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  1. Thanks Legate,

    Ah! Actually, there's already a font slider on the Menu panel, it's just not labeled. Maybe listing the hotkeys (+/-) and labeling the Font slider would be enough?



  2. @ Legate

    Cool, any thoughts on UI improvements regarding season/weather?

    @ Metis,

    Other hotkeys that I know of are the +/- keys used to increase/decrease font size. Dunno if there are others, but since neither of us know what the other ones are, does seem to indicate that they aren't well documented... 

    But, I agree with your sentiment that if there are only 3, then it's a bit silly to have a pop-up window -- maybe just list them on the "Menu" panel in a section called Hotkeys?


  3. Sorry to double post,

    Something else that would be helpful is an in-game listing of the hotkeys.

    An easy way to do this without adding any new UI elements: add a lore with the hotkey list that is given at the start and name it something like "*** hotkey list ***" so that it shows at the top of the list. (Downside is that it would require a content patch.)

    Alternately a button could be added in "Menu": "Show hotkey list" that opens a window with the list.

  4. Thanks Metis, so then the question is: Since the team went to the trouble to create daily changing weather, wouldn't it be cool if it did?

    A simple table of increases and decreases could be created and applied to rolls.

    The easiest to think of would be changes to CoD: Darker/inclement weather = bonus, brighter/clear weather = penalty

    There are probably other things could be reasonably thought to be affected, for example hot sunny summer day: -1 endurance, +5% Fire spells, etc.




  5. Just noticed that the game has a Weather system and the clock displays the current weather. Does weather have any effect on game play? For example cloudy or rainy = -CoD, etc.? 

    Also probably not realistic for year one, but it'd be nice if the UI changed to match the weather. Ideally there would be small animations that liven up the UI or background, but something that might be more readily achievable: change the background to match the season + weather, and have an option to animate the cursor (rain, snow, cloudy, etc.).

    Alternately, since changing the entire background might be a bit jarring, (dorm?) window panes could be added to either side of the character portrait UI element and the windows' contents could change to reflect the weather and seasons. If animation is added, the scenery through the windows could be animated and maybe the UI lamps could be animated to flicker from time to time as well. 

    Just some thoughts that I had for increasing immersion, since I find that I don't particularly have a sense of what the season is (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn) when I'm playing through the year, and it's a bit of a waste that there is a weather system where the only indication of the current weather is a tiny icon that I never notice.

  6. Just noticed after playing with the font size during an adventure, that the fonts in Activity/Ability selection are HUGE and there's no font size widget on the calendar screen:

    Font Size Issue.PNG

    That said, it might be more consistent to set the UI Font size in "Menu" along with the other UI settings. (Or just not have the font size from story mode affect the other UI elements.)

    Also not really an important issue, but I noticed that if you mouse over the Abilities quickly the description is first drawn with a small (normal?) font and then redrawn with the larger font.

  7. Sure, image attached. Looks like adding a few pixels to the clipping would solve the problem, but could have the system calculate the correct width for the rendered font instead.



  8. Italics text is cut off by the right hand margin at larger font sizes. 

    To verify: do Zorzi's Note adventure and pass the Awareness check. There's a block of italics text that you can test by increasing or decreasing the font. 

    Let me know if a screen capture is needed.

  9. Sorry about the late reply -- been busy with other things. A family member on a Vista x64 with 8GB RAM machine did get the load crash just the other day (not sure if it was after the 3.0.9 update or not). I haven't advanced far enough with the new version to experience it yet. All my systems are 64-bit Windows 10 systems with Visual Studio development environments installed. Will send a save if I can confirm again.

    Should I advise my family member to delete his config file? Also is it useful to test on an existing game started on an earlier version (3.0.7 I think) or should I start a new game to test this?

  10. Bug: Item descriptions are showing blank (no text -- just the name of the item) when newly added item links are clicked on in the daily log. (Note: This is true for both identified and un-identified items, but for some reason daily log links for items displayed as a result of identifying actions will display descriptions correctly when clicked.) An easy test to verify this: Train Zoology study level up until an item is received (various Zoology study levels reward items -- is that a bug as well?) and then click on the link in the "Results of the Day". Use "Trial and Error" Action on the same item and the description link for the same item in "Results of the Day" for the "Trial and Error" Action works fine.


    Bug (low priority): If you click on the "Exchange" satchel at the bottom of daily log, then click on an item in "Your Knapsack", the item description shows even if the item hasn't been identified.


    In: Random Event Rampant Creature 1


    There's an investigation option (sorry forgot which skill it was) and succeeding the check gives text suggesting that a new solution has opened up, but no new options appear.

  11. @Metis, Speaking of things learned on the internet, I find the more I study other languages the harder it is to accurately remember my native language of English, so for quick checks I try typing "Grammar" and the expression in google and see what pops up. :lol:


    But if you want to do it in a bit more serious way there's this: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/





    Welcome to the Club!


    "Marching you all to the library, Neera takes you do a side door you hadn't known before." => to

  12. RE Magic Trap 8 takes place in the wrong location.

    Arithmetic Adventure 01 Cryptology success text has a broken reference to Professor Valenta, "Ar'right then capt'n, what's me number?" (should be "than" I'm pretty sure)


    "Alright then" is a normal expression in English. Similar to "Well, okay then..." -- It means to accept what has happened (sometimes sarcastic) and to move on toward the next matter.


    "Than" is for comparison. Greater than ____ or less than ____, etc., and would be incorrect.


