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  1. Lets hope year 2 will make crafting a rewarding and interesting mechanic. It would be very cool to create your own items etc. I also hope year 2 will allow more interaction in a class period. Rather than just a plain summary at the end of the day, actually involve using or practicing skills you learn in that class.
  2. Most excellent I will have to try and get some extra credit from Botany class. I also took Negation as a class, so this would be cool Is there a path to achieve this or is it a reward tied to an adventure where botany skills are needed and you have success in that adventure?
  3. Hi all. I am interested in starting some form of crafting in the game to make my own items, potions, food etc. I have some points in random skills that appear to be crafting orientated, like brew, cooking, forge etc. As I already have points in these skills I thought It would be a good fun to try out crafting. Does anyone know of a comprehensive guide to crafting to help me get started?
  4. Is there any connection between stores and classes or adventures? For instance, will there come a time that I will be informed I need Item x from store x to complete a class assignment or progress further on an adventure? I Now know of 2 shops and a catalog. Some items I have seen seem to give attribute boosts etc (these seem to be very costly and out of my reach), but other items I have seen, well I'm not quite sure why you would want them unless for some experiment or other use I have not yet learned of, or crafting. How important is it to discover as many stores as possible? Also, is there a way to tell what items are illegal on campus? I acquired some Caramel Chews that can reduce a little stress from an adventure. Are they permitted for me to carry as a food item or should I store them in my wardrobe? Cheers
  5. Many thanks. I did not know that classes where tied to unlocking adventures
  6. Many thanks, dyrhet. Are these adventures tied directly to attending zoology class, or are they random? Or are they part of the adventure action?
  7. Sorry about that. I did look and was reading some of the discussion but missed the download link.
  8. Sounds really good. Would you have a link to the mod and how to install it, please?
  9. Despite my fear of breaking my game, I'm intrigued by your mod. So the mod makes all class study periods worth attending my giving more rewards on the classes that may give a single skill step but appear to give nothing?
  10. Many thanks. But what is the above? Chemaire and Kaliri?
  11. Many thanks. Ill have a good read up on it. One thing though, these catalogs that have been mentioned, I don't seem to have access to them. Do I have to discover the catalog?
  12. Many thanks, maybe ill avoid skipping class in future. There seems to be plenty of free time to raise skills, adventure, explore etc. If I don't "Need" to skip classes in order to improve my abilities id rather not
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