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  1. Still no release date, I blame the French beta testers. Also nice seeing the US civil war still gleaming in 1939. I have to upgrade my strategic popcorn reserves.
  2. AAAAND it has arrrived! INPF 3rd Division is live! Please check the first posting of this thread, I'll add the table shortly after I posted this. With the game now in KS beta I had a bunch more Belles at my disposal, so I could make the expansion in one big swoop. Some high profile teams got thrown in there and relegation means elimination, when I finally had time to comb the wiki for all eligible Belles and build up a "bench". Because tbh three 20 team divisions is a lot of work. And with that we have real suspense, because your favourite Belle might not be included next year if she drops out of 3rd division! I'm open for suggestions for additional Belles until I post again. Enough talk. Direct matches: Saguenay 2-2 Stewart Stewart 1-0 Nashville Nevada 3-6 Arizona Verdun 0-3 La Motte Picquet Wichita 3-0 Houston Recruit 0-0 Augusta Recruit 1-0 Saguenay Aoba 1-1 Nagato INPF 1: Belfast has a mediocre run of several draws and thus Conte manages to sneak up only one point behind her with 4 matches less. Lexington does well enough to keep up with the two. Arizona, AGS and Tenryuu already loose a bit of touch with the top, but manage to shadow for now. AGS manages to overtake Tenryuu while doing so. Leni beats her sister hard, but with an overall lackluster performance, she loses contact as she leaves a lot of points out there. LMP on the other hand does the exact opposite and pulls up right next to Tenryuu for now. With SLC and Chiyoda we slowly enter the lower region of the table and both really fail to make big gains and such remain in the middle of nowhere. Moskva profits from this since apart from her defeat by her sisters hands, she does pretty well and closes the gap between her and the midfield. Houston wins only one of her encounters and thus has a hard time staying safe. Especially with Exeter behind her shooting past her and a couple others into what can be considered "safe" for now. All PK adds is sadly more matches to her counter, so she is on the opposite way. Kitakami seizes the opportunity to get a bit up by a powerful performance. Kongou and Kumano do solid performances, but are limited by the number of matches played compared to the others. They both pass dormant Algerie for now and put PK behind themselves. Verdun is stuck with a poor performance, including a defeat against LMP. INPF 2: Augusta kicks off the 2nd division with an okay increase in points. It's enough to keep the evenly okay performing Hood at bay for now. And with Saquenay also staying behind expectations it seems the top three curse of INPF 2 of last season is back. New girl Argonaut solidifies her position in the hunter group, but can't really break in. Gneisenau actually manages to ride past her in a par force ride. Aoba also shows a solid performance an ties with Gneisenau for now. Canarias also comes in at 30 points, but overtakes both by matches. Even though it#s La Palma who's on fire rn and not her. Takao has a much weaker performance and makes less gains. Scharnhorst disappoints and falls back significantly. She likely will not play any role in promotion this season. Nürnberg likewise does not big leaps. Bearn and Pola see it and close up to Scharnhorst. Behind them Zulu and Rawa settle for 15 points. Köln only manages a single win and thus falls behind a bit more, while being overtaken by Dunkerque, who closes up to Zulu and Rawa. And even Wichita overtakes Köln, together with Nagato, putting Köln into serious relegation danger. Kaga also tries hard, but has to stay down in the red zone with Köln. And at the bottom Nevada continues her lone journey. INPF 3: So what's been going on down here? Well from zero to hero shot Antoniotto Usidimare. Antonia had a prime season start and sails away with 46 points after 20 matches total. Stewart trails behind 10 full points. Behind her is another juicy 7 points gap, but with teams having played only 3 matches but earned 9 points at the bottom like Orion and the Top 3, completed by Recruit herself, all having already passed more than half the currently 36 matches season, everything seems still possible. The hunter squad for rank 3 is pretty tightly packed from Nashville over Marsellaise and Nubian having excellent chances to intercept Recruit at every opportunity. Sheffield, Southampton and Henley are also not really behind those and Shropshire might look like another contender, but she has a slightly lower 21 points score and already with 20 matches on her tab more than the Belles before her. Queen Mary, Edinburgh and Yubari ring in the lower half with 18 points each, only sorted by their match counter. Seemingly there is a gap, since the teams down here have less than 20 points, but it is deceptove, since -except for Maury- all Belles here have a significant number of matches less than those above them. This circumstance gives Maille Braize at least a secure feeling and only Maury gets a bit nervous, because 12 points at half time already is dangerously low. Cossack could in theory make this in her four matches less alone. The immediate danger zone looks like one, because Orion, Volta and Dehli have all single digit points, but they also have single digit matches under their belt. So anything goes in INPF 3 for now.
