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  1. K thx time to max out all my skills then
  2. So I use 1 action to control a student for 2 days to spam train your company which results in 6 skill steps for entire clique but I would have to raise caligraghy to 10 which is a huge time sink. Do you guys think it’s worth it?
  3. Well...... that sucks well anyway I saw this other action called create formal invitations, would my master plan work?
  4. So i’v been Wondering about spells that control students........ saw this one interesting one called puppet master which allows you to control your entries clique................ also saw train your company action which is available at mannor of championship 6......... which trains leadership and choice of skills for you and your entire clique........ considering the size of my clique tends to be at least over 15 people, could I teach someone mannore of championship then control my entire clique to do train your company which may I remind you is over 15 people so 15 people doing this times 3 means 45 skill steps in first day of doing this which the spell last for 3 days which means 135 skill steps at the cost of permenet decrease to ethics am I reading this right? if so............ time to ascend to godhood
  5. Wow......... can you imagine the amount of lore and rewards the team is going to have to come up with just compensate for 50 levels per sub skill, also reaserch.......... well, y2 word count just gone over 50,000
  6. Hey legate will all skills throughout the years get an increase to their level cap? I mean will we have acting skill max be 30 and the team will leave it at that or does the team plan on making skill increases to all skills through out the years, makes me wonder how the team can add interesting rewards
  7. I'm currently making my third God pc and plan on posting it when finished which I in chelmare, I don't think I'll post the second one because it I made a lot of mistakes in that one, for my third God pc, I will go full autistic and this time even reload everyday to get random events every single day.......... This will probably be my final pc which I'll post when done by this week or next week.
  8. I know but identifying it does not mean you understand it, I was asking if we could gain something from reaserching items in librarys in y2 like the metallic plant or battle mace pieces giving you insight to revision research, if it is even possible that is the question
  9. Cool, just got another question 1. I got an random event and i get a plant that's posiounos all over but is strangely magical and my pc in the event said he would reaserch it, could I reaserch items in the library feature in y2 and not just books in my question?
  10. 1.so in my god char 3.0, I noticed Tabin used reflect upon merit to expand merit with Leopold which both are in my clique bot both are from different colleges so this technically shouldn't be possible. is the ai bound by different rules from the pc to give them an edge? he succeed by the way 2. do characters develop hate for each other through random events or stuff that they do in the background?
  11. 3. Does being descendent of traitors still mean our player is a noble or is he not? 4. Oh yeah does secret backround make one a noble or just make parents gate users?
  12. So just wondering, if y2 were to do well, would y3 come faster or slower? Would that team add more stuff with the money thus meaning we'll get y3 at 3035 or would it be much faster then 9 years? Pls tell me it will be faster........ I don't think I can wait 9y per instalment......... Also what's your definition of "well"? 100,000 sales? also do you think we'll get y2 before 2025?
  13. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i can get my items at the begging of y2 from the dorms, thx schwaz still going God run 3.0 though😄
  14. Aww shit................ Left all my good illegal shit in the dorm and the only save I have on the character is on the last day which won't be saved.............. Well time for me to play God character ver 3.0
  15. Hey legate i know natural philosophy and zoology are needed for some of the things in gates but do I need geometry as well? I ask this because gates seems to be be about dimensions things and it seems good to have geometry but I'm not so sure, anyways is geometry important for gates and how so? also my questions up there in my previous post, I'm guessing you haven't seen, could you answer
  16. K thx for the clarification, now I know I can befreind them on the first day of y2 28 kalri edit: I left some items at the dorm when the game ended, will I be able to get them with me on kalri 28? I ask this because I left all my illegal things there like divasque, book of shadows....... Ect. edit: 2. The pact i made with divasque, will I be subjected to help the book if I ask for more help from it? To clarify, what I mean is the more you ask of divasque, will it lead to you having to pay more attention to it and pay it or is this pact a pact where divasque has to help me and I have to help him thing but there are loopholes in it? edit 3. I just realized on my second god pc I finished yesterday had the gauntlet of ravens but lost it when reprimanded........ by any chance can I get that item back in y2? looking at its stats, it was pretty bloody good +1 strength,25% increased chance of success at gate magic, + command, pretty bloody good..........
  17. So I can common grounds everyone on that day in y2 or is it already summer legate?
  18. On my second god pc I made I finished and on the last day used common grounds on prudence, canta, and Aaron and now their all in my clique i heard that the last doesn't count in the porting tool in y2 but when I saw my clique screen during the ending events that they were in my clique, so this leads me to my question. Will all the friends I made on the last day be ported to y2 or will I redo the day in y2 and I'll be able to common grounds them? edit: 2. could I consult the stars about my gate magic? Like use astrology to somehow interfere with my gate spell? Consult the stars to know when and how to cast my gate spells to not screw things up?
  19. @Metis She does take botany so maybe the team will expand on that in y2 by having her take a brew class or alchemy class,
  20. We'll shit, I was hoping to use my massive 17 people clique and order them all to teach me............ Seems I'll have to find some exploits in y2 to be the grandest Mage in academagia Hey legate, would there be a separate tab screen in y2 where you control your cliques action as leader, no mastery just leader? Edit: by one person can teach you, do you mean one person can teach you per action so that means in y2 I can be taught by 4 people in my clique everyday while still doing my own thing?
  21. Would leading students to shops cost actions? edit: could I order all students in my clique in y2 or future with just one action and tell them to teach me? That would be so powerful considering my clique size
  22. Hey legate, will future years have random events and adventures still reward skill points? Or will they reward somethings else? also, all books are useful for the library thing in y2 right? Some more then others edit: also, if I managed to convince my clique to let me order them around, no mastery, just them aggre to have me as leader. Would I be able to order them to got to shops I know and order them to buy certain things like books for my library and I give them money to do so, would they have to discover the shop or could they just use my list of shops discivered?
  23. ................I really wished I knew that............ i wasted 8 actions on class............. 8x3= 24 24 minus 8 skill points I got from those classes thinking it would lower my detention getting is 16 skill points I could have gotten........... And I can't reload back because I have only 2 saves for each day and before............ And this was my second God character who I saved and reloaded on a hell of a lot just to make his godly........ FCKKKKKKKKKKKK
  24. When reloading, I realize I get the same thing for classes on the same day, do you get the same skill steps for classes each day? Like day 14 I will always get this skilstep for attending this class on this day thing? also, does getting detentions decrease chance of getting one for skipping classes?
  25. So each student in y2 has an individual adventure right?
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