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  1. The Substitution  (Arithmetic Adventure 01: Cryptology failure exit)

    (?) says... (?) glares at Reitz. ... (?) asks.

    That's just the first 3, there's a bunch more (?) after that as well. Probably should give this whole adventure a good looking over.


  2. Thanks for checking, Metis. Probably why I never noticed it before.

    Got another grammar/typo:

    Random Event Forest 5

    After the Confidence success exit:

    ... if they've abandon[ed] their campfire.


  3. Not sure how this link happened (and strange that it's Olivia and Carmine that are linked to, since I've seen other students in this event) but...

    Random Event Research 3

    after the Confidence exit:


  4. Got a weird one for you guys this time.

    Was viewing Prudence Cossins and saw a blank skill with a 0 value:

    Missing Skill.PNG

    Edit: Ah, I think this is because that's a supposed to be a 10 for Theory of Negation and the number column isn't wide enough for 2 digit numbers. Resizing the window doesn't fix it, btw.

    Edit 2: I checked a value on my character that had a 10, and it showed up just like this when viewed by clicking on my character's name in the Clique tab. So I can confirm that this is a problem with 2 digit numbers.

  5. I just had this problem where I couldn't load known good saves. I haven't played in a while and when I went to open my save, it crashed with a "system error".

    After deleting the cache, I tried to load the save file again and it gave me an error saying it couldn't find a mod and crashed. (The exotic familiar mod) The mod was present in the mods folder.

    Deleting the hidden GCC folder in the mods directory didn't solve it, but creating a new game with same mod configuration rebuilt the cache and let me open the save file. 

    Shouldn't the game be able to rebuild the cache from the save?

    (Also the game should have a "reset cache" button on the initial menu screen. Most users probably don't have the computer skills needed to manually delete the cache.)

  6. @Rhialto, when a green exit appears below a blue, it's probably because the game has sorted the exits relative to your roll chances, but one of your clique members has a better roll chance than you do for that particular exit.

  7. The Tower and its Key

    Observation->Perception exit

    The last line:

    ... done very good. => well. (Most native speakers get this wrong, but "good" is an adjective and "done" is not a linking verb, so the adverb "well" must be used here unless the author is purposefully being un-grammatical for flavor.)

  8. Probably so, considering the number of skills, but would have the upside of the item not seeming to be bugged...but yeah, "A significant amount of skill in the art of spying is required to properly use this item" would at least tell you what skill you need to train up.

  9. Ugh... I'd be nice if there was some hint in added in the description -- even if it doesn't say what it is outright. For example: "But certain skills may be needed to draw out the full power of this item."

    Metis, you might want to put a note about item prerequisites in your Quick Overview of Basic Mechanics thread.


    Many Happy Returns

    Move Silently exit (failure)

    ...but with the amount of black and red binding on the books in his cart and [with] him already past the bestiary section[,]...

    might want to re-write it a bit to:

    ...but with the amount of black and red binding on the books in his cart and considering that he's already past the bestiary section[,]...

  10. Ah thanks Metis! Wow, I wonder if other items have prerequisite's for effects... 


    Bookworms Club 19:

    The exits look like this:

    Order the mannequin to go to sleep.
    [blank - investigation type, choosing it gives no text (but removes the option)]
    Exit 1 - Running.
    Exit 4 - Incantation Methods.
    Duel Conduct. It looks like a duelist, so duel it.

    Looks a bit unfinished. :blink:

    Bookworms Club 20:

    Harper => Harpist

  11. @Metis, could there be an unnecessary whitespace character (newline, tab, space, etc) in there somewhere -- maybe at the end of the line?


    Bookworms Club 18

    ...from overhea[r]d conversations between the servents,...


  12. The Library Beasts:

    Danger Sense exit:

    Okay, there's no need to panic; the beat's target... => beast's

    ... Legend of Rohan the Werebeast, => Legend of Rohan the Werebeast slayer,

    ..."Every astrology student should, you get to watch the sky while warm in bed." => "Every astrology student should. You get to watch the sky while warm in bed."


    Bookworm Club 15:

    Diplomacy. Talk to the book and agree a peaceable solution. 

    => Diplomacy. Talk to the book(s) and [get it/them to] agree to a peaceable solution.

    Also regarding the Harpsichord exit... you guys know that's a piano... and not a harp, right? The harp-like musical instrument is the lyre.


    Hmm.... about the Wand of Shadows, is it changing a hidden CoD value? Because I have plenty of items that show the CoD change immediately (the Doppleganger's Band for example), and it still doesn't show up after advancing the calendar or reloading with it equipped. I wonder if this is a similar problem to the CoD penalty for the Sky Pirate background not showing up?

  13. Wand of Shadows description says that it lowers CoD by 2%, but when equipped: it doesn't.

    This one is easy to verify. The Chance of Discovery listed on the Inventory screen doesn't change when the wand is equipped.

  14. The Corner Tailor location is still showing up with both an active and passive ability. I'm fairly certain using the location passively doesn't work (the bonus isn't added when using the location), so this location probably needs looking at.

    BTW, the bonuses do correctly apply when using the active ability -- also I've never seen the additional passives (Milliner, Shoe Lasts, Eye for Fashion) listed in the Wiki actually show up in the game, so I have no clue what that's about.

  15. I posted a few other examples of this previously, but figured I'd include a screen cap this time. It could be solved in code (strip trailing or leading whitespace characters from the exit choice text) or in the editor (have the editor strip trailing/leading whitespace characters), and then there wouldn't be a need to go back and find them all.

    @Rhialto, yeah, it's pretty minor in the scheme of things, but figured I'd point it out since those kind of things impact how casual players view the "quality" of the game and they are easy to fix.

  16. 30 minutes ago, Legate of Mineta said:


    *Not* what we want to hear, but...we'll still see if we can hunt something down from that. ;)

    No idea if it's *still* a problem. But thought I'd pass it along since the wack-a-mole, might not be the mole originally expected. ;)

    @Metis, thanks. I guess Bookbinding needs to be flagged for review for the upcoming content patch.

  17. Hi Metis,

    When you get an item + recipe it does report both, but the link to the item description is broken when clicking from the log.

    In the case above like you said, I'm not sure anything was rewarded, since I couldn't find the recipe in the recipe list of the item tab.

    Of course I think getting the items themselves might actually be a bug as opposed to intended, particularly in the case of things like studying Zoology -- not that I'm complaining. I suppose it could be explained that the items were encountered or acquired as part of the learning process.

    Maybe getting the item is the work-around for the getting the recipe being broken? :unsure:

    @Legate of Mineta:

    About the broken links -- probably not what you want to hear -- but I'm fairly certain that there were cases with the old client where the links would corrupt randomly. For example with the same adventure sometimes ones that would display okay on one play through, then would show up broken after a reload or on a different play through...:ph34r:


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