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  1. Unfortunately in my case, I'd had to abandon that email a while back, so I didn't really have any options when a harddrive failure took a chunk out of my game collection, and I couldn't find a way to actually change the email attached to my BMT purchases. It's mostly water under the bridge now, since I've been able to rebuy every game I lost in one manner or another. But I have taken to preferring Itch.io first and Steam second, as in both cases keeping my accounts just came down to changing the email attached to the account before I had to abandon it. DRM-free for me is a nice feature to have, as I do spend a lot of time gaming in places without internet access, but as far as DRM goes, Steam's is both reasonably unintrusive thanks to offline mode, and reasonably circumventable if for any reason I had to remain offline too long for that to work. I mostly just asked because just because I can work around steam's problems, doesn't mean I wouldn't prefer to not have to...although, pushing a drm-free version to steam would also be pretty cool, whether it was instead of or alongside an itch.io release.
  2. I'm curious though.../is/ there any chance of an itch.io release? Itch.io as a platform to promote your games is a crapshoot, I know, but...looking at it as just a game vendor, it's pretty much the only option that's drm-free, allows anyone to post a game on it, and most importantly as someone who's had issues getting games back a couple years after getting them off BMT due to their download limitations, allows you unrestricted downloads of purchased content so long as you link your purchase to an account. I mean, I'll admit I bit the bullet and grabbed the game on steam a couple years back, but if it were to be launched there, I'd rebuy it in a heartbeat.
  3. Having had this issue before myself...I'd suggest flat out restarting-a complete reinstall of the game, at least for me did get saves for that character I hadn't opened after the crash working again, but they tend to just corrupt again at a later point since you can't really change mods mid-playthrough and I imagine import into year 2 would prove extremely dodgy when the time comes, even if you successfully got through year 1.
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