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  1. The link to Freespace's Guidebook seems to be dead; does anybody have a copy they'd be willing to share/re-upload?
  2. Hence why I said "near enough" 50/50. Also, as you demonstrate, as we increase the resolution (by which I mean the amount of possible numbers we can generate between one integer and the next) towards infinity, our probability of success will invariably tend towards 50/50. Not only that, but since the minimum number you generate is 0 and the maximum will always be even (being 2 times your attribute), you will always have an odd number of possibilities - so either you will never have a black check, or it has to class scenarios like this where you are required to role equal to your attribute or higher as the black check. Assuming that the dice is in no way weighted - which they may well be.
  3. Is the die roll actually linear? Also the wiki seems to indicate that you can roll fractions which (assuming there's no rounding and it's a simple check to see if you beat the target number) would, I think, be enough to put it near enough 50/50 even if linear.
  4. Was there a time before the coming of the dragons? Do the Dragons have a language (or do they communicate magically), and if so does this language bare any relationship to Elumian.
  5. What is the official language of Strozza? Renaglian? Which is the lingua franca of Elumia, Oncestrian or Renaglian? I know everyone speaks Renaglian and calls it "Imperial Elumian", but seeing as your in the capital of Renaglia they may be slightly biased.
  6. Just began a series of five test games - steam, first touch of summer DLC; default class and classes, only BP spent in the Heritage Background. None of the test games began with any of the language skills or any of the languages informed.
  7. Apologies if this is the wrong board, it seemed the most apt. I've seen it mentioned that your background heritages can effect the summer holiday and lead to travel times (implying that people with heritage are from that area - not just descended from peole from that area.) If this is the case, why don't the heritage backgrounds give you any skills in those regions native languages?
  8. I guess part of what I'm asking with this question is are certain spells - such as Beginner's Delving - beyond a Dragon's grasp. With spells like Cleanse and Remake I can understand, dragons do not seem to possess the piety that would be fundamental to that spell. But Beginner's Delving only requires (in game) knowledge of negation to learn and cast. So is there something inherit to that spell (and spells like it) that make a dragon incapable of casting it, or is it merely classified as an astronomy spell due to it's divination properties? Of course, this seems like the kind of question that may not have a known in universe answer. Would I be correct in assuming studying dragon-lore would been seen as potentially suspect? After all, my understanding is the populace at large prefers to believe the dragon threat defeated - so would be less inclined to see you as someone searching for weakness in humanities' enemies and more inclined to see you as a potential cultist or sympathizer. Edit:- For a new question I though of As a follow up to Schwarzbart's question a few pages back. As Arithmancy is a relatively new art, it was presumably also not taught by the dragons. Additionally whereas Astrology is though to be a method by which the Old Gods communicate with mortals, some believe that the New Gods communicate with mortals via arithmetic. And - while my knowledge of in game Arithmancy is limited - in the real world it was a form of divination. Given these similarities (and that numerology is already considered astrology) would Arithmancy simply be considered to fall under the pillar of Astrology?
  9. Could a dragon learn\cast Astrology? Or - seeing as the old gods are believed to be the force behind it - is it's practice entirely anathema to their nature? What is the dragon's relationship with the gods? Do they practice any religion of their own, or do they merely view themselves as top of the food-chain? How fundamental/universal are the different spell schools? I seem to recall a pheme being reclassified from mastery to a different school, which suggests there may be an arbitrary element to the schools.
  10. Keep it, but force Schwarzbart to forever toil in the 'compiled information' threads. Plus three hundred and twenty six pages of questions being described as 'a few' helps clue people in to what kind of time-scale SoonTM operates on.
  11. I was that person and Metis was the answer-er. An attribute of 1 being average and 10/11 being 'journeyman' level, combined with the difficulty of many checks, does explain why the world needs prepubescent adventurous children to solve all their problems for them.
  12. As much as I love the game, it's desperately in need of a sort/search function (or having the wiki and a notepad open somewhere). If the steam crowd enjoy the game enough to come to the official forums, I don't think they'll be put off by the layout. A layout that isn't even noticeably worse than a million other forums. And out of interest, is there any plans to have a search/sort function in Year 2? The ability to sort my actions/abilities for ones which reduce stress, or to be able to simply search for a certain subskill to find out what skill it's under (as opposed to using the wiki, or manually clicking through them all) would be a massive QoL improvement.
  13. People don't tend to do things for no reason and if websites never got updated we'd be stuck in a hell of GeoCities and dancing baby gifs. Just you wait and see, come the next change you'll be talking about how great this layout was
  14. They're all listed in Mikka's rather excellent adventure guide on the wiki, but for reference they are:- A Meeting at the Tavern In Search of Rumors of Pirates A Note From the Headmaster Academagia Under Attack A Reward for a Job Well Done There's also "Just Going About Your Buisness" which seems to be unlocked by completing one of the main adventures. EDIT: Ninja'd by thezooqueen
  15. Since we're all talking classes, do we have a clue which (if any) of the year 1 courses have the potential to be a full five year courses?
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