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  1. Glad to hear the beta is going well. Looking forward to when it comes out on android. For me a grind is fine. I'm just worried about say a year after release. There's been games I've tried a year after they released and when you start they bombard you with so many bonuses that the game, especially the early levels, feel like a joke. I just want to play a game not go "Oh yay another bonus thing." Slow drip on the Belles is fine for me. I know when I tried Azur, shortly after playing for a bit I had sooo many ships that it was a joke. They stopped feeling special. As long as I can grind for the ship that I want, I'm good. For example: If I want to earn Vestures for a particular ship then I should do X, Y and Z level, or something like that.
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    So coming out later in 2020 and the KS Beta is quite close? Great to hear it's not far off. It's been a long trek. Does that "This year" release include the Android release, or just the PC and iPhone?
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    Hey All I haven't been keeping up with the updates for a good while and I'm curious on what the status of the game is and how far we are from release? I'm not a backer, but I've been interested in the game since the kick-starter. Thank You.
  4. Ok, changed it. sorry Exter, but Saltshaker was too good in the '39 games skit.
  5. I knew about the history and all that, but I had never seen it referred to in that way. Thanks for explaining.
  6. 1. Saguenay (I am Canadian. Also her part in the '39 Winter Games skit made me love her more) 2. Profitern (Something about her that I really like. Can't put my finger on it) 3. Mahan (Amazing host during the interviews) 4. Leningrad (Lover her antics) 5. Kirov (Crazy, enegetic, and cute. Somehow it's a great fit) 6. Pola (She's flipping adorable. Her response to being called adorable makes us like her more.) 7. Bulldog (Crass, but polite about it. Gives her a certain British charm.) 8. Wicher (That blue hair, that outfit. Also that weather sense gives her a bit or mystery as well.) 9. Lexiton (I like the cute ones... And she pulls it off well with the pigtails and looking like she's sneaking around) 10. Salt Lake City (See that '39 Winter Games skit that I talked about with Saguenay) I wanted to add a Japanese Belle but I couldn't decide on who. Was split between I-8, Takao, Nagato. edit: (I had two number 3's on there so had to remove one...) Exeter (Looks awesome. Like the rapier and the sort of musketeer look she has going. Also, she's British)
  7. I think I saw someone nominate Saguenay as a summer Belle, then add my vote to that. If not, I add my vote to anything Saguenay.
  8. I absolutely love the part after the captain comes over to Saguenay and is talking to her about skating. Then when she denies it being for figure skating and the Captain asks what they're for... I was going to grab Saguenay as soon as I could (I'm Canadian, and she's the only Canadian Belle) but after this it just makes me love her all the more. I especially like how Salt Lake went "O Canada..." and it clicks for the captain and he and Saguenay say "Ice Hockey" at the same time. Love it. .... Now that I read it again, what is Saguenay referring to when she talks about "turncoat countrymen?"
  9. I did give the disclaimer of according to google translate. *shrugs*
  10. If this scenario happened I think it would play out somewhat boring for that particular Belle. Most likely she would end up working with someone the President/Primeminister chose to be "2nd in command" of the ship. Also the Belle would likely end up assigned with guarding the home port. You have to remember that both London and Washington are real close to the ocean and could be prime targets for a possible Morgana attack.
  11. For those of us who didn't know the reason "Ad Astra per Aspera" was getting people going off about aliens is that it means (according to google translate) "To the stars through difficulties."
  12. Standard fair for popcorn is salted and butterd. However, I REALLY like caramel corn. Popcorn covered with caramel. I'd actually like it if they did a co-operative multiplayer battle. For example, you and 1 to 3 other (are we Captains or Admirals?) que up and each take, say one or two ships, and try to take down a boss type Morgana together. I'd like that more than an arena sort of set up.
  13. I definitely agree with your "reminder" post there. Makes a lot more sense than the modern "We call it a beta, but it's really just an early release" thing that sometimes happens these days. Even if I won't be in on the beta I'm still looking forward to it. The sooner the beta comes the sooner the actual release hits.
  14. What about the most famous pairing? Hood and Bismark: The famous battle. Or it could be "Pride of our nations," as both Hood and Bismark were the pride of their respective nations. Hood for her long career as well as a bunch of other stuff (can't remember specifics, I think there was a movie in there?) and Bismark for being the biggest and most powerful ship of the German fleet at the time. Another idea for the name could be "The sinking of the Bismark"
  15. Welington99; I hope they're not that easy to collect and/or it's not that much of a thing to HAVE to collect them. I'm a little unimpressed with a lot of games with a collecting mechanic. Most of them deal with cards. The one part that gives me hope is that they mentioned that there will be no Gatcha system. Which I interpret as being no system where you spend X amount of a currency to receive some random cards/characters. Sort of like pulling a booster pack for a TCG. Those types of systems have gotten to be REAL annoying and I really don't like them.
  16. Oh my gosh your right Ninjapacman! I didn't notice that at first. Thanks for pointing them out.A perfect nod to her namesake being a famous constellation. But yea, the design is right on point. Definitely has that classic ancient Greek warrior look down, as well as the shield. The guns being attached to the shield looks nice as well. Just curious, what's the book tied to her waist a reference to? The many tales of Orion and other Greek mythological tales? Edit: Was looking at the constellation again and noticed that it's a bow in the constellation, but here she's wielding a sword and shield. Why the change? Worried she'd too closely resemble an Artemis type look? Or are ranged, non rig weapons, reserved for the Carriers only?
  17. I really like how she looks. Especially the Naginata that she's wielding. The fem-samurai armor also looks cool, (if impractical). The short hair with the long ponytail reminds me of Yuna from FFX. Of all the Japanese ships released so far, she's the one I want the most. But I'm going to be starting British so I can get my Saguenay. Going to take a while to get Takao.
  18. B2, Orion. Also, I love this version of Takao. I especially like the Naginata that she carries.
  19. Thank you for posting this Gerrion. I had already watched it and was contemplating posting it on here, but you beat me to the punch. Definitely worth checking out. Also they do a good job of giving all the information as well as the human side as well. Really well done.
  20. I'm really liking the effects for the battles. You've definitely polished up the hit and miss effects. I'm guessing courage will be an important stat for getting your ships to stay in brawl range. Also the crits will likely be nasty. Can't wait for public release! *is sad I didn't find out till after the main Kickstarter was done.*
  21. Who was the ship that they were hitting golf balls at in one of the interviews? Reason I ask is because I think that is their current host. I remember Mahan saying something along the lines of "I don't want to get our host angry. I don't think she's completely forgiven us for that round of golf." I likely got part of the quote wrong, but that's my guess as to who the host is.
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