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  1. Got it, thank you! Ok, more beginners questions: 1. It looks like at the end of the each school day both the list of known to me skills and numerical values of my skills are never updated (or almost never? I wasn't able to establish pattern here). And it is very annoying - for example, when I am deciding what to train, or if next training would take 1 or 2 SS... List of skills and their values only seem to update the *next* day, in other words - there is always 1 day lag. Does everyone have this bug? Is there any workaround for this bug by any chance, other then save and load every time I need to see the actual skill values? 2. I assume there is no way to check the skill future benefits (on higher levels) inside the game, you would need to check wiki, right? 3. Is this wiki the best and only source of info on Academagia? https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Academagia_Wiki ? I've been using it a lot, and it is great, has tons of very useful info and guides. But in some area it is not complete. For example, a lot (most?) of random events seem to be missing from it. Is there any other way/source of info for things like random events (as in - "what would happen if I choose this action in event/adventure?")
  2. Got it, thanks. Few more quick questions - 1. Is there any way to see relationship between other people? My clique has just fallen apart because of infighting. I've tried to used gossip between clique members, but apperantly it wasn't enough. 2. When exactly clique falls apart? Is it the next turn after any clique members have -1 or worse relations between themselves? (just wild guess here) Or is it some other trigger?
  3. Ok, I have more newbie questions - let's say I have 3 "red" choices in my adventure, followed by the purple choice. Are those 3 red choices sorted by the probabilities from low to high, or are they listed in random order?
  4. Got it. Oh well, it was worth to try. Well, at least they are consistent in their estimates... I guess we will just have to keep waiting. Hey, after all, the bloody "Grimoire" RPG game has been released after 20+ years of development, to the complete shock of everybody watching that internet drama over two decades. And, even more shockingly, it turned out to be very good game. And I have infinitely more faith in Legate and his team...
  5. Got it, thank you guys. Ok, back to the game... BTW I've played Academagia a litle many years ago. Legate, your improved UI for steam-release and other quality of life features are big improvements. Fonts size alone are huge deal. Well done guys. So, a mandatory Y2 question - after reading forum, I am well aware that questions about specific release date are pointless, you can't reply to it. But speaking in general, just on a personal gut feeling - do you feel there might be a reasonable chance of this happening in 2019? Now that I got back into the game, I am very much looking forward to it...
  6. Ah, that was very useful, thanks a lot Metis! Actually it turned out you have nailed it for both situations, and that in the case with Pamela ghost the cause was the same as in your explanation in "number 2" - the game simply didn't updated the list of skill list in my game, not until I did save/load, as you've suggested. Hmm, it's a bit strange that the game still have such obvious and rather annoying bug after all these years. I assume it maybe some peculiar old engine limitation, or it would likely be fixed by now? BTW I've also noticed that the skill's current numerical value/description are also not updated on the skill list at the end of the day, not until I would do save and reload. Oh well. Is there a shortcut for "quick-save/quick load" button to be used as a workaround for this bug? Also, on unrelated subject, is there a hotkey to show/hide UI and display background image? Thank you!
  7. Hi guys, I've just started playing this amazing game. Love it. I have a quick question about specific mechanics of this game. I've read a lot of beginners guides, but I am still confused since what I've read seem to clash with my own experience. I am clearly missing something.How exactly can you learn previously unknown sub-skills during adventures/random events? (and how do you suppose to learn about them in general?) Guides seem to indicate that you need to fail (some people said "either fail or succeed", doesn't matter!) a skill check against specific sub-skill you are don't know in order to be informed of this particular sub-skill.1. However, with ghost Pamela, during the very first choice screen you get when you start new game, one of the choices you get (colored black for me) is: "Reason. What should you do?"So, I select this option (because I don't have sub-skill "Reason"). Got a bit of text, then I had to select the actual "action" response choice. However, assuming that the "Reason. What should you do?" is referring to this subskill https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Plot of the "Plot" skill, after the event I still had neither "Plot" skill not "Reason" sub-skill. Why?So I am confused. 2. Also during next event (Walk with mentor), when I selected response that that was supposed to give me +1 sub-skill (according to wiki) in the skill I didn't know, that sub-skill also didn't appear on my list after adventure was over. So should I assume that you must already know certain sub-skill in order to increase it when your choice in adventure's dialog supposed to increase it (like "+1SS in wiki")? 3. What is the best way to learn missing sub-skills in general? Doing actions in various locations that suppose to increase subskills? Failing adventure in order to get subskill seem rather bad. Thanks a lot!
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