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  1. Man............... iv been reedimg some you guys post from 2012 and 2013 and I just got one thing to say. how the hell did you guys survive the wait, like seriously, 9 years, I really wish I discovered this game like 2 or 3 years from now anyway legate, I got some questions 1. Is it possible to have student adventures be combined Ito one? I mean like let's say you do millena di montes and Zoe Kelli's adventure and turn her into a tutor, you can have an adventure in y2 which counts for both of them where they deal with each other and resolve their issus since Zoe now tutor people instead of giving cheats so millena has no real reason to hate her but still feels awkward around her so you fix that and they both become I guess friends, this is what I mean by adventures counting for multiple students, another example is haven't the triplets combinded into 1 adventure and you help them all is what I mean, is this possibles? 2. 5-10 people are going to not go to academagia every year after y1 if don't interfere right?
  2. 1. New students will be added into y2 right? 2. Can you interact with students from other years in y2? If not then maybe future years? 3. I got a random event where Antonio tells me of burning his sisters letter application to be accepted at academagia since only one of them could join but then feels guilty about it, he continues to tell me that his sister will be coming next year, will we be able to interact with her? 4. Has there been instances where applicants to academagia suddenly start of as a 2nd year due to special reasons like being royalty or special? 5. Antonio says he is saving every pim so he could pay her tuition, could we the player pay for her tuition with 5000 pins or do I need more money? 6. How much money do I need to pay a tuition 7. Do tuitions count for all years or you have to pay it per year Edit: what do you guys recommend to increase relation with students?
  3. 1. Will the study skill for subjects be carried over to y2? edit: 2. Will we be able to own multiple librarys? One for use on magic or reaserch which people wouldn't frown upon to make people less suspicious on me and it would be somewhere publicly, not too discreet, another hidden for all the bad illegal stuff like gates, mastery, atonomy, none will know of this 3. What is your definition of a library for a student? A bookcase and a desk room, a large building filled with empty book shelves? What's it gonna look like? 4.can we share our libraries with our clique members?, I of course would allow friends to my public library but true friends who know me will have acces to my other library
  4. didn’t Even know there was a second page, I’ll check on my pc later Edit: hey legate, do u think the pc I posted is broken compared to other pcs posted on the forums? Or do you think it’s just powerful but not broken edit : 1. Will y1 shops still be available so we can buy books for our library?
  5. I don’t even see the scroll option on my character to equip Edit: 1. What use is the build a library feature in y2? Do u just leave your books their?
  6. 1. I chose secret heritage for family, does that come as a heritage? 2. I got a free admission to van Tiberius school for mathematics but can't equip it, can I use it in y2 to get a free pass into the school of mathematic? Edit : 3. For my main pc, I skipped all of y1 classes, will y2 have class skipping increase the chance of getting detention each time until it becomes ridiculously high? Or can I continue to skip all classes and get the occasional detention
  7. 3. If we did not choose a heritage, were automatically set to have lived near Mineta right? Or is it going to be randomize
  8. Hey guys, I'm curious how do you see student adventures? Do you do them for your main pc? If so how many and which ones also, if student adventures become important for year 2, do you plan on redoing year 1 to get what you want for year 2? i just felt curious for i did I think 16 student adventures for my main pc and wanted your guys opinions on it edit : I saw schwaz.... Say this "Beside if you collected many items in year 1 you have to pay the extra costs to transport them home." 1.can we leave the items we don't need at academagia 2. also can't we mail stuff home
  9. So..... Like the France Napoleon ruled? Does it have guns? An empowered like Napoleon?
  10. 1. Just wondering, would enchantments related to gates be stable and have no chaos factor or does it still exist? 2. If said chaos factor still exist, could one day, chaos factor decides to make my gate boots teleport Mineta to hell? 3. Could someone explain what pievre is? I believe it is a country but it seems to be topic disscused on this forums. What makes it unique?
  11. Huh, no time travel students in y1 I guess 1. Hey legate, have you seen my clique for my pc I posted? Do you think I can keep that clique together in y2?
  12. 1. I forgot which student but isn't their an random event where you help a student and he says thanks for helping me this time but your of notices this ands "wait, this time?".If anyone can name that student, pls do so. The reason I want to know the student bis because I'm wondering if the student is a time traveler or has something time related to him that is time, would be so cool to have a student like that 2. oh yeah, are there any students who have something weird about them that is related to time? Time traveller or anything would be cool
  13. Hey legate 1. for year 2, could the team add a system for when your choosing an action, add brackets, I mean we can put certain actions under. Rackets like students in Godina fall under Godina in choosing to expand relation with 2. Could the team add a system for the player to hide actions they don’t Want to use. A lot of actions in game are useless and I don’t wanna spend an hour looking for something specific with bothe year 1 and 2 actions, imagine looking through that mess. edit: 3. could hear 2 have adventures or events trigger if u teach clique m8ts or other people illegal magic? 4. Could adventures trigger if students reach a certain skill mark like Tabin mastery 14
  14. Hey legate 1. since I healed Matthew the gate mate but didn’t go to his party, could the team make an event or adventure where Matthew Mail’s the players home to give me something useful.? Money magic, artifacts, anything 2. If not, can I collect the reward for finding Matthew in y2
  15. Hey legate 1. So the story in game is set and only can be changed by us the player through adventures, right? 2. Students them selves have a set path and thus can't interfere to cause changes in the story, right?
