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  1. TA0321~

    Pledge Sale

    Black Chicken Studio was the one who told me it would only be possible once the Beta had started on Kickstarter, so how exactly was I supposed to transfer it before then? In any case, I'm just pawning off my Kickstarter account at this point since I don't have any use for it.
  2. TA0321~

    Pledge Sale

    Hot damn, 4+ years just to get to closed beta. Trying my luck again to see if anyone wants this.
  3. TA0321~

    Pledge Sale

    It's a fresh new year, and hey there's a Beta date now! Here's hoping they actually stick to it. If anyone's looking to take over, this is still open.
  4. TA0321~

    Pledge Sale

    Probably not helping my case for a sale, but lawd.
  5. TA0321~

    Pledge Sale

    Aw yeah, another year, and no real progress to be seen. Anyone want to jump on this ship and take my place?
  6. TA0321~

    Pledge Sale

    Wowee, over a year. Might as well do the good old necro. Though given progress, I suppose it's wishful thinking someone will take this up.
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