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  1. Anyone has a list of adventures that open up special options for other adventures? The ones I know are Tempting Signs and Welcome to the club. Also,for After Exams, when exactly is it available? I know it is after the midterm but I'm already in the 2nd week of Hionoshi.
  2. nkg114

    DLC 17 Bugs

    I don't know if it is working as intended but Startling Observation's stage 2 won't appear until you raise your relationship with Ausdauer again. Another bug is in A Book Full of Ghost's stage 3. The Gate Methods option will always fail despite being color-coded green with max skill.
  3. There is a new adventure called Special Collection where you throw a surprise party.
  4. That's indeed an odd design. Is there anyway I can restart it? Maybe with a mod or something.
  5. I seem to have problem with this adventure ending prematurely in the 1st phase. Success at "Tought it out" immediately ends the adventure, instead of continuing like what the wikia suggests. Is this actually working as intended?
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