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  1. I will keep an eye out, if it reappears I will be sure to send both the log and the previous save file (since I save every day). I also sent a few more information by mail, not sure if it helps at all.
  2. Hello. This just occurred to me and to be honest it's quite vexing. I am after midterm exams, and all my skills, spells, relationships are gone. Just as the screenshots in the first post. The clique is ok though, which makes no sense since the relationships do not show up in the relationship screen. I use rolling saves, one for each day. All 7 of them are bugged, I assume the bug occurred and everything I saved afterwards got corrupted. I saw no popups though. This is not a display bug. Not only a lot of actions now show up red difficulty instead of blue or green like it was before. The game seems to have lost track of everything I did. For example, I now have the "Tidy the library of Longshade" action available, which I obviously did months ago. I tried uninstalling and purging all files in programdata and in the steam folder, but to no avail. This also mean I do not have a log, unfortunately, I did not think of saving it. I doubt there's anything that can be done, so I'll have to restart from the beginning. I'm still posting just in case. I'm going to send one of the bugged savegames, so it can be investigated. This is definitely a bug that should not stand.
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