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  1. Yay! That's my only real complaint about the Steam version.
  2. I would like to suggest adding an option to "lock" the interface in the Steam version, once you have adjusted it to your liking. Right now I accidentally move it all the time.
  3. My first clique was Girars de Periarde, Eliana Carosi, and Beatrix von Wetgen. There wasn't any particular reason for this, I just happened to develop relationships with them, and then brought them into my clique.
  4. Yeah, I had the glitch where it prompts me for my familiar's name, followed by Pamela's name and then the clique name too. Other than that it seems good so far. I love the new layout!
  5. BRB, going to make a fencing mod.
  6. Now all I can think of Ned Flanders saying "Nothing at all! Nothing at all!" Stupid, funny Simpsons. One other question, do mages try and master ordinary weapons? i imagine it's rare, since trying to master magic or a weapon takes up a lot of time, but some must try, right?
  7. That's what I always say! Anyway, despite the name I guess this is just a writing thread for me, not just limited to random events. Maybe I should make a mod topic? I don't know but here are three background options: ------ Family: Farmers By selecting this background, you gain +2 to your agriculture skill and +1 to your animal husbandry, brute strength, and seeds skills. Your family owns and operates a large farm. You spent your days doing chores around the farm, learning a lot about a farmers life. While farming may not be a prestigious a background as some of your fellow students have, but the skills you learned will still come in handy. (This next one is a reference to my favorite scene in The Three Musketeers.) Exploits: The Three Duelists By selecting this Background, you'll gain an extra level in your courage subskill, all four dueling subskills. While you were delayed in a small town you went exploring. While you were out you bumped into a mage who, not realizing your age, challenged you to a duel at noon. Then you bumped into another mage who, again, not realizing your age, challenged you to a duel at one hour past noon. Then you bumped into a third mage who challenged you to a duel at two past noon. When you arrived in the town square you found all three duelists waiting. They were surprised to see you, and when you explained that you had a duel with all three, they laughed at your youth and courage. They then called off the duel and show you some dueling skills for when you do fight a duel. (And finally a version of the Friendships: Actually, Bitter Hatred. This time the student in question was from Hedi, and things go differently. Also, I'm not so sure about the amount the realtinship is improved, so suggestions are appreciated). Friendships: Rival Turned Friend By selecting this Background, ensure that your Relationship with a random Hedi student will start off already three points positive. During the course of your travels, you happened to encounter another would-be student. At first, it seemed like the kind of funny coincidence from which friendships are often made, but... well, first this kid took your lunch "by accident." Then you got the last passenger berth on a three-day airship ride, leaving no sleeping space for your peer but a thin pile of straw down below-decks with the pack animals and the rats. So then this kid started spreading rumors that you had spitting lice and had to be quarantined. Then you were both thrown off the ship. You continued on a forced march for seven hours before coming to a town where the first people you met were bullies, much older kids, and the two of you had to work together or face disaster. You ended up being stripped naked and nearly tied to the column of a very popular temple, but you worked together and managed to drive off the bullies and get your clothes back before anyone saw you. You both still think the other is stubborn idiot, but you can't help but still like each other. This may be the beginning of a great friendship.
  8. Two random questions: 1. What is agriculture like? Is it just a bunch of small farms, or are there larger plantations? 2. What do people wear to bed?
  9. Eh, I'll see I guess. In the meanwhile I'll keep writing and working.
  10. Yeah, I figured I'd turn them into a mod. I would probably have a few other things though, like background choices. I don't think many people would want a mod with a few random events that they may or may not get to see.
  11. Automaton Spider After a full day of classes, you're walking in the halls when you hear a scream. You recognize the voice as belonging to [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Noemia Falcon y Paredes, since she screams so much. You figure she saw a large spider or the like and decide to look. She saw a large spider all right. It fact it's an huge Automaton, about the size of a wolf, menacing her. Neither girl nor Automaton has seen you yet. What do you do? Exit 1: Leave. You can't hope to handle this. [None] Exit 2: Distract the Automaton by throwing your voice. [Voice] Exit 3: Cast an incantation spell to get rid of it. [incantation Spells] Exit 4: No time for anything fancy, physically hold the spider back. [brute Strength] ---------------------------- I think that's enough for one day.
