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  1. When will the new PayPal tiers be available?
  2. As a follow-up question to the one Bellie and Eddie answered about tanks becoming sentient, would it be possible for airships, like zeppelins of the Great War, to develop Belles of their own? And more importantly, have any of them done so?
  3. As explosive as I had hoped. *mad laughter*
  4. *cue Kamchatka shivering in her watery grave*
  5. Some newly revealed Belles: Narwhal Nelson Kamikaze Argonaut Shigure Giulio Cesare
  6. *insert hype here* *insert digging through the video for secrets here*
  7. Not to be overly accusatory or anything, but what's the schedule nowadays? There was also a pause in the week before last week.
  8. So... no update this week also?
  9. I just realised Exeter should be older than Canarias: that makes it all the more hilarious to think about
  10. If the Belles see their predecessors in terms of class as 'mothers', and Canarias was derived from the County class, would that make Canarias Exeter's aunt? I would like their input on that, if possible. *laughs uncontrollably*
  11. I know that we aren't supposed to be getting new Belle interviews in several weeks and all, but honestly something, anything, about the new Belles would be nice. Eddie's introduction, while not being a full interview, was quite pleasant. I don't know whether this might reach the writing team or not, but more of those would certainly spice things up. Perhaps a letter from Antoniotto Usodimare; a telegram from U-37; or perhaps more sisterly stuff (Nubian with Zulu, for example). Even if the E would not be available, just more mini-introductions like Eddie's would be a breath of fresh air from the routine, I think. Or it might just be me being really salty, I don't know.
  12. Concerning the bingo board, I have one question to ask the honourable @Legate of Mineta: were all of those Belles commissioned by 1 September, 1939? I have some suspicions (especially concerning one D1), that some of them were not. (Not that there's anything wrong with that...)
  13. Tally for the last bingo: A2 (Boiky) 1 B4 (Antoniotto Usodimare) 1 C1 (Enterprise?) 8 D3 (U-37) 1 D4 (Edinburgh) 1 It's pretty much a landslide for the Grey Ghost.
  14. STILL NO INTERVIEW To be fair though, the read was quite chilling...
  15. Maybe they did have the right idea at Invergordon...
  16. GIVE US ENTY YOU COWARDS Any guesses as to the unfortunate Belle who got duped?
  17. Just a thought: what if the Naval War College decided to collectively troll us all? What if the Enterprise is HMS Enterprise?
  18. In other news, who do you think A3 is? My bet is on Krasny Kavkaz, Profintern's (half) sister.
  19. Here you go. The Grey Ghost might be C1 or D2, in my opinion. But since I want to hear where Eddie has stashed Excalibur, my vote remains D4.
  20. Not sure where to ask this question, but...... How much of this is inspired by this?
  21. She's just there for the people who want to try their luck.
  22. No one asked, but now I deliver! Here's the new bingo I made. My vote has to go to Eddie though: along with more Morgana M-word shenanigans, I hope.
  23. And the new batch of interviews begin! Should we go by the bingo format again? I've got the sheet ready and everything. *puppy eyes*
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