagato-Kai from Kantai Collection + the Fog-Nagato Twins from Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio * ... however I am more then pleased with this incarnation! My congrats to those who voted for Miss Nagato. - Top 3 parts of interview to me in no order. Like how she is aware that she is younger then some others and respects the prestigious that those older then her have * respect your elders! * Surprise appearance by the snazzy Miss Kongou Incredible fusion of Anglo-Japanese fashion! BC studios did not make the mistake of having a big-7 as a tier-6 unlike a certain company (I still forgive you WG )
  11. While all choices are grand I remain with my original choice d'Aosta/C-2 and shall continue supporting her until she gets her light of day.
  12. I vote for Fascism again c2 d'Aosta. (Also she served communists around the end of her career so a vote for her is like a vote for communism too )
  13. Wile I find all intriguing the fascist within me says... C-2 "d'Aosta".
  14. I did not vote but not do to lack of interest but rather because I am as decisive as Yuan Shao Oh well, next time I will vote... "I'll get you next time Gadget, next time!".
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