  12. Nightmare One night you're walking down the hallways. Oddly there are no professors around stopping you. However, you hear a roar behind you. You turn around to see a terrible monster. It's form is constantly shifting, and you can't quite make it out. You realize you're having a nightmare. This is odd for two reasons. First, it's rare you recognize that you're dreaming. Second, usually your nightmares involve you giving a presentation in a class only to realize your classmates are laughing at you because you're naked. As the monster draws closer you realize you don't have much time to act. Exit 1: Be brave and stand strong. [Courage] Exit 2: Try and change the dream. [Concentration] Exit 3: Cast a spell within the dream. [Negation Spells]
  13. It has been suggested that if I am to keep writing, I should make on topic to put it all in. So, here are some random events. I don't know if they'll ever been in the game (at least in an official capacity), but I don't really care. i wrote them, and what good is writing if you don't share it? Without further ado, here are some events (i figure one per post should be good). ---------------------------------------- The Imperial Lounge On this rainy day, you happen to be down at the imperial docks. Suddenly, the rain picks up and you're not sure that even your cloak will keep you dry. You duck into a doorway. Without warning you feel yourself pulled inside. "Welcome to the Imperial Lounge!" Announces someone. You're pulled forward, as a servant takes your cloak before you can even protest. Finally, you're face to face with a masked harlequin. "So, how may we help you today?" he asks. Looking around you see this is a pleasantly lit building filled with people. Many are together making conversation, there's a band getting ready, and off the hallway are some rooms, apparently for relaxation. What do you want to do? Exit 1: Leave. You didn't want to be here anyway. [None] Exit 2: See if the band needs a singer. [Voice] Exit 3: Socialize with the people. [Etiquette] Exit 4: Concentrate on relaxing. [Concentration]
  14. It's still not working for me, for whatever reason. I've got to hit the road again, so I'll have try later. Thanks for you're help! Edit: managed to fix just before heading out the door. I've seen stuff like that on other forums. Oh well, at least now it works. Guess I deserved that for being lazy.
  15. Yes, good point, should have been obvious in retrospect. Oh well, live and learn. Speaking of learning I can't get those confounded spoiler tags to work.
  16. All good points. I was actually thinking about having an option for a spell to surreptitiously warm the lake up. I guess I'll try and write that option up.
  17. Well I was on a roll with my writing, so I figured I would also post the other random event I wrote up. ----------------------------------- You have decided that this is the perfect day for a swim in the lake. You head down there, wearing your bathing suit under your robes. When you arrive, you begin to disrobe when you hear arguing. You finish undressing and look to see what the commotion is. [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Vuillaume Eparvier and [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Vincent Eins are arguing with each other. You asked what's going on and Vincent explains. "Vuillamue here was conducting one of her...experiments. And she managed to make the whole lake ice cold. I wanted to go swimming." Vuillamue gives an apologetic shrug. "In fairness, my experiment did work. Who knew an ice explosion would have such an effect?" Vincent suddenly grins and looks at you. "I still managed to stand in the lake for almost a full minute. Bet you can't beat that." Do you accept his challenge? Exit 1: Decline. That's a dumb challenge. [None] Exit 2: Try and beat his time! [Endurance] Exit 3: Don't just beat him, show off by swimming! [swimming] Exit 4: Sneakily use magic to heat the lake back up. [Negation]
  18. Good point about the acting, I'll change that. As for the reprimands, yes you're correct. This was from an earlier draft when I forgot they were a thing. Oops. This is why you proof read. Anyway, I'll edit it and fix things.
  19. Well, I don't know if there's a ton of point in posting a random event, since most people want them to be in DLCs, which might not be a thing right now. But I finally got the mod tools for work and cooked up a random event, so I want to share anyway. It's my first attempt at this, so feedback would be helpful, since I only have a vague idea what I'm doing. ---------------------- You slowly awake. Blinking sleep out of your eyes you realize something's wrong. For one, it's not normally this chilly. Also, how often do you sleep standing up? Blinking you look around and realize you're standing in a hallway, clad in your night gown and socks. Someone most have cast a sleepwalking spell on you! You stand there shivering, a list of suspects going through your head. Before you can get too far in your thinking however, you hear footsteps from around the corner. If a professor catches you out of your room at this hour it'll be detention for sure! Exit 1: Better get running! [Running] Exit 2: Glamour yourself so you're not seen. [Glamour Spells] Exit 3: Pretend to still be asleep [Acting]
  20. Never mind, I just got it to work! I don't know how, but it works now, I can even type in the boxes I have to type in. Thank you so much for all your help!
  21. Well I tried it, but it didn't work. I want to upload an image of the programs I have installed, but the forums won't let me.
  22. I haven't run dxdiag, but I know the one I have is Windows XP Professional. Well the installation of .NET is giving me trouble (as these things sometimes do). I'm going to try and sort it out, but I have traveling I need to do and may not get a chance for awhile. if that's the case thank you for your help and I'll report back when I get the thing installed. Edit: Tried 3.0, didn't work. I think newer ones install the older ones automatically anyway. I'll try the 4.0 one.
  23. Right, my bad, sorry. I was looking for a bulleted list. Sorry and thank you.
  24. Alright, I'll try that and get back to you. Thanks for you help and patience. Also, what list are you referring to?
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