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  1. It's Porridge's fault you're here. He's the reason you're in the Academagia at all, and why you're in Morvidus. You had assumed that Zoology would be an easy class to pass. Dogs bark, cats meow, and owl's hoot, Of course, it was only later that you discovered what the other students in College Morvidus were like, especially in Zoology. Not everyone is difficult, admittedly. If you don’t factor in Philippe and Joana, the rest of the students are just a little… different. It certainly makes for an interesting – if rowdy – classroom. You’d normally expect the teacher to keep things in check, but Professor Pachait seems to relish any chaos that comes his way. After a frog dissection with Mairgrete trying to enchant her scalpel and Vettor trying to revise frog legs into fried chicken drumsticks while Girars sits it out under conscientious protest, while glaring at random targets in the class, the professor just applauds the class for their ingenuity and for braving through the grisly affair. He then announces in his booming voice,  “Prepare yourselves for your next assignment! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking our class into the great outdoors for a special unit. Observe the kind of creatures living in different parts of the school, and capture one specimen and bring it back to class. You’ll talk about the specimen you caught and write a report about it.” “Of course, you’re only first year students, so I don’t expect you to face the fearsome wilderness by yourselves. You’ll work in teams of two, so find a partner!” As soon as Professor Pachait says the word “partner,” people are already murmuring and looking around the classroom. You see Joana looking at Philippe, while Philippe eyes his dead frog on the counter. You need to find yourself a partner too, before all the sane people are already taken, assuming anyone here qualifies. Who should you work with? You search the class. You sit closest to Vettor, so he would be the most convenient choice… then again, Beatrix has the highest grade in the class right now, and you know she’s good with anything that involves catching animals. You walk up to Beatrix and flash your most persuasive smile, like Isabeau might do. “Hey, Beatrix. Do you want to work together?” “Sure!” She thinks for a moment, frowning. “But you better be ready to work hard. I want to bring back something impressive!” The cost of working with the star student. Gains for the day: First Principles increased by 1 --Gained Question Surroundings Revision Phemes increased by 1 --Inorganic pheme learned --Strengthen pheme learned --Artificial pheme learned Relationship with Beatrix von Wetgen by 1 For some reason, you can’t stop yawning. You think you’ve been getting plenty of sleep. You feel well rested; at least you did a minute ago. Maybe you’ve been hit with a spell? Regardless of why you’re sleepy, you need to fight it, and stay awake, because your next class is very important. After stopping to say hello too a few friends, you enter your classroom and, of course, yawn again. As you open your eyes from a rather lengthy yawn, you see a potion bottle hurtling directly towards your face. The bottle strikes you in the head and shatters. You’re fine except for the shallow cuts you receive from the glass. Also, your clothes are soaked with minty-smelling liquid. “Ha! Ha! I got you.” You glare at him as you and your stinky clothes take a seat and prepare for class. Gains for the day: Theory of Revision increased by 1 --Alteration pheme learned --Structure pheme learned --Gained Inhibit Change Zoology Study level increased by 1 --Relationship with Regnault Pachait increased by 1 Conversation increased by 1 --Speak pheme learned --Gained Encourage Fellow Student --Increased relationship with Jere Niemela by 1 Vitality decreased by 1 Endurance increased by 1 You sent word to Oan that you’re ready to talk some more; her response makes you question her sanity. Meet me at the Academagia Main Gate before breakfast,” you mutter as you read the letter. Before breakfast! Grumbling, you pack yourself a small snack in your knapsack in case you don’t get back in time for breakfast and go to sleep a bit before your normal bedtime. At the appropriate time, you find yourself being pecked awake by your familiar. “Thanks, Porridge. I’m up. But could you check on Isa for me while I’m gone? I need to ask her for a favor.” The walk from your College dorm isn’t too bad, and you arrive at the gates several minutes before the sun is even up. Spying Oan on the Academagia side of the gate, you walk over and wave. “Good morning, Dolan!” she says with far too much cheer for this hour of the morning. A look of serenity crosses her face as you step up beside her and she turns towards the gate. “This is my favorite time of day.” she says quietly. “Have you ever been here before?” You start to answer, but Oan quickly cuts you off with, “I mean, have you ever really visited this place?” You’re not totally sure what she expects you to say. It’s the Main Gate. Should you have been hanging out here after class just to watch dust settle on the road? Oan smiles. “That’s okay,” she says, “So few first year students take the time to come here and hang out that I’m not surprised you haven’t been here. Let me explain about this place and what it does.” “Most people think that the Academagia was founded by Noemea, but they’re sadly mistaken. It was actually founded by her brother, Athanasios, as a small group of scholars who took it upon themselves to better the study of magic and its effects upon the world around it. Technically, Noemea was the one who placed the first foundation stone, but it was really her brother who founded the school.” A hint of motion on the Mineta side of the gates snags Oan’s attention. “Here it comes,” she says. Two guards march in sync from either end of the stone wall towards the center of the open gates. Stopping when their noses are mere inches away from each other, the guards turnn and, in unison, bellow: Verbis Noemeae In Memoria Athanasi Porta Academagiae hiat; Quisques cupens scientiam Intrate et cognoscete! Their ritual complete, the guards turn sharply and walk back to their posts. Their words release a flood of visitors from the outside, and you spy all kinds of men and women shuffling their way through the gates onto the school grounds. “Visitors are only allowed into the Academagia from sunup to sundown, unless they have a special pass signed by the Legate or the Praetorian Council.” Oan turns to you and beams a winning smile in your direction. “What they said was, ‘In the name of Noemea, for the memory of Athanasios, the Academagia gates stand open, those who desire knowledge, enter and learn.’ Okay, let’s move on.” “So I’ll bet you’re wondering why I asked you to come here,” Oan says. Now that she mentions it, you think sarcastically, but Oan continues before you can say something you might regret. “Most people walk right on past hurrying on towards what they think is more important business.” As if proving her point, several people brush past you and Oan without noticing you. One man in a gray set of robes is muttering under his breath as iff trying to remember something, while a woman in a multicolored wrap has her head held high and moves with strict purpose. Oan shakes her head sadly. “If these people only knew the power of locations, they might walk a bit slower and see what lies around them.” The power of locations? “Everything has power,” Oan begins in way of explanation, “even locations. Take this place, for example; don’t you feel any different now than you did before you watched that ceremony?” Is something different? Is something off? You don’t feel sick. Actually, you feel . . . what? Not alert, exactly, but there’s a kind of focus to your thoughts that wasn’t there before. Just to test yourself, you start to recite the opening of Xeroton’s Address to the Five Hundred – the same four sentences every child in the known nations stumbles listlessly through every summer - only know they have power. You can feel the words dance as you say them, and grin at Oan. “Somebody told you!” she accuses, utterly failing to look offended. “Fine, you cheater. For the record, you can walk through these gates a thousand times before you leave this school and never know about its power, but if you take the time to explore the location and get a feel for it, there’s obviously a benefit to coming here. Since I made you stay and watch the ceremony, you now know this place well enough to have a feel for it. From now on, whenever you come and spend even a small amount of time here, you’ll notice that your abilities in Oratory are increased a little for as long as you hang around. If you’re just passing through on your way to Mineta or the Admiratio, though, you won’t get that benefit. That doesn’t mean you have to come and watch the ceremony anymore, only that you have to make a conscious effort to visit here and spend some time.” “Now, I should warn you, not every location works like this. Some places only give you a benefit if you stay there while you’re doing something. Remember the Garden Gallery where we learned about friends? Well, now that you know about that place and spent some time exploring it, you’ll find that you have a small bonus to certain Social actions when you’re there...but only when you’re there. Some places give bonuses to Skills or Actions that you can take away with you and last for a certain amount of time, but others only work while you’re there, got it?” You’d like to say something, but Oan turns and starts walking back towards the Great Hall, making you rush to keep up. “The island of Elumia is divided up into five main areas, called Regions,” she says. “There’s the Academagia, the Academagia Grounds, the City of Mineta, the Imperial Reserve, and the rest of the island, called Elumia Proper. Within these regions are tons and tons of cool places to find, but you might not even know you’ve found them unless you Explore the area. To Explore an area, all you need is to spend a few hours looking around and seeing what you can see. Every time you Explore a particular region, you’re practically guaranteed to find something interesting about that place. If you find that you’re really not discovering anything really cool, consider spending some time learning more about exploration and exploring. The better you get at it, the more likely you are to find something really interesting.” Oan looks towards you with a gleam in her eye, and you wonder what exact location she’s thinking of right now. It has to be something truly interesting or she wouldn’t be fighting so hard to keep that smile from her face. “One last warning about locations,” she says as her face loses all hint of joy. “There are dangers to exploring, dangers of all kinds. If you’re somewhere you’re not supposed to be, there’s always a chance that a Professor will bust you and assign you detention. Just check out the Location and look for its Discovery Chance. The higher that is, the more likely you are to be caught. Also, some places have Monsters hanging out, and if you’re not prepared to fight, you might not like the consequences.” Busted by Professors? Fighting Monsters? There are so many questions you’d like to ask, but before you have a chance, Oan pats you on the back and says, “I’d love to stay and talk more, really, but I have a huge quiz in my Advanced Theory of Negation class that I’m not supposed to know about. I’ve got a couple of things I need to review before I’m ready, so I gotta run. I’ll send word when I’m ready to meet again...could be a day, could be a week, it all depends on how my classes are going. Next time, we’ll talk about Professors and such, okay?” This adventure with Oan had a lot of typos in it. After lunch, you’re in the library, trying to catch up on your History studying. You haven’t been spending much time on your schoolwork, but you’d rather not fall too far behind, even if your classes aren’t that interesting. While browsing the shelves, you bump into Oriabel Sidot, a girl in History with you, also doing some studying. “Oh, hello.” She’s always reminded you of one of those old paintings. Maybe it’s the way she almost never seems to be looking directly at you. She fixes you with an intense stare for about a second, before letting her eyes flit behind you. “Hello. You’re in history, aren’t you?” “That's right. Are you studying too? We could work together, if you like.” She stares past you for a few seconds, scanning perfectly ordinary shelves too quickly to read the titles of the books. “It doesn’t seem like it’s showing up.” she shrugs, “so I might as well do some work.” When you finish for the day, you stand up. “Hey, I’m going to come back tomorrow morning, if you want to pick up there.” “Oh, sure thing, see you then.” Gains for the