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  1. Honestly, I just used the various libraries for that. I think I picked alch + calligraphy so I could just spam the library and kill 2 birds with one stone. Issue I found tho was classes like Botany, Athletics, Incantation, Music, and to a lesser extent, Revision (due to it getting so many level ups from random events) are just far easier to level then most of the others. Of course I am still exploring still. History has become a new must have now that I know you get items from it
  2. A good observation, but no, that is not what is going on here. I have another action saved for the save, not even a spell, so I need to select the spell and the phemes I wish to use for every test.
  3. Well I tried casting a water spell and attaching a fire pheme to it and the whole spell failed since the water spell needs a water pheme (and its auto added) but then that pheme is canceled out due to fire being added. I just tried it again on a new spell. This time the fire did damage...but it hit several random targets instead of my intended target. Something is really off here... The spell that I used just now and it worked on was trip. The spells I used before where snowball (fail due to water type) and the gate spell that summons bees. I also tried another spell but I dont remember what it was. I am going to reload and try to re create this same situation again. Edit: Attempting to cast it after a reload resulted in the pheme not working at all again. I will attempt to lower the number of times I added the pheme to see if that has anything to do with it. Edit2: Attempted to do it several times, ranging from 9 to 1 pheme, some with stress added, and others without. I have been unable to get it to work at all again. Nothing different has been done from the one time it worked up to now save the fact that the first time it worked was when I booted the game up. This is looking like a bad bug, possibly related to steam somehow.
  4. Ok I have another question about phemes. I am trying and trying on different spells to add the fire pheme to do extra damage, but unless its just not telling me its doing it, only the spell effect is applying. Could someone please explain why the fire pheme is not doing its damage?
  5. So...fun fact. There seems to be a very small chance to fail at a task, even if you have more then the required skill (not counting attributes). I just failed at an impress with charts and graphs which has a dc of 8 while my skill is 10. This adds a bit more wonder to how things are rolled. Interesting.
  6. If that is the case, why was the spell blue to cast, but all the phemes where green? I recommend a difficulty adjustment for when you go to confirm your actions for the day to be shown as a quality of life improvement if it works that way Also...one more question related to phemes - do any give permanent skill ups and not temporary ones?
  7. So it seems I am misunderstanding how phemes are rolled. I am wondering if someone could give me an idea on what the formula may be. I just added a large number of phemes to a spell, and they where all green, despite the fact that the spell DC I was casting had a high dc making it blue to me. Is each pheme rolled separately? if you add more then one of the same pheme, is the DC added together? So confused
  8. Ahh that is good. Research right now is kinda...bland I guess would be the correct word for it? I like that idea. Edit: Goodness... mastery lv10 is total control. What would lv20 be? Control the whole student body? lol
  9. Not sure if its been said or not yet - but Mana Khemia in any of its versions count quite nicely. More or less you go to a magic alchamy school, and you need to attend classes, pass tests and exams, craft things, with great music, battles, and a easy to learn, hard to master design. I give it high props. NIS America makes some dam nice games like this. I bring this up because this game is making me go back to beat it again, lol A heads up tho - 1 is better then 2, but the true ending of 2 cant be beat easily by most games.
  10. 1) For y2, will the skill caps go bast 10/11? •If yes, what will the skills cap out at. •If no, how will the game handle everyone having their classes maxed out by y1?
  11. ty ty! The community here rocks so much! edit: btw do we have a discord or something?
  12. Sorry, it was my first play through, and I dont remember the name. It was a key Its bonus was a 15% increase to random event chance or something like that I THINK it was called key of gates, but I cant be sure about that. It was taken away from me when I got detention, so I guess its forbidden (hence its name I guess, lol) I dont see it on the wiki anywhere so hoping someone ran into this and knows :3
  13. Ahh, right. I meant no offense with my comment. I do contract QA work for local indy dev companies in my area, so I sort of cant view a game the same way anymore. Its all numbers and values and what affects what and to what levels. Breaking and exploiting games to me is just like breathing, but it also can eat a lot of the fun because of that too. On the subject of QA tho, I noticed something, and not sure if this is intended, or a bug. There are several classes that give 2 or more steps to a single skill. If the skill in question does not need more then one point to advance to the next rank, it seems that regardless of how many points that location gives, you only get one rank. Example - the three dive into X abilities give 2 ranks to a chosen subskill, yet in most cases, these subskills only require 1 point per rank, making that extra point much less useful. Is this intended? A limitation of the game engine? A bug?
  14. That is honestly really good news. Im a game designer myself (allbit a novice one, working on his skill set) so I know just how insane a game like this is with the amount of text, triggers, and scripts that could trigger wrong. I tried to create a choose your own adventure book kinda game before too, thinking it would be an easy place to start but NOPE! That was a mistake! If the devs are reading this, keep up the good work. You created one hell of a gem here, and I look forward to seeing it expand more and more and to stay true to the thread, I will toss another question out while I am here. Ive been experimenting around with the game a bit, and I am coming to the conclusion that classes....dont really matter in y1. Sometimes you learn something but most of the time you dont. Compare that to detention where you almost always learn something related to one of the detention topics, having 2 extra days a week means you can cap out at 10 wayyy faster then going for perfect attendance. From the threads I have been reading, the only thing that currently matters is your exam and finals score for class honors, so even if you miss every other class, if you score insanely high on those, then you come in on top without really trying. I have seen the talk about the changes to this for y2, but for the time being, am I correct in my analysis that classes dont matter?
  15. Ok so I know this had to have been asked like a million times, but I am a new guy here, and I am sure just about half of yall can answer this for me so I will ask anyway. How is the progress going on Y2? I know it takes years and years to flush out content on this scale with a small team, so mostly just asking out of curiosity. Also, I will buy it as DLC on steam if you launch it that way
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