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  1. Well then i guess I'll do it then
  2. Huh well that's nice to know that I can still train all my skills up to 10 once I'm back well anyways i just finished my god pc and wanna show him off, would I put that in the general discussions?
  3. Hey legate 1. Will the Ali of the students for y2 be much more smarter? 2. If so will they be smart enough to use phemes and spells to increase their marks for test to ludicrous levels like 300s or so 3. If so, will students be smart enough to at least realize class ain't worth it and skip a couple time each week., not enough to be noticed of course and given detention 4. If you skipped all classes for y1 will there be consequences? I did that and got like 7 detentions edit: 5. Oh yeah what exactly is pallets skill mean? Magical knowledges? 6. will we be able to use thing we had in y2? like match wits with th sphinx or study at venelicum library or will that all be gone
  4. Sorry for the double post but I have another question could one through mastery or mental bridging add a connection between close friends like everyone in your clique for example that sorta just makes them connected in a way, sort of like twins connection or like Yoda feeling the death of so many Jedi. If this is possible, which magic would would it fall under?
  5. I think I’m just use common ground but thx for the suggestion Métis On another note, I’m thinking of adding Irene to this large clique you think she’s worth it sincee she will do her darn best to defend her friends and everyone in this clique? oh yeah, what do you guys think of everine becoming a possible gate mage, possible?
  6. Oh shit didn’t see that spell thx Métis for telling me about that spell, Il be sure to use it when I get it
  7. I can get my charm to 27 with cleanse and remake and my befriend is 10, u think it’s possible for me? im on my third last month for my pc, got Marc sury and Lambert Cobo im pretty sure malcestra and Antonio have formed a clique I’ve done all student adventures for the people I want in my clique althoug when I try to befriend Antonio or malcestra who are in a clique with only each other I fail, even with a stress bonus of 34 and with above mentioned stats. You guys know why I’m failing when I got only Lambert Cobo and Marc sury in my clique?
  8. Alright I’m planing on making a clique with ...... ana Flavia, Lambert Cobo, Vrenelle, malcestra, Antonio, prudence, everwine, Marc sury, Tabin, Leo, and maybe one of 2 other people any tips............... any help is appreciated
  9. Hey legate 1. Has the team considered adding clique leaders for future years? Like this could be gained via many ways like your clique agreeing to have you as the clique leader or via a much darker way like mastery. Would be cool to also see student cliques have leaders as well. 2. Will student cliques be more expanded upon for y2 not talking about the clique were in but other students clique? 3. do you think a clique of 9 although hard, is manageable? I mean like it won't all fall to shit but you'll still have to put a lot MORE effort to keep it together? For future years I mean
  10. Huh, well thanks for clearing things up m8 on another note I got more questions........... 1. Who do you think would be able to be convinced to join college Aranz in the future? How about lambert or Malthazar, or everine, I found them interesting but them being in different colleges may cause me problems in the future so........ Just wanted to know your opinions on the guys, he'll how about Miya 2. Who do you think will learn illegal magic in y2? Just wanna know this because it would be nice to have another gate buddy to help me around, I already know lambert and his........ Hobies to say, but how about Antonio, Malthazar, Everine wanting to create his cartoon characters and thus uses gate to create his drawings. Again just wanted your guys opinions 3. I heard teaching is possible in this game to other students, if you can teach illegal magic to students in your clique, would it affect y2 and stuff like that. I can imagine Everine spending all summer trying to make his drawings come to life with gates monster creation but fails and ask us to help him create it as an adventure for y2 since we taught him gates in y1. You know what, that's a great idea, someone make an adventure about that when y2 releases, legate pls send my idea to the team. Although how realistic do you guys think this is for Everine?
  11. @freespace2dotcom Wait a minite human transmutation falls under gates? How come? Wouldn't it fall under revision though or are u talking about things in the searies of FMA like the philosophy stone and humanculus i mean I get some homunculus fall under gate since they technically are monsters but couldn't like king Bradley fall under revision because he is a modified human wouldn't the philosopher stone fall under revision and enchantment to make? revision is about changing something into something else and gate is teleporting, traveling to dimensions, and monster creation right? Or am I missing something about how the magic works?
