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  1. to be more specific. during an adventure with vrenelle . at the end, it says she gave you an invitation to her estate during the summer at the end of her adventure as thanks for helping her. so just wonderin if we can go with her to her estate during summer break or if its just sorta fluff and we have to go home also in genrel the things we did in y1 will affect summer of y2
  2. I'v been wondering negation is all about can cancling magic or redirecting it right? couldn't you technically cancel out your own aura of magic for let's say with gates so your not suspected? What level of magic would this be if it can be done so
  3. not sure if im putting this in the right thread but well here goes. I saw in the Vilocian skill language, it says that stades, a kingdom I presume has neibours who produce guns and even airships. so which leads me to my question. will there be guns in this game and even other technologies which we can use in future games? again im not sure if this is in the right thread so srry if im putting this in the wrong thread.
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