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  1. 1. have their been any mages after the exile who have grown so powerful that they are can be considered a calamity if angered by any power so are exempt from any laws, and are churches happily turn a blind eye to them? I talking about let's say yonko level from one piece type mages who can straight up do illegal stuff without any world goverment coming to stop them. don't have to be evil just anyone considered so 2. if so, are their any mages as of today who are heralded with such a stasis during the time of the player character?
  2. 1. What’s the name of a famous gate mage or founder? Just wanted to know what to name my future Mc
  3. in my head, green for some reason is associated with gate magic, is this true? if not then which color is gate magic associated with, Purple?
  4. Well then on another note any update on my Caspar questions? Also why won't familiar actions be coming to y2? Balancing issues or problems with Implementing it?
  5. 3. I saw in earlier discussions that familiars might get their own actions in y2 but the devs were still on the fence about it, has the team decided to include it in y2? 4. Could familiar bonds be used help the master cast the spell but familiar helps well? I’m still on the fence on learning arithmetic but the idea of turning my familiar into a living calculator while I learn other things intrigued Me. What I’m saying is, could I cast a spell then my familiar being a calculator amplifies it by a 1000 and ka-boom 5. Any interesting lores on wizards training their familiars to be loving calculators?
  6. So, any update on my Caspar questions @Legate of Mineta?
  7. well hot dam....... so lucky...... I suffered to get that 10 fitness from that
  8. ohh wait now I remember, this spell common ground forces an individual to join your clique but causes you to lose two relation points with random members of your clique, just 2. unlocked at infiltration 10. recommend using only when building large cliques though, you don't need to use for small cliques as the rolls at befriend will be small.
  9. late game you should unlock a schism spell which puts 2 peoples relation with each other at -5 which causes their clique to disintegrate if both individuals are in the same clique, then try to befriend, oh yeah schism is unlooked at manipulation 10, theirs also this spell that forces a person to be in your clique but I forgot about it, could someone post that spell for the guy
  10. Saw previous disscusions about duels and stuff and got a quick question about familiars 1. Familiar abilitys, do they fall under certain magics? Like let's say Pamela's duel ability is posses, would that be counted as familiar magic despite being pretty much close to mastery or just mastery? 2. How do you....... Fight Pamela. I mean she's a ghost, it be interesting to see how y2 deals with Pamela fighting and the enemy no being able to do anything
  11. Hey legate, could you tell the team to add an ability in where you can lend more then 1 attribute to your familiar per turn? I really don't wanna have to use 15 turns to boost all of Pamela's attributes to 6
  12. cool although you forgot my other question 1. can students join and create clubs. would love to see Prudence club of misfits or we can help Zoe Mellisis in y2 form a study club which gives us 200 pims a month if we make
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