  3. Next time I'll have time again for a proper update. So in the shortest terms possible: Direct matches: Tenryuu 1-2 Takao Arizona 4-1 Nevada Maille Breze 2-0 La Motte-Picquet Maille Breze 3-2 Verdun Yubari 2-1 Chiyoda Chiyoda 2-0 Yubari Kongou 2-0 Kumano Augusta 0-2 Nashville Stewart 1-0 Atlanta Saguenay 2-1 Atlanta Saguenay 0-1 Nashville Saguenay 1-4 Lady Lex Bearn 1-2 Dunkerque Kaga 0-4 Takao Nagato 0-1 Takao Nagato 4-1 Kaga INPF 1: Lex scored 16 of 21 ponts and drops 2 places, loses table leadership; Algerie - dormant until Dec (-14); Tenryuu - 14/18 (-2); Conte di Cavour - 24/24 (+2); Belfast - 27/39 (+4;L); Arizona - 21/27 (+2); Leni - 15/21 (+/-0); SL City 12/24 (-1); Moskva - 10/18 (-2); LMP - 17/27 (+2); AGS - 19/21 (+5); Exeter - 10/18 (-1); Chiyoda - 13/30 (+3); PK - 10/21 (+/-0); Verdun - 4/21 (-4, R); Houston - 14/21 (+4); Kumano - 8/15(-1; R); Kongou - 10/15 (+1; R); Perth -dormant until Dec(-1; R); Kitakami - 12/15 (+5; R) INPF 2: Atlanta - 12/21 (+/-0, P); Hood - 16/21 (+/-0, P); Nürnberg - 7/15 (-7, P); Aoba - 13/21 (-2); Scharnhorst - 8/18 (-4); Gneisenau - 15/21 (+1); Saguenay - 18/24 (+4, P); Canarias - 13/18 (+1); Köln - 4/15 (-8); Bearn - 8/21 (-1); Pola - 7/21 (-1); Rawa - 6/9 (-2); Argonaut - 18/21 (+9); Wichita - 5/12 (-3); Takao - 16/18 (+7); Zulu- 9/18 (+3); Nevada - 1/24 (-3, R); Kaga - 5/24 (-1, R); Nagato - 6/21 (+1, R); Dunkerque - 8/18 (+4, R) If you wonder where some duelants come from: INPF 3 is full. Almost completely. But let's celebrate her launch next time properly. And the Japanese Football Association can [enter very colourful and flowery metaphors, insults and slurs] for founding the ONLY national new womens league thus making Kumano and Kongou actually disqualify. No time to explain: All Nadeshiko League teams stay for now, eventhough it got split into two divisions.
  4. @ProcyonYou should point out "August 2021" in relation to: The beta only started on August 30th. That does absolutely not devalue your input, but your last Con shows to "seasoned Alpha testers", that you haven't discovered everything withing 48hrs. And I say that because it took us a while as well to realise where you can get stuff and where you can do stuff. This game wants to be wanted.