day: Learned about Great Gate of the Academagia Learned about Awareness Perception skill step increased by 1 (1/2) History Study level increased by 1 --Relationship with Oriabel Sidot increased by 1 Filing increased by 1 Move Silently increased by 1 --Muffle pheme learned So something weird happened today. Which is that our relationship with Oriabel Sidot soared through the roof. As far as I can tell, this shouldn’t have happened, but we had a relationship of 1 with her after Saturday (I checked when we got the plus 1, but didn’t take a screenshot, so here’s one from my previous save before friday), but after Sunday, we have a relationship of 5. I don’t know why, but we just do. She is now our best friend. Early in the morning, you arrive in the Venalicium and get some more history books for when Oriabel shows up. “Oh, you already started?” “Not really, I was just grabbing some books.” “This one looks interesting.” She pulls a book off the shelf and looks at it. “Nevermind, I can’t read it.” “Really? Let me see.” You page through it. “It’s in Elumian.” “I know Elumian, and that is not it.” She sounds cross about it. “Oh, no, not modern Elumian, the old stuff. I’ve been studying it recently. You get it sometimes in history books, but it’s not that useful. I think Professor Sido called it a dead language.” “...Do you think if it’s a dead language, maybe ghosts speak it?” “Well, I suppose, if they’re old enough, that would make sense.” “I heard there was a ghost in this library, you know. I wonder if it speaks old Elumian?” You look over your shoulder. “Is there really a ghost here?” “I don’t know. I haven’t seen it yet. I’m probably going to keep coming here for a while, but if I don’t see it soon, I might check some other places I’ve heard rumors about.” “Oh.” You relax, knowing it’s just a rumor. “If you see it though, let me know right away.” After promising you will, you manage to get her back to work, but the two of you chat a lot as you study. As you’re heading back to your room, you catch a whiff of a pleasant smell. You pause, and sniff, wondering what could be the source. “Hello Dolan.” You turn, a little too quickly, and see a familiar girl. She’s in a couple of your classes, but you’ve never talked to her. “Uh, hi.” She wears the same robes you thought looked gaudy and absurd on Cosetta, but you don’t think they look half bad on her. “Are you busy?” “No, not at all.” While Oriabel barely looked directly at you, Emilia’s eye contact feels like a vise. “That’s good, I was hoping I’d get to talk to you.” “You were? About Calligraphy, or Glamour?” “Neither, I just wanted to talk. I think you’re interesting.” “Really? I don’t think I’m that interesting.” Well, there is the spy thing, but you probably shouldn’t tell her that. “C’mon, Dolan, tell me something interesting about yourself.” After a long awkward silence where you try to think of something, she smiles, as though you just made a joke. “Fine, I’ll let you off the hook this time, but next time I see you, you’d better have thought of something interesting.” With that, Emilia turns and walks away. “...Bye.” She’s already gone. Once you’re back in your room, you decide to practice acting. Your uncle Oslatt always said that being an actor was a lot like being a spy, and a useful skill, but you’ve always felt it was a bit silly, with all of those plays and things. Now though, you’re beginning to see how it could be useful. Maybe you should have told Emilia about learning Elumian? No, she’d probably think it was weird that you were studying such an old language. If you want to know why this one took me so long, it's literally this one part and nothing else. Trying to write small the results for the "flirt" action between people less than half my age was really weird. After dinner, you’re heading back to your room, when you hear the familiar hoot of your familiar. You look in the direction it came from, and see Porridge sitting on a branch. His body is difficult to make out in the darkness, but his golden eyes are crystal clear. Silently, he takes to the wing, and you quickly follow him.  You don’t know where he’s taking you, but you slowly realize how far away it is. You glare at his tail, trying to communicate that this had better be important through your bond. It’s more than an hour later that Porridge comes to a stop on a new branch, and you know you’ve reached your destination. Even in the darkness, the tree is breathtaking, a single pine, with no other trees around, standing straight and tall against the backdrop of Chordia Peak. The view itself is almost worth the trip on its own, but the starlight glints off of something in the roots of the tree. Crouching down, you find a stone tablet, wrapped by the growing roots of the pine. It’s too dark to read it, so you feel over the smooth surface for the chiseled letters, memorizing each one’s shape before moving on to the next letter. Finally, you stand up, and try to brush off the dirt that you know has stained your robes. “Acceptance without questioning is not knowledge; only those who ponder may consider themselves sufficiently assured of understanding.” It makes sense, you think, but you’re not sure why Porridge showed it to you. The path that led you here keeps going, but Porridge hoots, indicating that you can go farther another time, and begins to fly back to the college. Gains for the day: History Study level increased by 1 --Relationship with Oriabel Sidot increased by 2 (4?) Library Knowledge increased by 1 Acting increased by 1 --Learned about Pecunia’s Knoll Logic increased by 1 --Reason Pheme learned Endurance increased by 1 Learned about Chauranglaith Path: The Stone Bench Emilia Picotti succeeded on using Flirt with you. --Relationship with Emilia Picotti increased by 1 You have gained In the Zone
  2. https://rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/lets-play-scroll-of-taiwu-again.126902/ I found it.
  3. Good point. That could be interesting too. Depending on how things play out, they could see you as a threat to the legality of their practice, and become determined to make sure you're dealt with before you drag them down with you. Although I'm not sure how that kind of story could end.
  4. I would expect then, that the last thing they would want would be to associate themselves with someone who was already learning it without them. Don't want to invite an Anakin into the Jedi Council if the Senate is worried about Sith.
