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  1. Oho, a challenge! I can't compete with the sheer size of your clique, but I think I have you beat on the rest. For the sake of comparison, those are my stats without equipment or magic, but with emotions and passive skills on. Guillaume Corbo College : Vernin Classes : Arithmetic, Dialectic, Enchant, Glamour, Negation, Zoology Attributes fitness - 17 finesse - 13 charm - 16 strength - 12 intelligence - 19 insight - 22 luck - 15 Number of parent skills per lvl lvl 14 : 1 skill lvl 13 : 2 skills lvl 12 : 7 skills lvl 11 : 15 skills lvl 10 : 10 skills lvl 9 : 5 skills lvl 8 : 7 skills lvl 7 : 3 skills lvl 6 : 3 skills lvl 5 : 1 skill lvl 1 : 1 skill (Mastery) Number of skills at max lvl : 107/252 (this includes 5 skills at 11) Clique (The Parliament of Mischief) : Neta Xemutre, Vincent Einz, Zoe Melis So I think I did every adventures possible except the student adventures, of which I did 21 including those of my clique members. If I'm missing an adventure, its really well hidden. I did not run a Potentially crippling course or any such to raise my attributes. I exclusively used Zoe Melis to raise my study lvl. As a result, my mid-term results were rather poor, but the finals more than made up for it and I got 1st place in all my classes. As for my skills, I actively tried to spread them out as much as possible to avoid maxing any of them early and then waste points on them. It proved easier said than done. In the end, all my magic skills are maxed or close to ( except Mastery which I avoided ) along with a lot of skills that just raised themselves on their own. Overall, there are a few things I could have done better, but I am still very happy with the results. Oh yeah, I also have 19,026 gold along with a some stuff I didn't want to sell and 14 books. I also have all merit prizes up to the 34th.
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