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  1. If you're still handing out Christmas presents links. I'd like one too, please.
  2. Is the crafting system also going to get an overhaul? As it is now, it doesn't seem to be terribly useful/intuitive to me, which is especially sad for all my Vernin students.
  3. That's kind of strange, but can't be helped then. I guess it still might be the easiest way if you do the adventure early when your attributes aren't that high yet and are willing to reload a few times to make sure you fail the check. You might not get the most out of the adventure, but even failing the previous checks won't end it and you will continure to advance. So, you should probably be able to fail the riding check after a few tries and get what you want.
  4. The Cloudy Skies adventure has a riding check if you tag along with Orsi to stop the evil wizard. Failing or passing a skill check should also inform you of a skill, right? And the adventure is also fairly easy (and done in just one day ) , so I guess doing it early should be possible.
  5. I don't know if it's new, but I think there's a minor bug with the display of skill maxima. I had Negation Spells at the skill maxima at 11. Then I cashed in a favor with Orsi and expanded the skill maxima by one. However, clicking on the skill still told me that the skill was at the maximum at 11. I could still normally train the skill to 12, but now the game tells me that I'm just one skill step away from 13. xD Though I can't actually train the skill anymore, despite what the game tells me. And in the Random Event MKA - Miya - Makeup it says (Character)Character/Female/Selection/Miya Hikari instead of just her name,
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