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  1. Yes that was my issue, thanks a mill! Everything is working now.
  2. Sorry if this sounds dumb, but how do I find the cache file(s)? I can't find a file labelled cache or CacheV3 anywhere :/ EDIT: I tried viewing hidden files in my academagia folder C: Programsx86/Steam/steamapps/common/Academia The Making of Mages --> still no luck finding any files labelled as "cache" files..
  3. Hey I just bought this game on steam today, and each time I've tried to start a new game I get the message "System error has occured. Application will now exit." I've tried running the game as administrator from the .exe file in my programs file. I then tried to delete (uninstalled on steam and manually deleted all files) and re-download the, game still not working. I tried deleting the .config file, it also made no difference. My computer is running on windows 8, has 6 GB RAM, i7 processor...
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