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About Me

Westfalian by origin, residence and nature.

It gives +88 on stubbornness and -10 on initiative. (Yes, I'm a GM since 16 years, why do you ask?)


What Admiral Korky thinks about different Navies:

Royal Navy: I respect them and we can merely do more than annoy the living shit out of them.

La Marine Française: I like Cognac and a cute french girl just like every civilised man. Their navy never bothered me.

US Navy: It was a joke. I heard they fixed that.

Soviet Flot: They are a shy bunch in battle, for good reasons. Always a pleasure to hit them there.

Regia Marina: Capable and this time our ally. Can't be bad. They also have really tasty food.

Nippon Kaigun: Oh boy, they have fine ships. And a lot of them. Would like to meet them more often.

Armada Espanola: They weakened themselve badly. I wonder if they will stand up to the task at hand.

Marynarka Wojenna: *laughs* Yes, they exist.

Türk Donanması: Don't know, don't care.

Koninklijke Marine: Capable seamen but a force too small to be feared. Ik hou van hen. Voor pannekoeken en genever. <3

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