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  1. Happy medium to me would be if a team creator uses a fans ideas they could give them a shout out or a small in game reward (ie: free copy of what they created), but for legal/ monetary purposes it would be "this intellectual property belongs to us and we reserve the right to use it, alter it or not use it at our discretion." Only problem would be if the fan was feeling... greedy? and wanted a bigger reward/ didn't feel they did the work justice. But still the company could refer back to "IP belongs to us." I don't know just spit balling.

  2. Sinboto Simmons;


    Someone else can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that the interviews are considered to be "non-canon" for the Victory Belles game. I remember reading a comment earlier in this thread where a person asked about the ships being aware of their "future" and the reply to that question was along the lines of the interviews not being canon.

  3. Here's an article by combined Fleet describing Japan's real chances of winning a war with America from an economic standpoint. It's a good read, and it gives a very sobering perspective as to why the IJN high command, especially Isoroku Yamamoto, was opposed to starting a war. I also recommend checking out more of Combined Fleet's articles, as they're all reasonably comprehensive and well-researched.




    Neat and quite enlightening. I knew some of that stuff before, but this article paints it out and really shows how big the difference was.

  4. Katyusha would work perfectly for one of the Russian Belles. Works perfectly, IMO, since it's a traditional Russian war song that has to do with war and romance.



    -Go to the Settings and turn on the subtitles and choose your language and it will sub the translation of it.



    -Girls Und Panzer version. They do a good job of it to.

  5. Hey there everyone. I finally got all caught up reading the Kickstarter updates and also all of this thread. (Feeds my hunger for VB knowledge)


    I read that each month the VB team does a vote and need all in in order for the Beta to go ahead. Then after that, it will be approximately a month and they'll do the same vote process on releasing the game to the public. Correct?

    Since it could be another month or two for the Beta and then a month or two for Public release. I'm sorta wondering if it might turn into a September release for the full game? Which would also allow it to release when it "starts." How accurate do you think this guess is, or am I being too pessimistic?

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