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  1. To quote Stephen King : "Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane" But a man can dream, oh a man can dream
  2. I think they need to include - rekindled hope that year 2 will be coming- line on the patch notes.
  3. I'm going in blind my first run. Yes I have screwed some actions up but oh well it is the part of learning. Yeah it is unfortunate that people will expect hand holding. I am happy at least the tutorial points you in the right direction without being too obvious. From what I have seen so far it fits to what you are doing. I also wouldn't save scum regardless and just role play. Probably when I exhausted most of the content I will try and google stuff or do some min-max runs.
  4. A part of me wants to believe that this steam release is a way of getting ready for year 2 but I am just being hopeful. It looks pretty bleak that a lot of people will be getting this since it could easily be dismissed as just another one of the steam Visual Novels that are in abundance. It is unfortunate that you rarely find games as complex and as interesting as this one nowadays. Heck I can only imagine people grabbing this and trying to blast through the "tutorial" only to find that what awaits them are more texts. This game is a masterpiece. Like a beautiful pick your own adventure game and there aren't any that I am aware of that offers something similar or close to it.
  5. So I think I stumbled upon this game way back on gamersgate but for some reason I never really took a shot. Fast forward many years later, it showed up on steam and my gf gave me a steam card. Got the game and I must say the last time I remember doing was purchasing and installing the game then the next thing I knew it is 5:30 in the morning and I need to sleep. I must say that I am loving it but I got one thing that really bothers me. Year two. I guess if the setting is something like lets say you as a young adult then use those skills as an adult in a specific profession in the wizarding as the steam video have shown Orsi's life then that is fine but the thought of being a first year forever kinda makes me sad. Oh well, I'll just enjoy the whatever the game offers then and hope and pray to every deity I know that year two will be released. I might buy a copy or two for some friends then from time to time give a random steam friend a copy of the game just like what I did with Terraria before. To wrap things up, consider yourself having a new loyal fan. I love every minute of the game so far
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