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    that makes perfect sense; I was wondering how I was going to hold onto those cards for long enough that such a high value would actually be useful (especially on Easy mode!) - and of course if I get them as soon as they're available, they accumulate far faster than I can raise Dream ... which makes it harder and harder to pull off some of the other capers ...
  2. Desiderastus


    whoa! I thought getting both Charm and Wits to 100 was supposed to be tricky - how can all 4 of the basic Types get there with the limited number of early +10 bonuses? And you can get the whole Dream suite to 100 by then? whew! the one thing about Poker I just noticed is that its Inspirations have a hefty General boost across all levels - even with no Poker skill at all, you'll get a +4 ... But even so, that would only be invaluable for a very obscure type of playthrough, or a No-Save run where you never 're-roll' your Inspiration draws And the early-peak-Stress strategy would almost certainly kill any shot at Dream of Family 100 - but could work well with a romance?
  3. Desiderastus


    oh, is that what accounts for the 15/121 unattainable endings? Then shouldn't there be a number above 15 while there are still unacknowledged/unconfirmed/unfixed problems with, e.g., getting Ahmose or Sterling to 100?
  4. Desiderastus


    aslee4's advice (ramp up Stress early, for the sake of Expansion, while most difficulties are low) seems pretty useful, though; of course it depends on whether one is going for specific achievements or a flawless Dream or whatever; but the earlier one Expands Dodge or Moxie, for example, (a) the sooner one can be racking up more powerful and versatile Inspirations and (b) the less Inspiration will be needed when one comes across a Dodge or Moxie Obstacle. It seems like a worthwhile experiment, especially with test-saves for broken Driven (or any playthrough that isn't heavily dependent on perfect capers or red-gate Obstacles). (as an aside - I think I've decided to go for my first Last of the Keatings on my first Hard mode playthrough. Worth it?)
  5. Desiderastus


    EDIT: oops, I misread an old comment and issued something of a 'correction' that was, in fact, not a correction at all. Regarding Inspiration cards with boosts for more than one Skill: I'll be working on a comprehensive cross-reference at the wiki. Someone already built tables of all the cards you can get from non-caper activity; to that we'll add any specialized, caper-reward cards, and lists of where else a specific skill's boosts can turn up both inside and outside of the skill's Type suite.
  6. Desiderastus


    Clicking Sadie's face will also resume an Adventure chain if you were just on one, which (a) is good to avoid [accidentally repeating a stalled Red Obstacle when you haven't trained, rested, and/or stocked up on inspiration yet] (b) mitigates the hunting for which part of the map a given Adventure shifts around to
  7. Is there not a sticky of typo reports? (Since I have a copyeditor alter-ego, I was going to ask a few questions about protocol here, then figured they'd get answered if I poked around the support forum. But I'm not seeing any clear repository of typo reports over there, and a search only turns up uses of the word 'typo' in scattered posts.)
  8. lazytimes - just gonna c&p this from the wiki: I stumbled into Academagia because my latest favorite "p&p" RPG is Ars Magica, and I somehow managed to hear about a Kickstarter for Black Chicken's Schism War project - while it was still open! Tragically I was without any funds whatsoever and could not bring myself to impose on my then-fiancee's benevolence any further than I already had been. (It's hot air now of course, but I swear I would have put $1000 towards the project if I could have! I was also embarrassed and annoyed that I didn't even have any social contacts who were fellow fans of ArM - the only people I had ever begun a campaign with (in college) had disappeared from my life before there was even a 4th Edition, let alone 5th...) I was even too poor to afford Academagia for at least a couple of years after the heartbreaking shortfall of said project, and became distracted by the semi-dreaded Mundane World for a time. Then once I did have a steady income, I began the laborious process of padding my Steam account with hundreds of games that had 'fallen through the cracks' of my awareness/experience over the vagaries of the last two decades or so. Just after quitting my most recent job and relocating overseas to help family, I was reminded of this beauty during Steam's summer sale. And here I am. Still haven't finished Year 1, as one of my worst gaming weaknesses is addiction to character creation at the expense of serious character development Cheers!
  9. Greetings 'n' salutations. Here's a married boy, approaching middle age, with a decades-running addiction to RPG character design and intricate replay value -- i.e., this is one of my dream games. Raised in Seattle and a few bits of Australia, I'm currently staying with retired parents in Queensland. The short story is that of an over-educated (in the sense of not having applied most of my learning/training in any professional capacity) and underemployed (in the sense of indecision and non-careerism) mope, low on ambition and high on escapism, but with an expanding curiosity about "the real world" (particularly neuroscience) over the last decade. Cheers! P.S. Judging by the fact that this window has consistently had one tab devoted to these forums and three tabs devoted to the Wikia site, I'll probably be found 'over there' more readily than 'here' for the time being.
  10. I don't know if the query was limited to already-begun campaigns -- or how new this background is (I have only recently started playing the Steam edition, and always with Touch of Summer) -- but one other trick is to spend a Background Point on Academy: Blackheath (+1 to Concentration, Persuasion, Riding, and three Glamour subs).
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