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  1. Catalyst, when it crashed were there any dialogs that popped up? Also did you try to save again after the failed load? Normally you can just exit the program and try to load the save again when a load fails. (Loading from the start screen seems to work 100%, whereas loading while in game crashes about 30% after mid-term exams.) So I'm curious whether the save was corrupted during the load process or because you saved over it after a load partially failed. The key is to never continue after a partial load fail, but rather to immediately exit the game and load from the start screen instead.
  2. Heh, I agree, but: If the program is multi-threaded, it's not unusual to create a shared memory space between instances to check for and prevent the loading of multiple instances. So likely something in the multiple instance check is unblocking it. So not as far fetched as it sounds. I can confirm that the second instance did exit instead of loading. This is new functionality maybe because of Steam DRM preventing multiple instances, or intended design for the new UI. The old version lets you open as many instances as you desire.
  3. Thanks! Yeah, the clique bug is a show stopper for sure. Been waiting for that one to be fixed before investing time in a serious run through. Also if there's content fixes, starting a new game is probably going to be required to get the changes.
  4. Thanks, Legate. Not sure if it helps the Team, but with the "freeze on entering the last name in character creation" bug, trying to load a 2nd instance of Academagia will unfreeze it.
  5. Hi LordMonbodo, On my machine (Windows 10) the cache is located at: C:\ProgramData\Academagia ProgramData a hidden system folder so you'll have to enable hidden folder viewing in File Explorer Options: Type "File Explorer Options" in the Windows search bar (Cortana) and click on the app from the listing. Select the "View" tab, click the radio button for "Show hidden files, folders, and drives". (While you're at it, you probably want to uncheck "Hide extensions for known types" since that is just Microsoft pretending to be Apple and not show you the filename extension - which can cause you to accidentally click on virus causing executables when you don't know what the file extension is.) Edit: Whuups missed your reply. On Windows 7, I believe the ProgramData folder isn't hidden and the "File Explorer Options" is just called "Folder Options".
  6. Legate, Hopefully It's not too late, but I would recommend against adding the UI lock in the Clock portion of the UI. For UI consistency it would make a lot more sense to add it as a check box along with the other options under the Menu section. (Besides then you don't have to add new graphics for it.) I also have a suggestion that would be very helpful for people who have multiple save files during a play-through: Please add the in-game calendar date to the save file listing.
  7. Saw a recommendation posted by someone on one of the Hanako Games discussion forums on Steam back around 2014. The game's $25 price tag was a bit of a turn off at the time, but I eventually gave in and purchased it. The game is definitely worth $25 considering the replay ability and tons of content, but I think the new Steam price is helpful since it moves the game out of competition with Skyrim type titles (and the expectations that comes with such comparisons).
  8. This looks like the same thing that used to happen when it would crash while loading a save in the old version of the game. The timing being past mid-term exams does suggest that it's the same issue with increasing file size. Maybe the new version doesn't notify the user of the crash errors anymore? If so, that's really bad because you could end up with a corrupted save without noticing.
  9. Same here. I've been playing the game for about 3 years and I'd be happy to do some beta testing. 1. BTW, In character creation, the new omen Three Suns, doesn't grey out the other omens when selected, thus allowing for the selection of multiple omens. 2. Also the Astrology: Midnight option probably shouldn't be allowed in combination with Three Suns, unless the player is born at a location in which the sun is visible at midnight... 3. Graphical glitch: Select: Cast Spell or Use Item on the calendar and it will display a transparent white overlay if you don't have any spells or items available to use. The click back on Choose Action or Use Ability and parts of the list will still have the transparent white overlay. You may have to scroll up or down to see it. 4. Text display glitch: Portion of previous event or adventure shows after advance to the next phase. 5. Text display glitch: The indent for the blue large letter at the beginning of a section of text is showing up in the second column instead of next to the large blue letter. 6. Skills display inconvenience: The skills list on the left hand side doesn't "word wrap" so the level of the skill isn't displayed if the name is wider than the viewable window area. The same is true for Relationships list on the right hand side, where then names cut off if wider than the column width. Good luck on the patch.
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