  5. All the naval terminology you need to get started is "Besanschot an!" Most important commando of them all.
  6. And off we go. All matches since August 1st are eligible, if not stated otherwise, so today will be a potentially big kickoff. Direct Matches: Nevada 2-2 Arizona Kaga 1-2 Tenryuu Augusta 2-2 Sanguenay Aoba 2-1 Takao INPF 1: Last seasons champion Conte di Cavour starts things with a 9/12 strike. Her matchday really shows the existing imbalances in European womens football. While one of her victories is a whooping 12-0, her defeat is an also juicy 0-6. Belfast has less spectacular results, but at the end of the day she also brings home 9/12. Last seasons #3 Admiral Graf Spee however has a very busy but devastating start. She only manages to bring home 5/21 points, seriously stumbling right at the beginning. Leningrad makes her ambitions clear right from the start with a 8/12 start. Chiyoda on the other hand shows a rocky performance, losing her first two matches and thus bringing home only 4/12 for the first day. However Lexington attempts to erase the embarrassment of the US Belles from last season and sweeps through the table with a 16/18 points blow to the contenders. Arizona clashes with Nevada and has to share points with her. With two more draws and two wins, she brings home 9/15 points for a fine start. The USN Ladies Lex and Arizona make an early statement to not be push overs this time! Moskva had a quieter first matchday than most Belle who played. And of her possible 9 points, she brings home solid 6. Houston however almost entirely crash starts with only 2/15 points to show for. Tenryuu deals a blow to Kaga while cashing in very solid 10/12 points, making her an early hope for the title. Algerié finished her season just yesterday, so all her matches past the 3rd of July are a go, since that's where the last season stopped. It gives her an impressive matchcount of 10, but a comparatively disappointing score of 12 points. So she falls dormant immediately and will return in December. Salt Lake City comes into the ring and gets beaten early. 7/18 is not nothing, but clearly not what she proably hoped for. Verdun starts probably a bit too cautious. She only had 3 matches, but also only got 2 points. La Motte-Picquet makes it better than her söer and gets 5/9 points. Of the promoted Belles, Exeter makes a weird copy of Admiral Graf Spees start, maybe believing she has to shadow her. However she as well brings home disappointing 5/21 points. Parishkaya Kommuna feels a good communist shares her points and first impressions are important, so she take 3 points in 3 matches. Kumano and Kongou have another week summer break since the Nadeshiko League rests almost the whole August. And so does Kitakami in the J3 League. Perth will come in, when Algerié returns aswell in December. INPF 2: The honours of first in line falls to the freshly relegated Belles. First and foremost Augusta, who draws with Saguenay, but apart from that takes out her frustrations on everybody else to make a strong statement of 13/15 points. Lady Hood however sails a less clear course with a 9/18 booty. Wichita is probably confused about the new table or distracted by learning all the new team names. In the end she has only 3/12 points to show for. Canarias makes a solid 4/6 points start concealing her hand for now. Nürnberg and her girls make a perfect 6/6 start. Aoba also scores 6 points, but needs 3 matches for it, same as Scharnhorst. Pola bring 3/6 home, which keeps everyone guessing, I guess. Takao gets beaten not only by Aoba, but also can only catch 1 single point in 3 matches, struggling right from the beginning. Gneisenau apparently want to make sure to stay in the 2nd division and scores a tactical, but unambitious 6/12. Kaga does the opposite thing of last season, where she started very strong. Today she scuttles herself with 0/6. Bearn on the other hand sail out of the harbour with a smooth 4/9 points speed. Probably because she's the only MLS Belle, Saguenay has a busy 6 matches matchday, but makes only 6/18 points in the end, her defeat at the hands of Lady Lex is certainly not helping. Kölns girls start the season without a loss of points and 4/6. Dunkerque duels herself with Kaga to the bottom with already 3 matches and 0 points, while Nagato follows Kagas lead and does the same in her first 2 matches. The first of the newcomers, Zulu avoids joining the bottom pit just barely with a single pont in 3 matches. And a big day for Rawalpindi! While she was on the board in all three seasons, this is the first one she actually participates! And she comes in with an appropiate 3/6 start. Nevada withstands the attack by INPF1s Arizona, but after that she gets heavily shelled and this remains her only point in 4 matches. Second newcomer Argonaut follows the example of Rawa and Pola and secures 3/6 points for her very first matchday.
