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  1. I was going to support Köln this week, but considering the situation with Salmon... I vote for Salmon again!
  2. What Ok are you talking about? Ok "Good" or Ok "Meh..." I also want to play Grand Order...
  3. I mention Koln and all of a sudden Koln gets votes! Did everyone forget about her until I mentioned her or what it just a coincidence?
  4. Thinking about it, we only have 4 confirmed belles left to interview... Wonder what will happen after those 4 are elected... Will interviews stop until beta launch? Or will voting be blind? Just say a ship commissioned before September 1939 and hope it has a Belle that can be interviewed! Voting will really be a gamble then!
  5. Koln or Salmon, really hard choice... Oh well, I go with Salmon again this week!
  6. In other words, it's going to be a Kickstarter extension goal... Jajaja! Ok, no... I really hope they implement the encyclopedia later, meanwhile, in going to search what the hell is a knot...
  7. As always, excuse my ignorance, even more in something that relates to the very essence of the game itself, but... Will the game contain some kind of encyclopedia of naval terms, perhaps also ship parts, and all of that? I don't even know basic naval terminology in my native language so in english I don't even want to imagine...
  8. Crowd? I think it's more of a legion considering everyone except 4 have voted for her... Jajaja! Can't wait for Orion's interview next week!
  9. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau 10/10 Need them both in my fleet...
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