  5. Gains for the day: Famous Dilemma’s increased by 1 --Gained Chauranglaith Path: The Lone Pine Theory of Glamour increased by 1 --Gained the Corner Tailor The Early Empire increased by 1 --Gained Quote History Illustration increased by 1 --Projection pheme learned Curiosity skill step increased by 1 (1/2) You are headed to the dining room when you hear a faint weeping from the corridor you just passed. Feeling curiosity, and perhaps a touch of empathy, you move back to the corridor as quietly as you can. You see Ana Flavia Bessa, the “cursed” girl of Avila, sitting by herself, small droplets falling from her eyes. Well, we're not going to ask her about the frog thing, so let's try using our knowledge of history. There was an event that you can think of… There are a few in truth but getting a herd of camels and seven dragon scales seems like too much of an effort. But in this event, a few hundred years ago, a young prince got a sorceress out of her cave with a lavish meal. Now, you admit that is a bit of a stretch, as you are no prince, just an ordinary noble, and it’s not like you can pull a meal out of nowhere. Even so, you reach into your pocket, and are surprised to find some candy. You consider it for a moment, and deem that it is indeed close enough that it might actually work. Like the prince you know better than to enter a place of danger, let the ‘prize’ come to you! You call out to Ana Flavia, who looks up at you. “Do you want a sweet? I only got two, but you’re welcome to one, and we can go to the cafeteria together.” She blinks, and nods. You hand her one of the candies, and she pockets it for after you eat. After eating together, you feel like you know her a little better. She thinks she’s cursed, but she’s probably just clumsy, otherwise one of the professors would have noticed, and done something about it, right? She pulls out the candy you gave her earlier. “Thanks for eating with me, Dolan. I hope nothing bad happens to you because of it.” “You worry too much, dinner was fine, aside from that soup spilling, right?” She nods, and pops the candy into her mouth. You follow suit, but after a moment of chewing, her eyes widen, and she staggers. You’re about to ask her what’s wrong, when your mind explodes. Horrifying visions flash through your head, and then you find yourself back in the hall, empty, except for Ana Flavia. “Gates?” You’re still reeling, and beginning to panic, but she’s right. “It was the candy, I think. But I don’t know how they were in my pocket, I swear!” You shoved the Candies of the Gnawing Void into your wardrobe. Shouldn't they still be in there? “I told you I was cursed. That caused this somehow, I'm sure of it! I got you caught up in it, and you were just trying to be nice.” “No, the candy was… look, we can’t tell anyone about this, okay? Gates magic is illegal, and I don’t know if learning about it from magical candy changes that. Don’t tell the teachers, don’t tell your friends, don’t tell your family.” She nods. “Right, I guess...” She shivers. “That was horrible. I'm going to head back to my room.” You agree, and unsteadily walk away from each other, and back to your beds. Gains for the day: Logic increased by 1 Forms increased by 1 --Enrich pheme learned Curiosity increased by 1 Temperance increased by 1 Relationship with Ana Flavia Bessa increased by 1 Ate the Candies of the Gnawing Void --Stress increased by 8 --Learned about Gates Methods --Learned about Gates Phemes --Learned about Gates Spells --Learned about Theory of Gates We're going to need to take a moment to process that after class tomorrow, given that Dolan's stress maximum is 6. After dinner, you collapse onto your bed. All day you've been forcing yourself not to think about the knowledge you gained from the incident with the candy, but you have to do something about it. Porridge soars in through the window and alights on your desk. "..." "Oh good, I don't suppose you have any suggestion, about what happened? With the candy?" "Hoot?" "Of course not!" "Hoo?" "Because it's illegal! I can't believe this, I thought you of all people would be upset about this. I thought you wanted me to be, you know." "Hoo." "Yeah, exactly. Wouldn't this fly in the face of all that?" "Hoot. Hoohootoot." "How is it any different?!" "Huhoohoohoot. Hoo huhoo toohoot. Hoot hoo hoo hoot hoot, Tuhoo hoohoo hoot huhoot. Hwoot hoohoo hoot hoot hoot hoo!" "Well, I'm not going to do it. It's stupid, and I'll get thrown in jail, or executed or something!" "Hoo." "Okay, so now what?" "Hoo?" "I can't do nothing." "Hoo?" "Because, I mean..." "Hoo Hoot." "You're probably right. You knew from the beginning I wouldn't do anything about it, didn't you?" "Hoo." With that, porridge flies back out of the window. "Typical." You lie down in your bed. It's early, but you didn't sleep well last night. You drift off, and by morning, you're confident the nightmares have run their course. Gains for the day: Glamour Spells increased by 2 You have rested --Stress decreased to 0 --Vitality increased to 6 Gained The Big Haul You are feeling Speculative --Call into Question’s chance of success increased by 5 --Infer Pheme’s chance of success increased by 5 --Question Knowledge’s chance of success increased by 5 --Question Surrounding’s chance of success increased by 5
  6. I don't think the information I need is on there (although I could have missed it), but that's mostly my fault for the way I asked the question. Rephrased better below: I know that the amount contributed to the roll by the attribute is between zero and twice the attribute. However, I don't know how probable certain outcomes are. For example, if you were to role a die, the number of possible results is 6. If you were to flip five coins and count the number of heads, the number of possible results is six (0 to 5 heads). In the former case, the probability of getting the maximum result is 1/6. In the latter, it is a pitiful 1/32. Basically, is each attribute point's effect calculated individually, or are they just treated as a single value for the range, or is it some third thing, like gods forbid picking either 0, 1, or 2 and multiplying it by the attribute?
  7. Quick question about Attributes. Whenever you make a roll, I know that the minimum is zero and the maximum is twice your attribute, but how exactly is it calculated?