  16. So legate adventures not completed by us just play out as we were never there right? So like a a student needing help and us not helping her will result in her ending badly right? and only us the player can do the adventure right? 1. Will students in y2 be able to do adventures? 2. Will students in y2 at least be able to help each other or friends to not fail or flunk 3. Let's say tabin and kajta are in a clique together, are you saying tabin won't have an impact on her like helping her with her magical difficulties?
  17. hey legate 1. can students do adventures? 2. if they can, will they do the adventures for the students in their clique? provided we haven't done it already that is, would be nice to know theyaren't going to be abonded. 3,. has the team considered randomizing y2 in which whether adventures not completed by us will be randomized to have a random student, or more likely someone in their clique, do student adventures or adventures which we the pc ignored or did not start
  18. i healed Matthew the gate Mage, I just never attended the celebration party or collected the award for finding him i hope this leads to Matthew viewing us as selfless and only helped him out of the kindness of our heart so we didn't appcept the award bounty on Matthew. we should have Matthew look for us in y2 and since i never collected the award, he'll give it to us in y2 and probably be more willing to teach us gate magic, after all he has been trying to heal him self with gate magic for like I think 200 to 300 years if I'm not mistaken. Potential gate teacher here besides a certain book
  19. hey legate for my finished pc 1. I was about to finish to the entrance but only needed 1 more action to finish it, could u pls tell me that I can finish it at the beginning of y2........pls 2. I mean will there be some adventures in y1 that are completable in y2
  20. @Rhialtohow many people u got in your clique? That definitely will impact it also what do you think of my clique..........over 15 people who i didn't even use gossip. oh yeah did you pick secret heritage during character creation
  21. @Rhialto Cool do you plan on taking that characater to y2 or are you going to restart and skip all classes and become a true save scummer heres a tip, always be doing something when savescumming, it helps a whole hell of a lot and you suffer less
  22. @Rhialto from your stats I'm assuming you didn't skip classes and didn't save scum enough right? are you aware of avendro studios chance to give charm at 5% and run a potentially crippling rout gives 10%? If so, did you decide it was to Painful to save scum on or did you try it's?
  23. @Rhialto I posted it on general discussion you can see it their
  24. alright hers my character RayDom Matrayus Magus fitness - 15 finesse - 13 charm - 23 strength - 7 intelligence -16 insight - 21 luck -11 EXAM REPORT Negation, glamour, incantation, history, calligraphy, astrology - all I got highest mark My skills I pretty much maxed out all magic skills except for gate spells which is at 5 and my mastery which Is mastery methods - 3 mastery phemes - 4 mastery spells -3 theory of mastery - 10 also a few astrology skills but there close to max so I won't list them MINOR SKILLS WHICH ARE BETWEEN 5 OR MAXED WONT AMBUSH - 9 ASTROLOGY - 12 ART - 8 ATHLETICS - 8 BEFREIND - 10 BEGUILE - 11 BOTANY - 8 BULLY - 6 CALIGRAGHY - 9 COMPETE - 8 ENCHANT - 8 ESPIONAGE - 10 EXPLORE - 7 FORGE - 10 GLAMOUR - 10 GRAMMAR - 6 HERALDRY -8 HISTORY - 7 INCANTATION - 10 LANGUAGE - 13 LAW -2 MALICE - 9 MASTERY - 4 MUSIC - 9 NATURAL PHILOSOPHY - 2 NEGATION -11 PATROL - 1 PLOT - 9 RAID - 8 RELIGION - 10 REASERCH - 7 REVISION - 9 RHETORIC - 10 RIMBAL - 2 SABATOGE - 6 SCHOOL SURVIVAL - 10 SLEIGHT OF HAND - 11 SOCIETY - 12 SPY -6 SYNCH - 0 WAR - 8 ZOOLOGY -7 SKILLS NOT METIONED ARE LOWER THEN 5 IN GENRAL OR I DID NOT PUT EFFORT TO RAISE CLIQUE Ana Flavia, Antonia, Courtney, Emelia, Everine, Irene Oxina, Lambert Cobo, Leopold, Malcestra, Malthezar, Marc Sury, Millena Di Monters, Miya Hikari, Prudence, tabin, vrenelle I did all major adventures and adventures of the students in my clique, also reitz quest and got maze breaker. wanted to add reitz but apparently he had bad realation with somone in the clique so I saved scummed and never added him, hopefull I can add him in y2 when the hate goes away oh yeah I never used gossip at all, these npc for some reason had no problem with eachother if anyone's wondering why I got high char and fitness, it is because I saved scummed n this file to get charm and fitness at the beginning from RUN A POTTENTIALY CRIPLING ROUTE and TRAIN AT AVEDROS STUDIO, yes I was at 9 charm by the third moth and 12 fitness by the second month in the year................ god that was painful I did all this by skipping all classes and got highest mark in all classes I'm probably gona take this pc into y2 no way in hell am I gonna do this shit again............... k maybe 1 more GOD RUN but I'm gonna take a break from this for a while well then, do you guys think your pc can beat mine
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