  7. It's been a while, but I remembered this thread because yesterday Kurt Piehl (see above) was officially recognised by his homecity of Dortmund. A square near his former home in Dortmund was named after him. In the article linked below we also learn he has actually a connection to the German Navy. To escape further troubles with police directly after the war (what's worse than Gestapo? Frustrated Gestapo after a lost war) he joined a mine clearing command in Cuxhaven. https://lokalklick.eu/2021/08/24/einweihung-des-kurt-piehl-platzes/ Behind this link several other biographies can be found. Including Heinz Stahlschmidt (see above): https://www.dortmund.de/de/freizeit_und_kultur/stadtarchiv/steinwache/steinwache_online/beitraege_so/index.html
  8. Anyone who wants to look up the teams, can take a look here and here. The new teams this season are: 1. Nevada- Las Vegas Lights FC Chosen for: Only professional soccer club from Nevada. Brief history until Sep. 1939: Founded in 2017, so none. Replaces Nevadas old club from Reno, which "moved" outside the state of Nevada. Achievements until Sep 1939: see above. 2. Zulu- AmaZulu F.C. Chosen for: Well the ship is named Zulu and from what I read the club was founded to represent Zulus in RSA soccer. Brief history until Sep. 1939: Founded in 1932, the club was introduced formerly to the Zulu King Solomon by its members. He decided the club should be named "Zulu Royals" and granted them the right to wear the Zulu shield in their logo. In 1939 the club colours are still Royal Blue and White. Achievements until Sep 1939: none on record. 3. Argonaut- Volos NFC Chosen for: The Argo left Hellas with the Argonauts from Volos to embark on her journey. And of the two known clubs, Volos New Football Club plays on a national level. Brief history until Sep. 1939: Founded in 2017, so none. By far younger, but it plays first division and for some reason this season the Hellenic 2nd isn't nationalised, but split in two. Achievements until Sep 1939: see above. 4. Queen Mary - Everton FC Chosen for: Queen Mary is registered in Liverpool. And Everton is older and closer to the port. Brief history until Sep. 1939: Founded in 1878 as St. Domingo's FC, Everton has quite a history already in English football, fit for a Queen. The original name comes from a chapel and was founded by attendees of said chapel. But in 1879 so many people from outside the chapel wnated to join, they named it after the ward the chapel was in: Everton. Their first pitch was an open field at Anfield (yes, raise your eyebrow now, if you know a thing or two about English football). Their first proper home however became Priory road, but only for two years. In 1884 Everton moved back to Anfield and turned the "brickfield into a 20.000 stand international stadium" within a decade. They stayed until 1892, when the two big shots of the club and owners of the Anfield Road estates where Everton FC played got at each other throats. Long story short: One of them created Liverpool FC to get rid of Everton and suceeded. Everton moved to their new home Goodison Park, where they reside to this day in 1939. Everton was also a founding member of the English Football League and won its first national title in 1891. The first FA Cup followed in 1906. They also won the last League in 1914-1915 before the League was suspended over the Great War. The postwar years were kind, Everton stayed in the Football League and won it in 1928 with the record scorer "Dixie" Dean, who scored 60 goals over the course of a single season. Bizzarly enough Dean also was top scorer in 1930, but Everton finished last and had to make one year in the second divison, before winning the league again in 1932 and the Cup in 1933. Dean left football behind in 1937, but Everton begins the outbreak of hostilities as reigning English champion of 1939. Fit for a Queen. Achievements until Sep 1939: Champions: 1891, 1915, 1928, 1932, 1939; Cups: 1906, 1933 (7 titles) 5. Edinburgh - Heart of Midlothian F.C. Chosen for: Heart of Midlothian is one year older than Hibernia, so they got the honours. Brief history until Sep. 1939: Founded in 1874, in fact the first club for Association Football in Edinburgh. The name was taken as a sign to be part of an older sports club of the same name and the Heart of Midlothian is a mosaic marking the entrance to the historic entrance to the munincipal jail of Edinbirgh, demolished in 1817. Hearts joined the Scottish Football Association in 1875 and was able to play in the Scottish Cup. the first golden era of the club were the 1890s, when Hearts won 4 Scottish Cups, ecame Scottish champion twice. In 1902 they managed to win the Football World Championship (only attendees: Scots and Englanders). The Great War went a bit different for Hearts players and supporters as a public campaign against football during war times led to the enlistment of 16 players and 500 supporters of the club. For more intel on what happened next, look up McCrae's Battallion