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  1. Interesting. I had thought it would be more of an olympic-style competition sports club like the Rimbal team (considering that it is part of the athletic fields), or an aesthetic thing like the Japanese zen archery. Catherine and Corradin, eh? If I set up the adventure with the player going with Gwendy and Noemia, then Catherine and Corradin could show up as the villains. Might even be able to set it up with two separate paths depending on which group the player sides with, mwahahaha! Guess I need to read through Catherine's and Corradin's adventures to get some flavor for their personalities. I'll also need to take some time to re-read the Archery related lores. Ok so new questions: 1. What do they tend to hunt? 2. Where do they tend to hunt? 3. Is hunting in the Imperial Reserve discouraged/illegal? 4. Is Godina also in charge of archery? Who is the professor assigned to the archery club? 5. Does the archery club/team have any rivalries? Other schools? Colleges? Clubs? Teams? 6. How is magic integrated into archery? While using a wand to draw phemes then pull an arrow seems problematic (holstering the wand might cancel the spell and drawing while holding a wand seems risky), drawing the phemes with the arrow before placing it on the bow and drawing the bow seems like an interesting approach (though that could make arrows expensive, if they needed special properties to make that practical).
  2. Thanks Rhialto. Ah you're right, I'd forgot about that phase in Miya's adventure. I'll give your adventure a read.
  3. Could the distinction be that the library club is considered employment?
  4. Ok, so: 1. With regards to the older students, should I just make them up? Or is there a way I can get a list or some info? 2. As far as same-year students, the only obvious choice is Gwendy Zuyder, but I think she'd have a rather negative view of calling shooting at non-living targets as "sport". Though that could be interesting in it's own way, if she's the student visiting the club with the main character. And I suppose I could see her interested in using astrology to improve accuracy. Still, I can't see her as wanting to join a competition archery club that's not geared toward actual hunting. Other marginally "possible" students: Miya - storytelling or drama club? Not to mention she's probably going to be busy with something else... Noemia - Maybe? School newspaper seems like a better fit though... but her parents probably want her involved in some kind of athletics since they made her attend Godina, and Archery is certainly less scary than Rimbal... Antonio - it's a combat useful skill, but... doesn't really seem like he'd have the patience for it and would probably rather join a fencing club. After a quick trip through the wiki pages, that's pretty much it, so unless there's any suggestions, I'm at a loss. 3. The idea I have starts with the main character visiting the archery club to see if it's a club that they want join in the future and the early stages involve trying out some of the club training activities under the supervision of one of the older members, is that something better done as a year 2 adventure then? Or is it just the officially joining part that's not allowed in Year 1? 3a. Are the school newspaper (Rikildis) and student government (Aranaz adventure) considered exceptions? 4. What is the focus of the existing archery club? Practical combat applications? Hunting? Sport competition?
  5. Legate, I'm in need of info to help me get started on an archery club adventure (and maybe some events for club members) 1. Are the names/descriptions of any older students involved in the archery club available? 2. Are any of the same year students interested in or currently in the archery club? 3. Do first years have access to "try out" clubs? Can they actually join clubs during their first year? 4. What competitive events does the archery club compete in?
  6. Ah, I was thinking about writing up an Archery club adventure, since there aren't any adventures that use archery at all. I was assuming that there wasn't any time to get it into Y1, but if there's still time I'd better get started on it soon. I'll post some questions in the in-game question thread, to see if I can get the info I need to get going on it.
  7. Rhialto, I found this in Random Event Student - Tulia 2: In the event, Tulia seems more upset about the misappropriation of the school's image for commercial purposes than a boy being depicted as riding a dragon. Though this might be a case of disparity between events and lore...
  8. Ok, I think that's pretty cool in a lot of ways. But if it's applied indiscriminately to all reference tables and even the Random [category] types of actions/abilities, I think that might be somewhat undesirable. For example, is that desirable behavior for abilities that reward a "random" skill step from a fixed set of skills such as Study at the Venalicium Library? (Which skills are more desirable? In my mind, the player would certainly prefer a more even distribution -- particularly if a player is trying to unlock a skill or raise an entire skill group.) It's probably not something to spend much time on for year one (unless it's a quick change), since any changes might introduce bugs, but when thinking of future years, it seems that it would be helpful for content creators to have a boolean toggle in the editor for whether CoS/CoF/etc. should apply to a particular table (or designate a type of table that isn't affected). It could be implemented as a checkbox in the editor and a check in code before applying the modifiers. In any case, I thought I'd bring it up, because there certainly seem to be cases where skewing the tables is not the intended result by the author.