  8. We’re going to try to get the favor ability, so we can cash in our relationships with our professors. Gains for the day: Increased Familiar Kinship by 1 --Familiar pheme learned Deciding that the time is right, you send word to Oan that you’re ready to meet again. She tells you where to be, and in her letter of response, she reminds you to bring your wand. With this in mind, you find yourself on the second floor of the Venalicium Library. Browsing the shelves, you notice Isabeau studying nearby. You’re wondering if you should say hi, when Oan taps you on the shoulder. “So, are you ready for the hardest part?” You nod, and Oan leads you back through a maze of shelves and books to a row of doors against the wall. She leads you to a door seemingly at random, opens it, and ushers you inside. Only after the door is closed does Oan cast a spell to give you light. “The Librarians heavily discourage the use of spells in the Library proper,” she says, “but inside these study cubicles, pretty much anything magical goes.” Containing naught but a sturdy desk and a pair of chairs, the study cubicle is exactly what it sounds like – a very small place to do nothing but study. “This is one area where I know I don’t need to ask what you do or don’t know,” Oan says, “The actual mastery of Phemes and Spells are tough even for Fifth Year students, so I know they’ll be hard to understand for you. No offence, of course…I just want you to know that you shouldn’t expect everything to fall too easily into place. However, it is important to every wizard that you learn about Spells and Phemes.” Oan takes a seat and gestures for you to sit in the one across from her. The cold wood of the unyielding seat serves as a reminder that this is a place to study, not to play. “Spells and Phemes can be boiled down to two oversimplified sentences,” Oan says. “The first is that Phemes are indivisible building blocks of magic that can be rearranged to create infinite combinations. The second is that Spells are manifestations of the magical forces triggered by certain combinations of Phemes combined with the proper application of mental strength. Make sense? Oan smiles and lets out a little laugh. “No it doesn’t,” she says, “but that’s okay. I’ll explain what you need to know, and when you need to understand it, you will. Phemes are the smallest bit of ‘pure’ magic, which is to say it can’t be broken down any further. Take the Mirabilis Pheme for example. This Pheme is the absolute essence of excitement combined with a tinge of safety. No other Pheme is drawn the same, even though they may have effects so similar as to be indistinguishable to any but a master of magic. Here, let me show you how to draw the Mirabilis Pheme.” Oan runs through the necessary motions several times, although really, you only needed to see it once. “Just being Informed about this Pheme doesn’t do you much good, though. You have to know what to do with it once you have it. That’s what Spells are all about. Spells consist of at least two Phemes; no spell can be cast with a single Pheme, period.” Oan sticks out two fingers and shakes them vigorously. Without two Phemes, nothing can happen. Go ahead, draw a single Mirabilis Pheme and see what happens.” You raise your wand, and for the first time since you got it, try to use magic. You’re almost surprised to see the light flow out of it as you repeat Oan’s movements, like you’re a real wizard. You stare intently as the symbols you traced flair faintly and fade. No matter how readily Oan takes it in stride, that would still impress just about everybody you knew back home. Well, not Uncle Oslatt, but everyone else. Her, though? Yeah: in stride. “See,” she says, “Nothing. String two Phemes together, though, and you have a Spell. Still, you can’t just string two random Phemes together and hope for the best. You have to be Informed of a Spell before you can use it. Confusing, right?” You shrug your shoulders, not sure how to answer. Clearly more excited to be teaching the subject than you are to be learning it, Oan plows on as if you agree that it’s confusing. “Alright, now let me explain it the way my Gam’ma explained it. Think of Phemes as Ingredients and Spells as the recipe. Even if you know what each ingredient tastes like, you can’t just throw everything into a pot and hope for cake to come out; you have to know the recipe and follow it. Spells are the recipes of Magic. If you don’t have the ingredients, you can’t make a cake, but if you don’t have a recipe, your ingredients are useless.” “Let me show you this,” she says. With her wand, Oan draws a small rectangle on the table; once the rectangle is complete, she chains together two Mirabilis Phemes without lifting her wand. When she’s finished, she releases her wand. The moment she does, the rectangle and the Pheme symbols inside disappear. “I’ve just cast the Glow of Victory Spell,” she says. “Now that you’ve seen it done, you’ll be able to do it too. It isn’t that powerful...in fact, it’s rarely used at all, but it’s better than nothing.” “Of course, Master Wizards don’t need to be shown how to cast a Spell in order to do it; if they did, no one would ever learn anything new. In fact…” “Well, hang on. Let me go back to my cooking analogy. You have a recipe and you have the ingredients, so you can bake your cake just fine. But what if you want to make something special? As long as you’re already baking a cake, why not add something extra in? Once you’ve satisfied a Spell’s requirements for Phemes, you can add in more Phemes to enhance the Spell’s effects. Every extra Pheme you insert, though, makes a Spell more difficult to cast, so you have to balance your needs against you wants. You’ll know how difficult a Pheme is to draw based on its Magnitude; the higher the number, the harder the Pheme is to draw.” Oan leans in as if delivering a great secret. “I was saying that Master Wizards in their fields are always looking to create or discover new Spells or Phemes. It isn’t something students are encouraged to do, but I’ve found out that some of the Fifth Year students are trying to create a Spell that will let them walk on water. They’re looking to bypass the guards at the various bridges over the canal system. If they can do that, they can pull off some incredible pranks before the school year ends. They think they’re almost done, but I can tell you they’re way off. If you get to be good enough, I might let you in on a few more of their secrets, but for now, concentrate on your studies and learn as many Phemes and Spells as you can.” “Okay, you’ve probably learned enough for one day. Contact me when you are ready for your next lesson. You remember your way out?” Nodding, you take your cue and back out of the door, leaving Oan plenty of time to practice her Magic while you make your way back to your room.  