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  1. I wish that they would make classes more worthwhile. Or at least make it so that there was some skill to get more out of classes.
  2. I have read about people doing some fairly awesome things in this game however I am wondering just how much can be done assume alot of optimization. Let's say someone wants to make the best possible save file for year two. Is it possible to have... At least 6 in every stat. At least 10 in every skill. All adventures completed And at least a score of 120 in every class. Has anyone managed to do all of these? Is there enough actions in the year to do it? Is it at least possibile in theory with perfect RNG? How many actions are there in a year in total? How many skills total? Match wits with the emperor sphinx gives 3 skill steps per action and most skills can be reduced to 1 skill step per level. So on average assuming perfect RNG the number of actions needed to bring all skills to 10 should be ((number of skills total)*10)/3
  3. That is why I feel that there should be a system to randomly generate characters. Less load on the designers.
  4. They are not named. I don't think that they are simulated. Actually I kinda wish the class would be randomly generated. It would mean that the devolpers would not have to spend at much time making the whole class and would increase replayability.
  5. How much can much can mods effect the game? I would love to replay Academagia with more Polyhistor themes. Such as all classes being completely optional, but helpful for the exam and you can get more out of them with more skill. Also more competition in the school over exam scores. Students being willing and able to kill over them.
  6. It would be nice if the game simulation included upper years. After all that is where you would expect most of the bullies to come from.
  7. Honestly, I feel like they should not make Y2 as a continuation of Y1, but instead as a replacement for Y1 that happens to go on for two years. They are not going to get many new players if all players have to be gated though Y1.
  8. I would like it if there was a skill that allowed you to get more out of classes. For example if classes gave you more bonuses if your study habits we're good. I would make an academic build much more rewarding and satisfying.
  9. Honestly I feel like Y2 should not be a continuation on Y1, but should instead be made as a replacement for Y1 that happens to go for two years. If all new players for year 2 have to be gated though Y1's clunky interface then Y2 is not going to be very successful.
  10. I found Academia after following the quest Polyhistor academy and wanting a video game like it. Actually I think that Academia could learn alot from Polyhistor academy. It manages to deal with many of weakness that plague Academia very well. It manages to avoid the grind by having well defined time skips. I also increases player investment by actually making the exams matter. Also the students in Polyhistor are far more incentivised to interact with each other which seems Important in a school simulator. I know that I being critical, but really it seems to me that Academia is a great game that could use some help.
  11. It has to do with the fact that people are willing to go to extreme lengths to get magic. All of the murder Hogwarts were set in a mostly modern world where magic is rare. Also the power gained from being a powerful mage makes money sort of trivial. Just about any graduate can turn straw into gold and plenty of other get rich tricks. However it is more that being a mage can get you all sorts of things that money can't buy. Also the mages that don't make the cut are a valuable resource.
  12. Murder Hogwarts are not that uncommon a theme. I have found about 5 stories featuring them. Usually they use the justification that magic requires genuine danger and stress to learn and get go at. It is like if you imagine that the XP leveling system from killing things in many video games was taken to it's logical conclusion.
  13. Oddly enough in Polyhistor Academy freshman year tends to have a 50% casualties rate as well. Of course they are only a 4 year school. But they hardcoded it so even mods can't do it?
  14. In the current version is it possible for a student besides the player to be expelled?
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