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  1. It was definitely a skill step increase resulting in a skill level increase. I'm attaching a screen cap of the log and the skill. The log results are from stage 2 of "Welcome to the Club!".

    According to the Wiki, the reward (which I'm not seeing listed under recipes either) was supposed to be knowledge of an item: "Learn about Writing Supplies (Item)"

    (I haven't checked via Artifice though...)

    So there may be similar skill level rewards with the same problem.

    Bookbinding 4.PNG  Bookbinding 4-2.PNG

  2. Well considering in the adventure it's a matter of Enchantment... I'm assuming nothing was done about negating the wards (and apparently commandeering the dorm would be a regular thing as long as Zoe continued her business). I suppose she could conceivably enchant her dorm *room* to separate from the dorm and re-attach when done, but that seems a bit excessive for a first year that has trouble changing the color of things or levitating out of pits...BTW, @Legate of Mineta (practicing my summon Legate spell) can you say whether choosing the squirrel route or the enchanted dorm route has a differing effect on Y2, or does it only take into account successful completion?

    BTW, one of the Durand/Aranaz adventures does discus circumventing the wards to get access to the dorm, but I don't remember the details (something about safely making a hole in the wall or something if I recall).

  3. Regarding Philippe and Joana,

    For Philippe, there's an event where he's protecting a kitten from a troll... and another where you can peak into his room to see that he's working on a plushie... Ah, and in the revision adventure with Rui, there's some indication that he tried to resist (behind the scenes) against the nefarious plot at the end.

    And it seems to be strongly hinted that Joana is the candy-loving girl saved by the player's character in the Negated background...

    So there's likely more to these characters than just being first-year bullies. ;)

    Also I wonder if Zoe is the student from Oursouk since she's always going on about speaking in Draconic.... heh. (And what's with commandeering her dorm into a flying vessel to use for cheat sheet deliveries. Some how I think that'd be a bit problematic considering the wards on the dorm and the school itself. The guards don't notice a dorm building flying around? The swaying doesn't wake any students -- what about ones still up studying? And no students are sneaking in or out during that time? Wonder if that exit shouldn't be re-written to something a bit more believable...)

  4. The Shimmering Hidden Room is listed as being in the Imperial Reserve. But the adventure with the ant queen (Random Event Hidden Room 3) that gives out this location, talks about wondering in the school... 

  5. Also the bug where you can purchase two of an item for the price of one(?) is still there. 

    To replicate:

    1. Select the items to sell, select the items to buy, sell the items to be sold. The highlight on the items to buy goes away.

    2. Re-select the items to buy and buy them.

    Result: Two of the first selected item will be purchased. (Interestingly for me only the first selected item was duplicated, not the second.)

    Edit: Both purchased items were deselected after purchasing, but the price of the second item that wasn't purchased in duplicate is still listed as "The cost to buy 1 item". (I wonder if this is because I didn't have enough money to buy the second item twice, but I did for the first?

    Edit 2: Looks like I was charged for the extra items purchased, so it's just a problem with the "buy" items being deselected in the UI without decrementing the selection counter in the underlying data object.

  6. Just wanted to report that the shop UI glitches are still there in 3.0.11. Notice that the icons are offset and the store name is partially cut off. Can anyone else confirm?



  7. No problem, just wanted to make sure usefulness was considered, especially since it involves a new game mechanic, and since there already are a ton of actions and abilities that are not efficient enough to be useful. It'd even be ok, if different (more useful) types of letter writing actions with different effects are available based on skill requirements, but there's no need to overly complicate things. 

  8. Schwarzbart, how do you keep them from overwriting the DLC with base game content like Tallgeese's mod does? Is it a problem with how Tallgeese created his mod that the DLC content gets removed?

    There's also the problem that if you're compiling off the base game, then any changes you make to things changed by the DLC would also need to include the DLC content/changes in your mod...right? :unsure:

  9. Regarding the action for writing letters to prevent relationship decay in Y2, if it effectively works out to a 1 relationship (increase/maintenance) per time-slot, then that would be a poor use of a time-slot. (Equivalent to using train to raise a skill step...)

    If possible it'd be more useful for the letter writing action to either have checks for additional increases (semantics, syntax, passion?, etc.) or a chance to give skill ups in one or two relevant skills: semantics, syntax, forms, social skills, speaking quietly of riddles, flattery, storytelling. (Heck if there's to be a "send a love letter" action, you could even swap it up with romance, passion, and flirting.)

    Mechanically it'd be great if it's something like Judge the Instructor's Tastes which is: Study Level + 2 Reference (RND Wit/Flattery/Storytelling/Syntax/Dispassion/Playfulness).

  10. The exotic familiar selection mod has to be first and the DLC loading afterwards. I also use this mod. 

    From what I understand of the mod process, any mod compiled against the base game needs to be listed before the DLC. (This also likely means that if the DLC modifies something modified by the mod, it would get overwritten by the DLC -- not a problem for the exotic familiar mod.) Mods compiled against the DLC are to be listed after the DLC.

  11. Just had Aveline use Defame on Aranaz. This seems like something that should be adjusted in the AI for Defame, since using Defame on your own college is a bit strange. (I even have her in my Clique too...lol)


  12. Spelling/autocomplete error:

    Random Event Performance 16

    There is a sense of order to it though, as though a force is shaping your mount[h] around the unfamiliar sounds and syllables.

  13. remove extra word:

    Random Event Aranaz 5

    You round the corner and run straight into five Aranaz students, some of them upperclassmen. All five are blocking your block path -- nothing aggressive, they're just standing there with their arms folded.

  14. In Early Morning Chill:

    Failed the initial Negation roll, but succeeded at the subsequent glamour rolls, to pass out of the stage. Now both "Early Morning Chill" and its next stage, "Every Man Has His Emblem", show as available adventures... (Which means that I can do the adventure twice.)

    2xEarly Morning Chill.PNG

  15. Sure no problem, Rhialto.

    BTW, can't remember if I posted this, but:

    Clicking on a skill (except Bond skills) in the familiar's skill list shows the character's skill and skill steps. This makes it impossible to know via the UI how many skill steps are required to raise a familiar's skill. 

    If it's impossible to fix the link, maybe familiar skills can be listed with skill steps in parenthesis after the skill level? Ex: Danger Sense 1 (2/3) 

    A similar solution could be useful for displaying student skills as well, if linking doesn't work.

  16. No problems for me with the Ring of Sweet Summers, so... might be an issue unique to Rhialto's save.

    @ Rhialto

    Did you check the 2nd or 3rd page of equipment? See above post in response to Sempai for the location of the yellow and green buttons.

    @ Legate 

    Thanks, also don't forget the hotkey listing. That might be just as important since the font size hotkeys solve the large or small text issue for activity selection. Making things in the UI easier to figure out for Steam users who don't use the forums is probably a good idea.

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