With all the pranks going around lately, you’re a bit wary about leaving your supplies out where just anyone can get to them; but you really just didn’t have a choice earlier. Carefully, you pick up your pen to begin writing your assignment. Should you test it first, just to make sure? Everyone seems to be engrossed in their own studies. That’s no help, let’s try Lesser Form Betrayal While you struggle with the spell, you’re fairly certain that you can pull this off. Maybe. If you do succeed, well, then perhaps other students will think twice before pranking you in the future. Of course, all of this ends up wishful thinking, as you’re unable to discern anything from the spell. To make matters worse, more than a few students saw your failed attempt. You glare down at your supplies, wondering if there’s a way to salvage some dignity – and then your paper explodes into a cloud of fuschia dust. It sticks to your skin and makes you cough like you’ve just gotten sick of your lungs. Super. At the urging of your professors, you and your classmates are exploring the streets of Mineta, absorbing the sights and sounds of the guild festivals held all over the city. Brightly colored tents dot the packed streets, and jugglers, dancers, and magicians try to capture the crowd’s attention. You’re passing by the blacksmiths’ booth, admiring the sharp axes and jeweled swords, when you hear shouts and screams. Your mind immediately leaps to the unpleasant thought of a brawl. This day is known for clashing guilds after all. But isn’t it a bit early in the day? Curiosity gets the better of you, and you follow to where the sounds of conflict seem to be coming from. Yep, it’s a fight all right-between magicians and wizards! You recognize Zorzi Galea and Philippe Marchant trading insults with the entertainers. “We don’t need to draw phemes to manipulate the environment, nor gain insight into the human mind,” shouts the masked magician. “We practice a more refined, natural magic.” “You don’t need to draw phemes?” Zorzi sneers. “More like you can’t. And what’s exactly so impressive about card tricks?” “Phemes are shortcuts for week minds,” the magician retorts. “Hey, Dolan,” Philippe says, spotting you peeking from around the corner. “Come on, help us show these magicians how wrong they are.” Uh oh. Like it or not, you’ve been drawn into this fight! You regret investigating; you want to explore the rest of the festival, not argue with magicians. All eyes are on you, and no way are you going to exacerbate this conflict. Maybe you can calm down both sides by making them see reason. You tell them that, yes, there are diferent kinds of magic and different types of magic casters, but it’s important to remember that all magic is created equal. “But it’s not even real ma...” Zorzi begins to say, but you quickly clamp his mouth shut. The magicians give you a curt nod, and you drag Zorzi and Philippe away. Gains for the day: Mirabilis pheme learned Glow of Victory spell learned --Requires Mirabilis (known) Phemes increased by 1 Diction increased by 1 Zenith pheme learned Modus Operandi pheme learned Test-Taking increased by 1 --Gained Favor ( Dialectic Study level increased by 1 --Relaitonship with Tarvixio Sido increased by 1 --Decipher Handwriting skill step increased by 1 (1/2) Stress increased by 2 Diplomacy increased by 1 Gained Judge the Instructor’s Tastes --This lets us, if we succeed on an Insight/Character Study roll vs 5, gain study levels and points in a few skills, including wit, which we need for our next step in the Dialectic class adventure. You are walking into class, just on time, and you find that the room is completely full of unbelievably gigantic chess pieces. “Oh, don’t worry dear, it’s only a spell. We’re just playing a small game up at my desk.” That’s all fine, but there’s a large bishop (you think it’s a bishop, but the top of the piece appears to have gotten above the ceiling) blocking the way to your desk. The game does end, eventually, thirty minutes later. You’re very tired by then, but what else could you do? At least you know a bit more about chess now. Gains for the day: First Principles increased by 1 The Calamities increased by 1 --Learned about Haejar Enthifal Cortath, Pages 5-7 (Shop) Revision Methods increased by 1 Elumian increased by 1 Bassan increased by 1 --Insight pheme learned Library Knowledge increased by 1 --Gained Efficient Research Strategy increased by 1 --Insight pheme gained --Fitness pheme gained You are feeling Bitterness --Charm decreased by 1 --Society decreased by 1 --Befriend decreased by 1 --Gossip decreased by 1 Gains for the day: Lip Reading increased by 1 --Sight pheme learned Bassan increased by 1 --Foresight pheme learned Elumian increased by 1 --Trill pheme learned Library Knowledge increased by 1 Character Study increased by 1 --Knowledge pheme learned Gains for the day: Character Study increased by 1 --Meditate pheme learned Composure increased by 1 --Gained Stony Look ----Composure +1 ----Lie +1 Vilocian increased by 1 --Fierce pheme learned Elumian skill step increased by 1 (1/3) Library Knowedge increased by 1 --Learned about Library of Longshade ----Once we increase our filing enough to tidy this library, it replaces train with additional bonus of 1 random skill and concentration. Week three down!
  9. Good news and bad news. I got the adventure crash glitch again, but not only have I fixed it, I found a steam page saying what causes it, so I shouldn't encounter it again. Also, I hate to say it, but I'm going back on our decision as to what to do with the candies due to unavoidably wacky circumstances. I apologize in advance to Metis and Ana Flavia Bessa.
  10. Oh, right, that used to be a thing. Well, I didn't miss out on anything too good, visitation rights, creativity, and romance.