    If you wanted to nit-pic the original text above, you could argue the comma placement, but I think it's intended as a tool to emphasize the character pausing for emphasis after "capt'n"


    And of course "me" should be "my" but that's clearly intentionally ungrammatical. ;)

  13. Not sure if it helps, but from what I've noticed when I was trying to determine the date previously with DLC 16, the Felicitatis (History class) adventure seems to be available for a range of days prior to the 25th. I haven't really checked the extent of the range recently since usually just check every day around the 22nd and do it as soon as it's available.

  14. Sure, no problem. I'd thought about making a list and posting before, but I wasn't sure how many had already been fixed for DLC 17.



    The Professor and Time:

    "You could be a part of College Mordivus." => Morvidus

  15. missing plural:

    Rumors of Witches and Evil Intentions

    Although Yggdrasill was not powerful enough to build a "Tree of Life", he built three well(s) at different entrances of the catacombs...


    Incorrect pronoun:

    Clockmaker Adventure 04

    She's sort of laughing, and her face is red, and she also seems genuinely shocked. She's a disconcerting effect.

    => it's a disconcerting effect.


    Random Event Revenge 6

    The "character study" option isn't aligned with it's radio button. Likely there's a line feed or carriage return character after the text for the choice, making it treated as two lines instead of one.


  16. Missing word in:


    Random Event Theft 5


    "The woman looks around and gets ready to leave the shop with [the] potion, not realizing she has been observed."




    Also noticed that the item images in stores are offset from their proper positions. Image attached below.


    merchant item offset bug.png

  17. Ok got another one:


    Clockmaker's Adventure 03:


    "I'm a student of College Mordivus," => Morvidus



    Also same-day detention bug is still there. I was assigned detention for trespassing and reprimanded for skipping detention in the same day. It didn't loop infinitely though, just a single detention message for "skipping detention". The detention didn't show on the calendar until I advanced the game until the start of the next week, and appeared to be only a single detention for both reprimands.

  18. Is this thread a good one for grammar & typos? Or should I start a new thread for those kind of minor fixes?


    In: Random Event Awesome Community 57


    2 subject-verb agreement problems:


    "The rat squeak." => "The rat squeaks."

    "The adventuress do a cartwheel!" => "The adventuress does a cartwheel!"

  19. Ah good point Schwartzbart, I hadn't cleared the cache, so that was probably the difference. Any case, unless you guys are still showing the missing Three Suns problem, after clearing my cache and trying again, this one looks successfully fixed to me. (Version still listed as 3.0.8)

  20. Hi Legate,


    I noticed that I'm not seeing the "indented 2nd column" any more after I resized the text area (edit: and apparently stealth upgraded to 3.0.8 :blink: ), so I messed around with the window size and what it looks like is: that if the 1st (indented) paragraph is long enough that it wraps into the 2nd column, then it stays indented in the 2nd column. So I don't know that I'd call it a "bug", but it does look weird. A possible fix for this would be to only indent the text around the big blue letter and not for the whole 1st paragraph (which would probably look better anyway).


    There was another possible bug that I forgot to mention when I was typing my list:

    • When advancing the adventure phase, the text page is not reset to 0.

    Although, now that I examine the text display functionality more closely, this is looking to be intentional. <_< Since what I thought was a bug, is instead looking like an intentional new approach: leaving text from all the day's events and adventure phases viewable while in event/adventure mode, and appending new text as it happens(?). So, it looks like the page position is moved to the page at which the new text is added, while adding pages for the newly added text to the existing pages...


    Hmm.... I can see the advantages of the new contiguous display style, since there was often a time in the past where I double clicked or accidentally clicked and missed some text, but with the new method (assuming that's what it is), it's hard to quickly tell where the next text is starting. The blue text on the lead paragraph helps, but maybe there could be some kind of visual divider that's different between stages and phases? Showing the choice made would also help show the chronology, and for many of the adventures the choice text is important to the flow of reading the adventure stage. Not sure how it would look, but maybe even graying out the old text a bit so that it doesn't stand out as much as the current text could help.


    So, for example:

    • Event Text [choice] result text [double line graphic] Adventure text [choice] result text [single line graphic] next phase text [choice] result text [single line graphic/current position graphic]new phase text


    A fancy line graphic would look better (search "page divider graphic" in Bing Images for some quick examples), but if a nice font is used the dividers could even be something as simple as diamonds or : "---" and "===". Additionally, keeping the difficulty color for the choice text would probably be good.


    But even if that could be done, there's probably a lot of people that would like to have a check box option: for event and adventures to be displayed in the old style (one phase at a time)...


    Ah, moving further into the realm of feature requesting as opposed to bug reporting, but if the game is generating a full log of the day's event and adventure text, it would be nice if it were saved and made accessible from the daily summary somewhere... :huh: (Though that sounds like it might accidentally break old save files...)

  21. Interesting about the error logs, sounds like the dev team might want to put a log output in the error handler for that section of the code (as long as it still pops up a warning to the user). The error handler should also force quit the app, so that user won't accidentally corrupt their saves.


    BTW, unless you re-save a corrupt load over top of your original save file (Definitely don't do that! :o ), you should be able to just exit out and reload the same save no problems. With the old version the save file itself wasn't corrupted on load, just didn't load correctly from in-game about 30% of the time once a certain file size was reached.

  22. Sure, no problem! Glad to see the crash dialogs still show up. Since as long as the user knows it happened, then it should be simple to avoid corrupting your game.


    This bug has been annoying for a long time, and by the time I get late into the game I just exit out and reload from the start screen instead of even bothering to re-load from within the game. I guess the upside is that it discourages reload cheesing late in the game... :rolleyes:


    Sounds like the team was optimistic that the re-load crash bug would go away after moving to 64-bit, but appears that it's still a problem.

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