of the Royal Scots, but the Hearts lost 7 first team players in the war. The postwar years have been uneventful, but safely in Scottish first division, almost winning it once. Almost. Achievements until Sep 1939: Champions: 1895, 1897; Cups: 1891, 1896, 1901, 1906; "World" Champion 1902 (7 total) 3. Antoniotto Usidimare- S.L. Benfica Chosen for: Antoniotto Usidimare was an explorer from Genoa, but he made him self a name in Lisboa for the Portuguese crown. So after some deliberation with Italian and Portuguese representatives, FC Genoa was out. Now, in Lisboa there are two famous football clubs, but as so often, one is older and thus Benfica got the honour. Brief history until Sep. 1939: Founded in 1904 under the name of Sport Lisboa. The club suffered under poor playing conditions in the early years, which led to a bitter rivalry with the better equipped Sporting club from Lisboa, which took in 7 players from Sport Lisboa in 1907 for that reason. Sport Lisboa finally became Sport Lisboa e Benfica or SL Benfica in 1908. They got their first proper pitch in 1913 and moved since then twice, but play in 1939 at the Estadio des Amoreiras. Since the start of the Portuguese League only in 1934, Benfica won it thrice from 1936-1938 and is now excited for the first Taca de Portugal, the first Cup season. Achievements until Sep 1939: Champions 1936-1938 (3 titles)
  9. Good day again, fellow captains, and again I'm back with a new season of the league. Rules are the same as last season as I figured they worked well. Each Walküre I could reasonably pin a team in a national league to, gets a place on the two tables. No one dropped out for that reason. If I could've attached more than one team I chose reasonably among the possible ones. (*still sighs at Moskva*) I will update ideally once a week (usually after Bundesliga matchdays. Yes, Bias.). Pointing is according to matchday outcome. A win gets 3 points, a draw 1 point and a loss 0. In case of equal points I will weigh in the strength of the league and if same league the actual position on the actual table. At the end of the season (I'm thinking 31st of June atm) I bring all teams up to 38. This reflects a "normal" season in worldly football and it has been proven that even this might be a bit challenging for some teams to accomplish. Teams with fewer than the quota of matches will get their missing matches filled up with the average points of their last 10 matches. This also means, teams with less than 10 matches I could find will be eliminated at the end of the season. Worst three of table one relegate to table 2 and the top three of table 2 get promoted to table 1. The first four teams I might add through new Walkürenoffenbarungen (Belle reveals) get added to INPF 2. Every other team which gets added lands on table 3. And then the league expands. INPF3 would launch after 5 teams are on it. If it maxes out, there will be a reserve pool and a relegation mechanism from 3rd division. I copied over the team entries from season 2. Applications for missed teams only via discord. Ships in Shiros magnificent list are eligible as well as newly confirmed ones, since Shiro seems a bit busy and can't update. No big changes except a bunch of new contenders, revealed by interviews (HMS Edinburgh) and that one big Update 197, New Year 2021 video, which gave us a handful of new ones. Who made it into the league? Look below to find out! Seriously: If you miss anyone, tell me below. I'm losing a bit of oversight. Belfast rule: I will count both men and women results as both teams play very little matches, but together it should be fine. Green on the INPF 1 table is champion, red is relegation. Green on the INPF 2 table is promotion, red means eliminated after season start. In both leagues blue teams have ended the season by reaching the respective match limit. Yellow teams are dormant for the time being. INPF 1: INPF 2: INPF 3:
  10. As long as the VB-beta channel on the discord does not get deleted, there's hope. Oh yes, new Belle. Personally I rule out a Soviet Belle. The written(!) accent woudl've been different probably. Or was there a famous comrade on an intelligence mission in the Imperialistic Bourgeouis center of the world at that time? So IF we stick to HMSs I would call shots on London and Glasgow. London would be funny to not be a snobbish, high and mighty Belle, but a workin' lass. Also the Communist Manifesto was published in London and the Communist Party of Great Britain (but not Northern Ireland!) was founded there. Glasgow would be the Haggis, being protective of Eddie and the CPGB won their only seat outside of Londinium. BUT if you want to go really deep down the rabbit hole: It's Z10 *laughs evil German spy laugh* And she kidnapped Eddie and will lure the Allied Belles into traps right until beta! Also: Boo! First you establish can't write long words properly. But all words as long or longer than the reference word "interwie" were spelled correctly, if I'm not mistaken.
