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  1. I uploaded the one by Dannae on my MediaFire account: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vmn521uwfhq80he/AcademagiaCheat_110.rar
  2. Closed the game and reopened a few times, and so far no system error yet. I did just now save my game. Edit: It seems as if this was never an issue to begin with, actually. It was me being impatient and it taking a long time to load with the DLC enabled.
  3. I deleted the cache, and I am able to sit on the loading screen for 2-5 mins and it loads fine.
  4. I am able to choose which mod I want and it system errors if i tick or untick the mod. So, not even at char creation yet or in the game itself.
  5. That's the only text file in there, though. lol C:\ProgramData\Academagia on Windows 10.
  6. It's there in Windows 10 Home as well. Noice. https://pastebin.com/B5fW1rMp here's a pastebin of the crash log.
  7. I know this is an older PC, but it should be able to run this game. I get a system error when trying to start the game up. Is there a crash log anywhere to post? I also posted on the Steam forums too. Edit: I am using Windows 10 Home Edition. Edit 2: I got it working by deleting the cache, the GCC folder, and just sitting on the loading screen when selecting a mod for like..2-3 minutes or longer. Huh, weird. If I gotta clear my cache everytime, then so be it?
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