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  1. Thanks! Where can I contact BMT to do this?
  2. So, I have an older co-worker who is a big fan of Harry Potter, and I thought that this would be a thoughtful Christmas gift to give him a copy. However he's an older guy, and isn't going to install steam. I was wondering if I there was a way to get a physical copy, or even make one, by downloading the game with a download code onto a USB and giving it to him. Please let me know if there's any such option available.
  3. Hi from the conversations on the board I figure that you are a developer. I am looking to give the game as a gift to a co-worker of mine. However they are an older guy who doesn't have (and probably won't download) steam. Is there a way to buy a download code, or better yet a physical copy of the game?

  4. Cool, all good to know, currently I've been focusing on skills that I have some way of leveling multiple subskills at once with, like the Religion subskill and the Temple of Iudocia, or Glamor and the teacher's podium. Is there such a place for Explore? Or even a place I can train explore subskills along with others, or is longshade the best place? Also why is study totally unrelated to things like 'theory of incantation'? That seems weird.
  5. So, a few questions. I take it selective focus is a high-end ability from concentraction, but what is a training modifier? Is it the number of 'steps' needed to level a stat? Is it governed by the associate attribute? What is longshade? Is there no place to gain multiple subskills for explore?
  6. So I just completed the Request a Meeting with you Mentor set of quests, but now I'm stuck at a pretty hard stop where my only 2 choices are to levels exploration, which I want to do, but don't really have an efficient method of leveling, or level scouting which is way easier as a single stat, but seem way less useful. How is there a better way to do this, and how can I efficiently level my explore skill?
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