  11. What did he call her? Croatian? And the height of a Belle seems determined by the rum consumed by the editor in chief when deciding on the matter. Or other random things. Like dice rolls.
  12. On the Belles of S.M.S. Oldenburg and Admiral Scheer:
  13. I honestly thought she was talking about Salvador Dali. Not Picasso.
  14. This is a much too short video about L 56, a Zeppelin which survived WW1. Really interesting is the mentioning of the end of it. After the scuttling of the HSF in Scapa, the ground personnell of all Zeppelins still in Germany decided to destroy the Zeppelins in their care. This was not for any reason which might be connected to the HSF motivations, but they did not want the new German Republic to be able to use them. But the idea came from the scuttling.
  15. That was a refreshing update. Dolphins, nudity, sprezzatura! I really liked it. And commanding angeloi makes you the head of a logistics company. Now could we please get to the beta?
  16. What's Achilles problem with Ephialtes of Athens? Interesting. Maybe she can be swayed to our side quite easily.
  17. Finale, oho! I hope y'all had a very nice CANADA DAY! Because today the 2nd INPF season comes to a close. Direct matches: Wichita 0-1 Houston Kumano 3-2 Kongou INPF 1: As first on foremost yankii Belle, Lady Lex starts the grand finale. She has 3 proper matches of which she manages to win two and fills her last square with a proper 2,2. This gets her to 67,2 points total and ahead on Moskva on 6th place. Algerié gets 4 points out of her last 3 matches and ends tied with Tenryuu. And with all that done, we enter the lowest region of the table, where 7 teams total have no hope of properly ending this season and they all hope for a decent modificator to wreack some havoc. Augusta ends weak. She only gets a 1,3 point mod for her last 3 matches and come to a total of 45,9points, just enoudh to secure a spot in front of Lady Hood. Arizona has an average finish with 7/12 points. But she has 12 matches to fill. But she can fill each of it with 1,6 points. And that MAKES a difference. She also ends in front of Moskva, ever so slightly with 0,2 points ahead. Wichita with 10 matches to go, she fills 4 of those under her own steam with a total blow. She ends with 0/12 points. This deals a hefty blow to her modifier. She only gets 0,3 points for the remaining 6 matches and only manages to scrape together 39,8 points total. Kongou manages to actually lose on the last match day against her direct opponent Kumano. But with getting 7 points from the other three matches, her modifier cobbles together a very respectable 1,8 points for her remaining 11 matches and she even surpasses Tenryuu with 63,8 points total. Kumano the Kongou slayerette herself starts her race from behind from the first of the dreaded relegation places. And aces the day! 9/9 points boosts her modificator to an impressive 2,4 and she has 11 matches as well to fill with it. This shoots her even past last seasons champion Leningrad! Houston kicks Wichita in the bin and relies heavily on her modificator. But she had a fair run (6/9 this matchday, stealing 3 from Wichita) and she gets a fair average 1,5 points for a total of 23 matches each. This leaves her behind Kongou, but in front of even Tenryuu. Salt Lake City from the depths of the last place and only 11 matches, one more than needed to not get auto-relegated prior to this matchday, SLC comes, plays and gets 4/9 points under her own steam. But this also means her modificator is 1,6. More than Houston. And she has even more matches to fill with it. So she safely arrives in front of Verdun, but her points gap to Houston was to great to close it with that little advantage. But it also means: Champion is Conte di Cavour! Relegated Belles are: Augusta, Hood - direct re-relegation- and Wichita INPF 2: Only Saguenay was running here in solitude and she actually NEEDS a modifier for her last match. The only New World Belle with less than 3 matches this matchday. On her own she only scores 2/6 points getting her on par with Bearn. But counting in her modifier she ends up between Kaga and Gneisenau, deep in midfield. Promotions go out to Exeter, Parishkaya Kommuna and Kitakami
