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  1. Just to help temper my expectations. This Friday is a "quiet" one from the team, and then next Friday will also be silent because of the holiday correct? So next update should be hitting our shores on December 6th? Here's to hoping it will bring some seasonal gifts a couple weeks early.
  2. Although such a thing would be nice to have implemented into the UI for the beta, that wasn't really the nature of my request. If you can format that battle log into something that any of us on the forums could read and follow along with, without using too much of your time or resources, I believe you should. Posting the battle log after each of the Fleet Problems could only help those of us who are interested in the specifics of each battle that could be easily missed by just watching them visually.
  3. I don't recall anyone specifically asking about this in the voting thread for FP #2, which seemed to be the general thread for FP #1 reactions and questions as well, so I'll ask it here. Is the post battle log you've mentioned already in the game? If so do you think it would be possible to post the log in whichever thread pops up for the relevant FP after one gets created? Or post it yourself when you create the next voting thread for FP #3? It would be nice to see the breakdown of what happened in more detail, and might clear up or bring to light some questions people ask.
  4. My biggest hope is that BCS makes enough off this game after launch to go back and pay all the VAs to voice every line in the game. All fourteen billion that the writing team will have managed to cram in by the time the game goes live. VB anime when? Loved the update, what a wonderful event to bring in the fall with. I wouldn't expect anything less from the Japanese Belles. Definitely fall into the "quiet reflection" camp when it comes to this season. Lots of reading and listening to the rain. Put me down for option four if you would.
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