  12. @freespace2dotcom by reaction basis of you mean using the power as easily they use it in the show like the fire guys forgot his name oh yeah have you watched FMA
  13. @Legate of Mineta Alright, I just finished watching full metal alchemist and this got me wondering 1. Could I embed runes on to my self or items to do shit like transmute the ground into weapons and shit 2. could i enchant runes on my self to do some of the things they do in FMA like transmute spikes and throw them at my enemy? Conjure fire and shit with runes? With no wand of course if you haven’t watched FMA just search for a couple fight scenes on YouTube and they do that with runes and stuff k edit: if you can’t do that with pure enchantment magic mixed with other then how about manipulation of evoirment with runes
  14. @Legate of Mineta so legate, I saw that attributes will be reduced in usefulness for year 2 1. would u say a 20 in an attribute would be really powerful though? i saved scummed the hell out of my final pc for year 2 and got fitness to 10 and charm to 9 in mid year just right before mid exams Just wondering if raising a attributes beyond 10 is worth it for y2 or if it’s going to be a waste of time and 10 is good enough
  15. huh, guess I mistaken the 2 skills. well thx for answering them oh yeah hope you haven't forgotten about my previous question 1. will we be able to convince other students in other collages to join our like Ana flava or prudence to join aranz, hell even our click members like neta for example because she's in my click 2. could y1 or y2 allow such a feature to exist? through adventure or action. I mean engine wise lie there isn't something deterring this from possibly happening
  16. K just another question...... Probably a lot more in the future i saw you legate say that blending orthography with other magic pillars can trap spells into scrolls. You also said auras grow through spell casting. 1. could you trap enemy spell casters spells by trapping their spells in scrolls then using it against them or whenever you desired or does it take a while like crafting? 2. also couldn't you by pass the aura growth from illegal pillars of Magic by putting your said illegal magic into scrolls then using the scroll to bypass the aura growth? For example, I make a scroll of gates to go to let's say a pocked dimension I made in my spare time and have full control over or go somewhere. 3. which is faster? Spel casting a spell or using a scroll of the spell? Does it depend on skill 4. Do using scrolls increase ones aura upon use in orthography and what magic what embedded into said scrawl line incantation or gates for example 5. Do creating scrolls create or increase a orthography and whatever magic you used aura, or not at all? 6. Also would creating a pocket dimension require just gates alone or also revision as well? Is it possible? 7. This is assuming creating your own pocket dimension is possible but do you think we could reach a level of skill in magic during our years in academagia or no, simply too advanced? 8. Can you use like a master wizard scroll spell or is there some minimum of skill you must have to activate scrolls of magic? 9. also pls tell me if you think creating a pocket dimension is possible for pc in future years possible, if not then can you tell me if there's going to be anything related to pocket dimensions in the future for our pc?
  17. wow Thx for clarifying that . Makes me not regret doing her adventure also didn’t legate say when he was talking about prodigies that Ana Flavia was a contender among other students to be the next Orsi Orsi? I might be wrong though but I swear I saw him say it on this thread
  18. Wait what theory did she study? Curse theory?
  19. So there’s nothing unique about her beside her bad luck which we remove with her adventure......... well that sucks
  20. Well considering everyone avoids her. It may be hard for her to be appcepted at any other college and I’m guessing she probable has no freinds (I think). convincing her to join the college with the only person who was willing to help her when she was crying and all deplresed really shouldn’t be that hard..... he’ll we could convince von Rupprecht to appcept her since in our hands she can be much more useful . oh yeah on the subject of Ana Flavia why does it say in her description this? but in the wrong hands (or the right hands, depending on how you look at it) she could be very useful. i don’t really see her as amazing in anything? Am I missing something about her character? Is she a prodigy at something?
  21. Well that’s cool also in y2 you can switch collages right? can you convince a student to join your college in y2? i did Ana Flavia adventure and bassicly saved her from bad luck but she’s in hadi and I in Aranaz would be lovely to have her join us and convince her that her cologe did nothing to help her at all and even avoided her as an outcast so that she should join Aranz that pretty much has the student who saved you from a hell of a lot unluckynes and hate if your just gonna answer redacted........ then can you at least say y2 could allow such a feature to exist? Or is there some sort of engine or other issue to not allow this
  22. so I was just wondering......... is there a way to change the name of your character even though you finished y1 or during y1 I ask this because I named my pc for y2 Ray Dom but now I want to call him RayDom Matrayus Magus. if not then will we be able to do so in y2 if not then pls tell me theirs a way to do so in the files of the game pls
  23. Wait a minite, so your saying only the new gods have saints and no other god have saints right? if so then what new god gives a saint who is called saint of wicked and cruel power.... does the order of the religion hide these gods who are bad and make them disappear rom the original pantheon? Oh yeah could you tell me if their are evil gods.
  24. I’ve been wondering what does it mean to be a saint? what is a saint? i played the adventure once discovered and Diavesque and I said yes to his offer to the make a pact but he said swear under the saint of cruel and wickid “forgot the saints name” or whatever. So just curious as what a saint actually is and if you could explain legate is their a saint of unlucky? A saint of lust? What are these saints gods?
  25. So.......... does that prove that vrenelles a noble since she invites you to her family estate over the summer at the end of her adventure😏
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