  18. A sudden Gneisenau appears! Oftentimes the last thing a Morgana sees before getting blown to pieces. Her story is about her rearmament? *Kriegsmarinegasms lightly* Also curse your sudden, inevitable and foreseeable cheating, Wich of the west!
  19. Ten minute video about the uniforms of the Marinehelferinnen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKu6_EhhXp0
  20. Ten minute video about the 2cm Flak of the second U1.
  21. The season slowly comes to an end. Most Belles are now done and the rest gets until June 30th. Direct matches: Houston 1-1 Wichita INPF 1: Contes season is over and thus she comes to 32 regular matches, ending with a 12/12 matchday. Since she lost only one of her last 10 matches, she gets 2,7 points for her remaining 4 matches. Bringing her to a total of 103,2 points, thus basically winning the league! The next two finishing, exactly with 38 matches are Leni and Moskva. Both score 4 points in 2 matches and that's enough for Leni to overtake Chiyoda, who's done already. With Algerie the first Belle who has a still ongoing season comes up. She has a bad run with only 2/12 points. Hopefully her remaining three matches will be better. Of the US ladies, Lady Lex starts off with a very good 10/15 matchday, sjooting herself straight past Verdun, Algerie and Tenryuu, who she overtakes on match ratio. Wichitas ladies only manage to score 2/12 points, enough for Augusta to pass by with 6/12, but not for Kumano who stays one point behind after also scoring 6/12 points. The lower regions and the fight against relegation start with Arizona, who doesn't feel comfortable with this situation and shoots past Wichita with a nice 9/12 matchday. Her strongest so far. Kongous ladies also get her boiler going and she gets equal with Kumano, who now, despite her passable result is suddenly back in the midst of the relegation fight. Now, who thought, Perth would be a hopeless case..... she goes beserk in her final run. For her final matchday she makes kickass 15/24 point booty. This earns her a nice 1,6 mod for her last 6 matches and brings her up to solid 46,2 points and maybe safety? Houston make a 4/12 matchday, but with only 12 matches at this point she can only hope for a few good matches to push her modificator. Same goes for SL City. Who gets only 3/12. But at least now both have the minimum of 10 matches each. INPF 2: Kitakami scores 3 points on her last matchday, making her join the promotion squad as third. Aoba wins her last match and climbs past Pola and Scharnhorst. Saguenay makes 6 points in 5 matches, losing against Augusta among others, blowing her theoretical chance for promotion. She's now only in for the honour of climbing even higher. Also she's now the last active Belle of INPF 2.
  22. Oh dear, with those two in the fleet, who needs Morganas?
  23. If Baleares wasn't dead already, she would die after this of boiler explosion.
  24. I wouldn't mind having such mystery stories in the game in some capacity. Could be fun. Excellent solution to the yankii torpedo crisis: Ban torpedos for yankii Belles! There, problem solved. Beta can be announced next update. What else?
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