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  1. Hey, I have also run into this bug(academagia installed via steam), and luckily i have unbugged save file and bugged save file that are 19 minutes apart.(18.6.2017 07:19:49pm save functional and 18.6.2017 07:38:42pm is bugged). Do you want those files sent? I've backed up those saves and will try to pinpoint the bug a bit more by following the same actions, hope it will show up. Edit: Just took a closer look and it's a lucky day. Those saves are one day apart. Unbugged save is Hionosi 21, Bugged save is Hyonosi 22 Edit2: I've just went the same way as before(luckily i still remember my choices in two adventures) and the bug did not show on new save file. So either it's a machine in the ghost or it was caused by random event(really don't know which though) i had that day. Have a nice day
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