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  1. May I get a Discord invite too?
  2. What would happen if we voted for Legate (or someone else from the team)? Would that unlock some "super" Belle? For now U-29, please (more love for ).
  3. Mississippi Vestures from Update #52 (starts at ~0:20)
  4. If Miss Host is for launch week, does that mean the interviews will continue after launch (if we have some Belles left)? And joining the Kongō line as well.
  5. It looks like a lion (as depicted in heraldry).
  6. Родина-мать зовёт И сестра слушает... И я тоже. голосовать за красивый Красный Крым. (terrible russian, I know... tl;dr A2 for me please )
  7. What about these Belles ? Does it count as a valid source? And a quick question in regards to sandwich show and tell... Do open or one sided sandwiches count?
  8. Sounds like what poor Henley is probably thinking. So here you go and B3 for me, please.
  9. if Mahan was a loli, then that face would be perfect... but the interview would end up being nsfw
  10. I have to agree... poor sammich Belle. Mahan should make her one (in her interview at least). But I still vote for Nagato. 天皇陛下万歳 !
  11. If by where you mean a site for the audio file, why not post it on SoundCloud and then post the link here or in a new topic?
  12. Not sure if first time posters are allowed to vote, but... C1 for me please and Salut to my fellow Captains and Admirals (`・ω・´)ゞ
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