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  1. k, after plying Caspars adventure I got a couple questions 1. what magic would creating another world like the painting was used in its creation. Glamour? revision?.......... Gates? 2. are the people in the painting actually sentient? in the adventure, I told them they could exit out the painting and go back at certain times of the day when the library is closed, how human are these painting people? 3. how well is the magic of an artist create an actual world in their paiting known? 4. how does the world at large view painting worlds?
  2. In y1 from my knowledge, students can’t be expelled but in y2 they can In y2, will students be expelled if their summoned to pretexts court? i ask this because I think I saw noemila he summoned 5 times in one month and really do worry if the ai in y2 is able to not do stupid actions wich lead them to expulsion edit: oh yeah will students in y2 at the beginning of the year get an automatic 10 in their native language? Sort of weird to have students from different lands which they don’t even have skills in their own language...........
  3. I forgot wich adventure I was doing but I reamember 1 where this duke of pines I think who can’t use magic told the pc that with the death of fantastical creatures comes the death of magic, what does this exactly mean? World becomes more mundane and less mysterious?
  4. I’ve read some of the older threads and it seems to me that all the new technology and weapons made in game have not yet been used in a massive military or war in general, examples would be like the airship, not much lore on the gun but assumed to be in reaserched, Ruckamans a country which seems to be advancing in technology at a rapid pace, I think, may be wrong, would I be right to assume that once the empire dissolved without any pc interacting to make a puppet emporer or hell, become emporer himself, that the world of Academagia would ssseintially become Europe and ww1 situation would then become reality where everyone’s producing guns, wepons, air ships, Mages become enlisted in army’s for war and everyone forms alliances and it’s basically a powder keg waiting to implode with everyone waiting for a reason to start a war. Would I be right to assume this Is what would happen if the empire dissolves?
  5. Hey legate 1. Do I need a high skill to qualify for classes in y2 or is just boosting my geometry to get the highest marks in the class good enough?
  6. @KinglyOne07 well then............. I'm almost done my final God pc, we shall see..........
  7. Well that sucks found an item in shop that expands relation with instructors by 2 anyway, found a shop that sells fabrics which if used to make clothing gives bonuses to clothing, has the team considered allowing us to make our y2 uniforms ourselves?
  8. 1. Do shops restock there items?
  9. Well okay got another question then which I know will be redacted but I’m asking the others on the forum 1. Is prudence related to Badcrumble? I ask this because in her adventure, one option says she looks very similar to her when both smile that it unsettles you.
  10. Well that sucks......... what made Milena one sided rivalry with zoe different though?
  11. Well that was quick, just 1. MOre question 1. Could you comment on the relationship between Lambert cobo and I think his rival ayami courer...... I think, I ask this because I saw a really cool page where you talked about why milena hates on Zoe and how they could be potential friends with the interference of a certain someone, thought it to be really cool if the team could comment on the one sided rivelry of ayemi courer and Lambert cobo. Wondering if there is some cool reason if for why ayami considers Lambert to be his rival besides the “ oh he’s sneaky, I’m a wanna be edgy sneak guy so your my rival” reason. Played Lambarts adventure but not ayamis though
  12. Hey legate 1. During summer, would one get something like six actions because their are no rules or academy stating they have to go to bed or is it still 4 slots during summer? 2. Is it possible to add more time slots through adventures or other thing you do in y2 or is there an engine limitation? 3 if 2 is redacted then could the the team still add something like it or is it engine limitations?
  13. 1. What makes an item deemed confiscatable by proffesors or others? I ask this because I see my sword of kush with 1 concealing lite and worry about using it.............. Would it get confiscated?
  14. 1. Has the team considered allowing one to take test for classes he or she is not enrolled in? Like you have to like role an intimidation or minneten swagger role to convince legate or the teacher to let you take it? Is this possible? For y2
  15. 1. Will y2 have instructors and students relation max be increased to 20? 2. Will there be ways to stop relation decrease with students like let's say a passive at befreind 20 or is there going to be relation decrease always with everyone 3. How does relation decrease work? Only during summer each month or each month starting in y2? 4.i heard that relations with people of your college stay the same, does this go for the summer months as well or just during the school year? 5. How much relation decay per month? 6. Will y2 end at the end of the school year or will it end at the end of y2 summer? Edit:7. Am I right to assume that due to the multiple times gates and mastery were banned over long period of time, Has affected the mages within this pillars of magic to become more discreet and thus have become more secretive and cunning and always are ready for another ban or unban? Secret societys which have been formed since the first bans on gate and mastery............... Certainly interest me.........
  16. Alright I got a auestion do I have to raise all caligraghy sub skills to 10 to get caligrahy to 10? i remember getting astrology to 10 without all it’s subskills at 10 so how does the parent skills work? Tried wiki but could not find
  17. Just wondering legate are you involved in the development of y2 or does the team just send you info? That would certainly explain a whole lot when I look at older treads with everyone so excited for y2 release in a moths or next year.............. Back in 2013 also was your thoughts in the past that y2 was gonna be released soon caused by the team thinking it was going to be like that and told you it but never expected the long development time or just your own thoughts?
  18. Well then........ That suck . anyway more questions 1.minsaw on a thread that glamour could melt snow, glamour is like visualizing a concept and you deciding what aspects of it you wish to bring to actuall reality, wether that be the looks or feel to it, it depends on the power of how real you make the glamour be. Am I right in the way I view glamour or am I wrong? 2. Relaxations with teachers,legate, and reagents will stay the same right? No relation decay? For y2 3. Edit: in y2, will we be able to use items in our inventory in battle? Like healing potions or increase magic skills potions or invisibility cloques or hell, even divasque
  19. 1. Just wondering, I can create bodies or living things with gates right? Couldn't I create a body for Pamela to posses and bam, got my self a homunculus without mind being controlled by pamela, could I do this with gates? 2. also would I need to know the magic to put Pamela in the body or would the familiar need to know the magic? 3. if the gates part is redacted then could' I incant a body that will last for years until day ss appearing for Pamela to inhabit? 4. Also what magic would be required for Pamela to posses a body
  20. Eh yo legate have you seen the sorcery games? if so, would the combat be more like that except with spells and you try to combat the wizards or would it be like banner saga except replace army with clique or whoever you choose to bring along oh yeah during combat, could you have allies and if so, could you control them or do they do their own thing like nets continues to cast some glamour buff spell on me or Miya just shooting arrows at the enemy's? Pis the combat turn based?
  21. OH I'm going for the calligraphy route, I don't need any mastery aurau on me now do i
  22. Well only one way to find out I guess....... wish me luck
  23. Well.............. I guess I’ll have to reload a hell of a lot, also if I used train company, would the npc train skills they like or just choose random skills?
  24. Sry for he double post but I just remembered hearing that using control actions on students limits how much you can order them around, if I use formal invitation on a student on my clique, could I order them to train your company and expand a specif sub skill? What are the limitations on control for a person using formal invitation?
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