  11. Hey quick question how the heckle do you know so much about this RE?
  12. I'm gonna be honest, I literally had all of this ready a week ago. I've just been busy with midterms. Not sure of what to do wit these candies that hold the promise of dark magic, you stow them in the back of your dresser for now. If anyone finds them, you can just say someone gave them to you, and never told you that they were anything other than normal candy. True enough. Just throwing them out of the window or something seems dangerous in a way you can't quite describe. You receive Oan’s note to meet you at the Campanile Walk with your Familiar; as you’ve come to expect, she leaves excellent directions as to how to find the location in case you didn’t already know. At the appropriate time, Oan meets you under the broad, leaf covered walk in a semi-private area, “Thanks for coming,” she says. She dips her hand into her pocket and pulls out a white mouse no larger than her palm. You look at Porridge, but the owl doesn't seem hungry. You're glad you did this in the morning, when he's just spent the night hunting, and is ready to sleep. “This is Anastasia,” she says. “Anastasia is my Familiar; I’ve had her since before coming to the Academagia, and we’ve worked very hard together to train her so she can help me in my search for...well, for whatever I want to search for,” she says.  Today’s lesson is going to be pretty short, since I have somewhere to be in a few minutes, but I wanted to give you a quick primer on Familiars. Most students don’t have their Familiar before coming to the Academagia, but my parents thought I should have a bit of an edge, given the stereotypes against our culture.” She holds out her hand and gestures for you to pet her mouse. Tentatively, you reach out and stroke the mouse. With a glance towards Oan, Anastasia carefully climbs onto the back of your hand and scurries up your arm to nose your neck. “She likes you,” Oan says with a giggle. “That’s good...I’ve worked hard on getting Anastasia to help judge character. The fact that she likes you says a lot about you; either you’re a good person at heart, or you’re pretty good at hiding your real tendencies. Anyway, let me explain a bit about Familiars and how they act. See, Familiars are like close friends, only they’ve got almost no resources that you don’t give them. They can help or hinder you depending on how well you train them. Put it like this...when it comes to Familiars, you get out of them what you put into them. If you don’t train them, they won’t be useful. If you train them, they’ll come in handy. Of course, like everything else, spending time training your Familiar comes at a price; the more time you spend training them, the less time you have to train yourself.” So far, everything Oan has said makes perfect sense, leaving you little to ponder. “Now that I’ve told you that,” she says, “there’s something to be said for spending time with your Familiar. You see, each Familiar has certain abilities that are unique to its breed, abilities that you’ll only get out of them by training and spending quality time with them. For example, you may not know it now, but Anastasia is a pretty good tracker. Now that she’s got your scent, she’ll be able to follow you around wherever you go for a good couple of days. She didn’t come that way...I had to work darn hard to make her this good. Now that she knows how to do this, she can’t unlearn it, so the time we spent together working on it was well worth the sacrifice in my own studies. Of course, that’s just my opinion, but there you go. So...feel like training your own Familiar a bit?” This won't be the last time I train a skill before we do an adventure that needs it. I'd rather train up a skill to make it green than save scum or worse, experience failure.  “Sneakier, huh? Well, as it turns out, I have an idea that just might work.” Stepping back, Oan looks your Familiar over a few times. Once she has the measure of your Familiar, she lays out a small obstacle course for Porridge to fly. “If all goes well, this might stretch his abilities enough to boost coordination a bit - let him move a bit more quickly and quietly.” You tack a step back and run over the game plan together with Porridge. When you’re sure everything is ready, you release your Familiar and sit back. From the beginning, Porridge does a fantastic job of running Oan’s course, showing off more than enough skills to be useful in a sneaky situation. By the time he’s done, you know you’re seeing improvement already.  “Great job,” Oan says. Tucking Anastasia away in her robes, she says “Well, I hate to do this, but I have to run...the life of a Third Year is never dull! Slip me a note under my door when you’re ready for more instruction; I’ll get back to you as soon as I have the time. Keep practicing!”  The original text talked about running the obstacle course, a little funny for our owl.  Gains for the day: Porridge’s Move Silently increased by 1 Elumian increased by 1 Purchased A Guide to Statues from the Early Empire from Haejar Enthifal Cortath Catalog, Pages 19-22 for 250 pims. It should arrive in 5-10 days. I decided to test out our new ability, maybe just see if it was actually possible to get two of the same language in one, but the moment I tried, this happened. Gains for the day: Elumian increased by 1 --Confound pheme learned Bassan increased by 1 --Sight pheme learned Relationship with Tarvixio Sido increased by 1 Elumian increased by 1 --Wind pheme learned Merilian increased by 1 --Learned about The Venalicium Library: Linguistics Section ----Gained Consult the Linguistics Section ------Increases two random languages, and Library Knowledge Relationship with Tarvixio Sido increased by 1 Bassan increased by 1 --Preparedness pheme learned. Elumian skill step increased by 1 (1/2) Relationship with Tarvixio Sido increased by 1 As evidence I wasn't save scumming, I give that the odds of doing this well are less than 4.7%. I'm still just gonna be training normally, I only care about Elumian. I'm training Elumian today because if you leave your character with skillsteps, failure can actually cause you to lose progress, which I can't stand. Around the edge of the campus you’ve found one of the students casting a revision spell over a tree. You try to stop him, but you find that it’s not even a real tree. The trunk is made of clay, the branches are made of hardened