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  1. I would like to say ive been following since day one, have not been the most active poster nor have i joined in on the discord, guess im moreĀ a lurker type when it comes to fourms.

    But I im looking forward to what becomes of this game. after all the issues that have come up over the years. I have backed some projects which have just gone dark and nothing has come of them, Im glad to see the interaction with the community management and the fans.

    kinda echo what is said above, happy to wait for the finished product, and happy to have at lest some feed back from BCS to keep me going.

  2. so I have been following this since day one on kick starter, but I only now have a question i don't think has an answer to,

    what year dose the cut off happen for tech, is it the end of the second world war or can we expect things like a update to a Iowa class from the Golf war, Eg UAV, Harpoon Missiles and CIWS?

    thanks, and have loved reading this over the last few months :D

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