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  1. On 4/6/2019 at 7:42 PM, Legate of Mineta said:


    Actually, this evening seems to be a fine time. :)

    Sortie is being polished for UI and some game logic, but it's not ready to be shown quite yet. As an example, an (amusing) bug in today's build is a ping-pong effect you can have in hunting down Morgana submarines. When a Fleet is defeated, and if they retreat into a Node held by the enemy, they're on dangerous ground. If they lose the battle at the Node they are retreating to, that Fleet is destroyed. Submarines, however, found a loophole in that logic because they often flee after their surprise attack. So, the current situation is that you can have these semi-immune Fleets of defeated Submarines just going wherever they please. And heaven help you if all your escorts are already sunk. We are coercing them to obey the rules. ;)

    In parallel to that, Leveling and Story Modules are Done, which probably gives you an idea about how well integrated Sortie is going to be when we show it off. These Modules are a little difficult to show off in isolation, although we've talked about doing a reveal on Story before Sortie. I don't know if that's going to work without a special set up, which we'd prefer to avoid.

    That leaves Equipment/Crafting and the Store/Account Management after Sortie is Done. It's getting pretty frothy over on this side. ;)

    Your assumption about why we haven't produced another video is correct, though- we're knocking down issues and getting each Module production worthy.

    Sorry to keep you waiting!

    I'm a We Can Do It! level kickstarter backer and I've been getting by on the updates.  I've been increasingly frustrated at the lack of game play progress updates, so I finally broke down and checked out the forums to see if there was more news.  I *really* *really* appreciate this kind of information, and would respectfully ask that something like this be tacked on to the end of the official updates.  I don't want something half-baked rushed out, so I find it edifying to know what challenges are currently being dealt with.



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