  9. I tried to get a screen shot for you, but Zoe's already trained her Confidence up to 5 in that game.
  10. @Metis, well if you have a table set up like so: 0-5% Result #1 6-15% Result #2 16+% Result #3 With a CoS% >5 Result #1 is impossible to achieve. In the case of Judge the Instructors tastes, it would mean that with a high enough CoS or CoF it might be impossible to get one or two of the listed skill ups that result from the ability. More practically, it likely reduces the chance of which ever is at the top or bottom of the list. Note that I'm talking about reference tables that are not related to the check for success or failure, but rather are used to distribute rewards or penalties with a designed distribution. Edit: I'm not certain that there is a problem here -- if the tables are structured with "less desirable" results at the lower end and "better" results at the higher end, (to for example allow for characters with better luck getting better results) then it's probably not an issue, but it would be important to make sure that the tables are designed to allow for that or have separate mechanisms for tables that are designed to be affected by luck/CoF/CoS and those that are supposed to provide designated distributions.
  11. Legate can you ask the team to look at whether CoS/CoF are improperly(?) affecting reference tables? For example, results that are checked AFTER the roll for success or failure. In particular, I'm thinking about the Favor Action, but it might also affect other abilities such as Judge the Instructor's Tastes and Track Comets.
  12. Thanks, Legate. Sounds like a "no", that there isn't a system with preset hidden bonus by calendar day (excluding the Astrology spell), similar to my question with the weather affecting things. About Beatrix, Zoe apparently has the Graverobber's background (I've seen her with the Graverobber's Shame emotion in a recent game), so maybe if Beatrix has the "Descended from Heroes" background then it could be backstory to match that -- visitation rights to the Imperial Reserve.
  13. So there are hidden bonus/penalties to various things based on the astrological calendar?
  14. Maybe Architecture and Engineering is [redacted] because of the study of draconic architecture, or more likely it's because it pertains to the Y2 class list... heh. Legate, do you have an answer to my question above? If the answer is no, it might indicate a bug in the random number generator initialization or the generator itself.
  15. @Legate of Mineta A game mechanics question: Do different days (or time slots) in the in-game calendar have effects on success or failure of certain checks? Maybe an Astrological feature? Since I've noticed that some times if a roll (that should have a decent chance of success) fails no matter how many times I reload, then sometimes advancing the day allows the roll to succeed when tried on a different day (same relevant attribute/skills/buffs/etc.). Sometimes even just moving the action or adventure to a different time slot will allow it to succeed. Strangely this seems to effect favor result tables as well. Are favor result tables affected by CoS%? (I have had a favor fail before, but that should be different than the actual results table once it's already succeeded.)
  16. Hi Legate, I got the cache corruption issue again where the game crashes when I try to load a save that was just fine the night before. No updates to the game that I'm aware of. Version is: 3.0.12 Couple of things that might help track it down: 1. When it happens, the splash screen with the boat shows for the old (longer) time and not the new (shorter) time. 2. When trying to create a new game to fix the cache, the Omen: Three Suns was missing. Also weird is the things I did to get it to work this time: 1. Start creating a new game, but back it out and exit before the final step. (Omen: Three Suns missing) 2. Load different save. Succeeded. 3. Without exiting, load save that failed to load initially. Succeeded. 4. Without exiting, start creating new game. (Omen: Three Suns is there.) I'm guessing that part of this problem is that the mods aren't being properly loaded from the save if they are not already in the cache. Also, just a guess and it might be coincidental, but could there be an issue with starting a session before midnight (12:00 AM) and then saving after midnight? The midnight thing might affect the random number generator as well, since (anecdotally) I've found that sometimes if a session passes through 12:00 AM, checks that should have a good chance (blue) sometimes always fail (20+ reloads), and my detection rate for trespassing and skipping seem to increase as well.
  17. Arithmetic Adventure 07: How about what you'r[v]e learned in Arithmetic class?
  18. Subject-verb agreement Arithmetic Adventure 06: These viewpoints likewise isn't [aren't] followed by the Academagia, but they exist. More commonly known are [is/as(?)] Horace Godfreed. (Maybe there was supposed to be more than one listed or maybe this is supposed to be an alias?)
  19. Seems a bit strange that successfully completing (any stage of) Orso Orsi's faction's main quest, A Note from the Headmaster, doesn't result in any relationship increases with Orso Orsi...
  20. Missing word/link Random Event Defensive Spells 2 (Incantation success exit) ...the fact that [he/she/student name] didn't give you a chance to ready yourself...