rubber, and the leaves are of cloth drifting in the wind. You should leave your mark too, in a unique way. I’m crying, what does this mean. What should I do? Whatever, initials. You take a dagger and begin to mark the tree with your initials. After you’re done, you cast a spell to revise the surface with a yellow metallic color that’s similar to gold. You’re now immortalized on the Academagian campus… at least until someone else comes along to change it. Gains for the day: Glamour Methods increased by 1 --Glamour pheme learned Insects increased by 1 Conceal increased by 1 --Water pheme learned Elumian increased by 1 Confidence increased by 1 Learned about The Changing Tree Generally speaking, calligraphy class is amongst the most boring; couple that with one overly judgmental Professor Sixt von Rupprecht and what you have is the academic equivalent to a nightmare. Unbeknownst to anyone, including yourself, things are about to become far worse. As the final bell rings to start class, in strolls the professor with a sizable stack of what you surmise to be work booklets. You also note the rather odd detail of a perpetual grin playing across that geezer’s face. He places the stack of booklets onto his desk before strolling back and closing the door to the classroom.  “Everyone!” he begins in an oddly jovial tone, “Today is a special treat for all of you.” He walks back to the stack of booklets, places his right hand on top of them and says, “Pop quiz.” First the copying and now this? He’s quickly becoming your least favorite teacher. A deafening series of groans issues from the class. “What’s wrong? This is a fine opportunity to demonstrate that you’re more than a mere seat warmer, right, Mr. von Zoedorf?”  You turn to notice that Everwine looks up at the professor bashfully to reply. “Y-yessir.” He’d been doodling again, and von Rupprecht’s made it his personal mission to make this awkward student even more so.  “I know I’m looking forward to this quiz,” Basia Rydz states with irritating confidence, and earning her a reflexive series of groans from much of the class. “Silence, heathens,” von Rupprecht commands – while pointing his finger threateningly at the groaners. He turns to Basia with a smile and says, “Ah, my star pupil weighs in. For your sake, Miss Rydz, my sincere hope is that your confidence is well justified; certain aspects of your quiz, in particular, shall be less forgiving of sloppiness.” He proceeds to hand each booklet out with the instruction of not to do anything beyond signing your name on the cover, on the designated line next to the word NAME. “Now, this is where things get fun. On each page shall consist of the name of a magical pheme, as well as its corresponding symbol at the top half. The bottom half is left blank; that’s where you come in. For each page you are to faithfully duplicate the calligraphic representation above. Now, I understand that all of this sounds basic so far, but in signing your names on the booklets, you’ve done more than merely claim ownership to today’s efforts; you’ve also activated the enchantment I’ve woven into your booklet. Every sloppy line or inappropriate mark shall result in something… unlpeasant occuring to you.” He takes a moment to look back to von Zoedorf. “Go on, lad. Doodle on this one. I dare you.” Everwine gulps nervously before the professor ads, “Of course, if you find all this to be too much pressure, you may place your booklet on my desk, and dismiss yourself from my class for the day, receiving a zero for a grade. However, the enchantment on that booklet is also connected to an invisible barrier at the doorway of this classroom. It shall only permit you to leave once you’ve left your booklet on my desk. There shall be no taking the booklet with you to have someone more skilled do this quiz for you. As for myself, I spent a goodly chunk of last night preparing this diabolical examination, and I’ve very much earned a nap.” He proceeds to sit down, kick his feet up on the desk, and says, with a yawn and eyes already closed, “You maaay begin nowwww.” You look around to see that you’re not the only one that’s apprehensive about this particular quiz. Even Basia seems reluctant to start. It’s not long before you hear “ZzzzpOW” from the other side of you. You turn to see Everwine nursing the fingers of his right hand, blowing on them gently. “I’m done,” Aymeri Couer mutters. Every student watches him approach the desk. However, before he reaches the professor’s desk, he stops, as if considering something, then turns toward the door. As he approaches, he carefully extends the reach of his right arm to find that von Rupprecht wasn’t bluffing; an invisible, magic barrier prevented Aymeri from even reaching the doorknob. Accepting final defeat, he leaves his booklet on von Rupprecht’s desk and heads for the door again. Sure enough, the barrier no longer impedes his departure as he leaves. That gives us a skill increase and doesn't even require a roll. Now lets get to forgery. Not that you’re a stranger to outright copying, but the idea of punishment for doing this poorly does cause you a level of inward amusement as you duplicate the symbols with painstaking attention to detail. Sure, at the end of the class you end up being one of the last students to leave, but you’re satisfied in knowing that you leave this quiz with fingertips in working order. This adventure has a really fun alternate path if you fail your attempt, but we didn’t. It was a little overt for Dolan’s head down personality anyway. Gains for the day: Illustration increased by 1 Awareness increased by 1 --Insight pheme learned --You have gained Socialize Forms increased by 1 Calligraphy Study level increased by 1 Relationship with Sixt von Rupprecht increased by 1 Gains for the day: Glamour Phemes increased by 1 --Disorientation pheme learned Ink Compounds increased by 1 --Oh man, I was wondering what we were going to do with our ink compounds skill so low. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about that anymore. --Gained Gelcined Recline, Catalog Acrobatics increased by 1 --Gained Athletic Ability ----Fitness increased by 1
  13. I was talking about Modus Operandi, mostly based on the spell types section, where Modus Operandi has Mastery and Zenith has Glamour.
  14. Oh, so it's okay that the tutorial adventure gives you a mastery pheme then.
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