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  1. In the spirit of exploring the possibility... What coding languages and other prerequisites would be required to work on Y2? Recognizing the need for discretion regarding estimated programming man-hours remaining, is there any other community-accessible information about Y2 that may impact our assessment of the hiring market?
  2. A pleasant day to you, Legate. Coding is a time-intensive endeavor and requires a skill-set that is often expensive to outsource. Based on your previous remarks, it would appear that is the primary hurdle hindering the release of Year 2. Logically, this would be overcome through the allocation of more time - unlikely, given that updates related to Victory Belles are regularly posted on Facebook - or of more programmers. Given that the community surrounding Academagia appears to be rather invested in the release of the next installment... would Mr. Sawh and the remainder of the team be amenable to the addition of a contracted - or volunteer - programmer for dedicated work on Year 2? Presuming that the contractual expense was offset by crowdfunding or voluntary man-hours, of course. This would give the community an outlet through which they could directly affect the game's progress in a positive manner without BCS incurring significant expense or opportunity cost.
  3. I'm given to understand that I am a few days late to the party, but I would appreciate a link as well, Legate.
  4. Good evening, all. I have played Academagia for some time, and am quite pleased with the game. Like many here, I am partial to roleplaying games of various kinds. I generally do not engage on forums such as this, but in this case I have made an exception. I look forward to discussing the world that the developers and this community have created.
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