  21. Lore: Mad Emperor's Diary I had to sign t[w]o laws as well.
  22. Interesting, Shwarzbart, Legate. Ah, yeah items too. I'd always though it a bit odd that using items and casting spells took up a whole time slot, though it's not unreasonable for rituals and spells that have significant prep time or require material gathering. But, something to keep in mind is that in the current game time is the main penalty for balancing actions, so if the time-slot penalty is removed from spells there would still need to be a cost added to balance it. Stress, mana, fatigue, something. Or a casting limit per slot/day, effectively allowing a slot + spell, instead of just a slot or spell. Preventing spell-stacking could also be another way to balance "unlimited" spell casting. There's also the issue with challenge rolls -- if you can try over and over to cast a spell without penalty, that would defeat the point of having rolls required. That said, it's welcome news to hear changes are in the works to make the spell system more useful. In the current system, with the exception of Historical Tendencies, I usually try to avoid "wasting" time slots on spells. Even the vaunted Cleanse and Remake is a wasted slot unless a bunch of difficult adventures can be lined up over a holiday-weekend grouping. And then, it's likely to turn into reload-hell... About hostile actions, considering the large number of hostile spells/abilities/actions, it certainly seems that there was more intended to be implemented to make that interesting and didn't make the final release. But from a min-max point of view, with the current system, even if you wanted to role-play "getting revenge" or being a not-so-nice character, there's no point. The only useful thing to do, is to just just make nice and raise the negative relationship student back to a positive relationship. So much for having a "rival". Now if the developers want to promote a "no good comes from revenge and spite" theme, I'm certainly okay with that, but it seems to go against the "gray" morality present in much of the lores, events, and adventures. If a "gray" morality is assumed, when considering balance, it just seems that since hostile actions come with a built in penalty (retaliation, negative relationships) that there would need to be some kind of benefit to offset them to make them useful for more than role-playing, whether it's unlocking new abilities/actions/items/adventures that are only available to characters that have engaged in hostile actions or adding benefits (skill expansions, etc.) to the actions themselves, or something else. (Maybe add a memory the first time a hostile action sends another student to the infirmary -- vitality/stress <= 0 -- and use that to unlock something.) The other issue would be the Dueling system. From what I've read on the forums, this will be seeing a significant overhaul for year 2. It's important to keep in mind though that even that should have a reward equivalent to the time-slots and money that need to be expended (including preparation time-slots). If it can be used as a vehicle to gain a chance for skill expansions and reputation changes during each round of combat, that could make dueling itself very rewarding, but this is another one to keep in mind where the penalties are already inherent in the action: vitality loss + time slot loss. In any case, even though this post has probably become too long for most to want to bother reading, I do want to take a moment and thank the developers for making an incredible game with a ton of story and replayability. I don't want it to sound like I'm only complaining and posting bugs, rather I'm hoping that if the places where the game (series) is a bit rough are fixed, that it can become even more amazing (and hopefully financially successful). Personally, being a programmer myself, I thought it a bit nuts to have so much content, such a variety of character background choices, and and so many branching paths, since it's surely to become unmanageable as the series progresses, but the novel use of a system of "memories" (instead of actual branching paths) allowing the adventure/event authors to pick and choose what to tailor the writing to, is likely the reason for surprising success of this approach.
  23. Surely it's Astrology. Just ask Aaron Ladale about the dangers of trying to change one's fate...
  24. Something, that I've been meaning to post for a while, but in my opinion the "bullying" system doesn't seem well balanced in that the majority of hostile actions cost time slots and don't have particularly useful in-game results (with the possible exception of the ones that transfer items or money). I think this could be improved upon by adding skill expansions to hostile actions, for example using the bully action should expand a random bully skill. It would seem to make sense that the more bulling a student does, the better he or she would get at it. There's a similar issue with casting spells. Spells that have only temporary effects are usually not an efficient use of time. If casting a spell gave expansions in relevant skills, that would certainly increase their usefulness. For example, something like casting an incantation spell giving a skill-step in Incantation methods. (Or even an Enspell skill. Heck if all spell casting incurred a Reference with a chance to raise a RND skill in the spell school and/or a RND Enspell/Palettes skill would probably be a great solution.) It just seems strange that actually bullying doesn't help raise bulling skill, and actually casting spells doesn't improve casting skills. But studying in the library, sure no problem...
  25. Incantation 2 reward is: Orchestrate Nightmare (Action) From the description this sure seems like a Glamour spell. So two problems here, why is it an action and not a spell? And what could inflicting fear and nightmares have to do with conjuring physical fire and ice? Additionally it may be bugged, or have an unlisted prerequisite, because, while it does show up in the known Action list, it doesn't show up in the selectable action list.
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