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  1. Definitely a different bug Rydenius - I should have mentioned that loading from the main screen doesn't have any effect. Once the load bug kicks in it permanently bugs the save file! Your right, it doesn't quite make sense
  2. Oh and nothing new and interesting in the error logs. It looks like it's loading fine and then... nothing.
  3. Happened again - and again. The issue definitely occurs when loading. I was loading a save when I lost all skills as per the original issue with no error messages. I thought that's ok - I've got another save. Loaded that one fine, got reprimanded for trespassing and loaded again to have the same bug occur! About the same time as last time - week 20. Bugger, looks like I'll never finish the game! I could go back *another* week
  4. No worries - I've been using Mikka's guide quite a lot but I just needed a chart that I can find relative difficulty/time for adventures without checking every page to get a feel. Mikka's has great summaries but it isn't sorted by difficulty. This chart I just sort by the average values and number of stages (however dubiously accurate they might be!). Not a replacement for his guide, just a tool I put together for my use and thought to throw it up for the community
  5. Hi All, I got a bit frustrated jumping between wiki articles to figure out what my next adventures should be (and of course whether they are achievable/worthwhile/long!). I had a few hours to crack at work so I put together a script which scraped the data I was looking for off the wiki into a table. It turned out alright and I thought some people might get some good use out of it as well so I made a page for it here. If you would like to see any changes to the content let me know.
  6. Honestly I don't recall for the original issue. I do have annoying dialogue pop ups like this occasionally... The game doesn't crash immediately or freeze, so if I'm saving I let it go to completion then go through the dialogue(s) until crash and restart. So far no corruption if I just play it cool I don't believe I've ever had a crash on a load from the main screen, but yes I've definitely observed crashing when loading in the game itself. I really appreciate the input Rydenius, thank you!
  7. Email sent! Thanks everyone for your input :-) I couldn't resist and did another game (went a lot faster this time!). The save file was corrupted on a crash during save - just like you mentioned Rydenius. I'm not sure if it's the same issue but I also included that save file and the log. Once again, thanks everyone :-)
  8. Hi All, Sorry if this has been reported before but I've got a reoccurring issue that I could use some help resolving and I haven't been able to find any other references to anything similar here on the forums. All the items from the 'Skills & Research','Magic' and 'Clique' windows are missing... On experimentation the 'Clique' tab is refreshed if I causes a change in a relationship with correct values. And the 'Choose an Action','Cast a Spell' and 'Use Ability' display incorrectly... Strangely the 'Use Ability' is unaffected. All other windows display correctly. Any skill increases display as 0 + the increase. Fortunately the last action I had programmed was for an adventure so I can demonstrate what it looks like afterwards... I believe the skills are registering and not displaying because the abilities and adventures appear the same colour code, however going through a couple of test adventures the skills feel weaker and might be relying on attributes. I'm about 3/4 through the year so I've had enough attribute increases to make it ambiguous. I've done all of the troubleshooting steps from the thread, including reinstalling the game, clearing the cache, etc. Because this was the second time this occurred I kept a save between weeks. Loading the previous save caused the same issue as the latest one (!) I thought I would be clever and delete the log so that I can recreate the issue to isolate an error, but that was a bad move because now I've got a mostly empty log without errors. From memory there was an error message in there (I'm an idiot, should have just renamed to a backup). This is a steam copy on a Win 10 machine. Creating a new game does not have any display issues. Other than this I've had only other small minor bugs that I'm sure everyone has. The frustration is that this is the second time this has occurred and after the many many hours I've put into the game I'm hesitant to try again, at least until I can be sure that I'm not wasting my time. So, any thoughts?
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